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  1. GoPro 8 Black + driving at first glance
  2. Poor VGA adapter or VGA cable can cause such a problem Replace the adapter or cable or connect the monitor directly with HDMI
  3. Press Ctrl + F8 the second the computer turns on, check if it is in Safe Mode
  4. Hello I am looking for a system that can do the following: Requirements: 1. Web platform. Ability to send SMS reminders. Ability to send Email reminders. 2. Ability to send the same reminder to multiple recipients. 3. Ability to schedule multiple occurrences for same reminder with different times / dates (Example: Remind me on Tuesday 4 AND Wed 5)
  5. It is more important to find a good lens at night that has a huge open aperture that lets in a lot of light. You need a DSLR camera with a 50mm 1.8 lens, your budget will allow it. modelid = 450 This lens is very good at night, ask the seller to recommend a camera that fits your budget
  6. Original body of the article: Clinical trials (human trials) must be approved by the committee, and of course, the people on whom the trial is performed while granting the right to refuse to be part of the trial have the practical significance that will determine that the human trials Pfizer is currently conducting in Israel. The expected letter from the Helsinki Commission is of far-reaching significance. First, the committee can determine that the Israeli government must stop transmitting information to Pfizer - something that could cause Israel to violate a contract. If the government decides to ignore the committee's directive - any Israeli citizen can submit to the High Court on the matter. The committee can determine that the Israeli government must stop transmitting information to Pfizer - which could cause Israel to violate a contract. If the government decides to ignore the committee's order, any Israeli citizen can submit The High Court in question. "Anyone who might claim that this is not a study is simply a liar. This is the most extensive study of humans in the 21st century. Israel is becoming the experimental field, not to mention the backyard for the entire world and in research-publishing products in scientific journals." Hadas Ziv, VP of Ethics at the Physicians for Human Rights, said that "the publication of the contract with all the blackened parts is unfortunately another pillar that strengthens the public's distrust of the health care system and the region.
  7. Alert that probably comes from Google Chrome Click "Clear your computer" to remove all viruses It's clear to me that this is a real virus, what's the best way to fix this? Thanks
  8. Windows 10 is installed in Hebrew with a full Hebrew language set. The problem is when you search for a word in Hebrew, you get a list of results with squares instead of text, the installation itself outside the results in Hebrew without a problem. How do you solve this problem? I enclose a screenshot
  9. If you have a new and proper power supply check with it it would be best. Maybe it's a memory problem that is not sitting well enough, take out the memory and insert again and make sure it fits well. Do the same with all the power supply wires, all connected and you connected all the electrical connections to the board and did not forget one by mistake, check with your board guide Page 13: pdf Make sure you have installed all the parts according to the motherboard instructions:
  10. HCJ 8691/20 - An urgent petition for the abolition of the obligation to wear masks. Every Israeli citizen should read this HCJ! __Bagatz Masks - for publication_ (2) .pdf
  11. We all join the fierce doctors' protest against coercive measures! The protest will take place on Thursday 31.12.2020 at 19:30, Habima Theater, Tel Aviv. According to the quarantine regulations - it is permissible and legal to demonstrate at any distance from the house. The incident in coordination with the police
  12. A company that wants to do a virtual event live online, does anyone know where it is possible to rent such a studio or stage with the option to make a live video call like there is in this picture? Thanks
  13. I want to cancel the switch to Away mode automatically so that Skype is always in green mode Online In the old version of Skype it was possible to do this in the options, in the new version in Windows 10 it is not possible to control this option
  14. Pair with motorcycle at night Photographed with Canon 5D Mark 4 50mm 1.2
  15. If you want to play GTA ONLINE, add me on the PETEROY computer
  16. I have an iPhone X and I just got tired of FaceID, and also got tired of the Passcode that needs to be put in code. When there was Touch ID it would work perfectly all the time, but FaceID only works at 50% What are the dangers of having a phone without a lock?
  17. This is a recurring issue, this NAS uses two network cables connected to SWITCH The setting is BONDING with Adaptive Load Balance I changed it now to Failover and I think it solved the problem
  18. I copy files from NAS via a network connection to my computer and the copy speed drops to 0bytes / s every few moments it goes back to copying and then it falls again 0 My computer is Windows 10 with a 1Gb CAT7 network cable connection The machine I copy from is LenovoEMC ™ px6-300d with 4 disks in RAID 10 I am also trying to copy from another computer and have the same problem I tried to replace network cables in NAS and other ports in switch and it did not help
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