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  1. Recommend it
  2. Try searching the sales sites for those who enjoy Amazon / Ivy etc.
  3. You can simply purchase an "anti-algae" (antibacterial) supplement and use distilled water and that's it. Just buy from a dance store (there are link sticks) Of course the shipping on the cost of the product will be close but it is the best alternative there might be right now.
  4. Why did you look at another 750 rebellion, in any case, measure temp in the game and see that it really reaches a maximum of 67 in the effort? Since it sounds relatively high for new cooling. Also the TJ is 105 and so there is a large margin, in which it is customary to take the 5 degree zone, so even in the 70 + zone - it is in the correct range, in any case you will check the game temp and you will see, it is hard for me to believe that it reaches maximum temp in the dash, since if you are with Normal video card, there is no reason for the effort to reach 100 percent usage.
  5. What is listed here I know and saw, on the other hand, in every possible review is listed 38 CFM, and there are mistakes is something that can happen.
  6. Before you run to replace a refrigerator, the 100 degrees system and processor should go into protection, in each case there is much more to check before. When did you recently refresh a thermal ointment? Dust cleaning? The fan spinning at a reasonable or too low RPM? Does the chassis have any more fans?
  7. This is probably a mistake, with every site including these reviews in the 38 CFM max range, as 77 for this size fan is very optimistic.
  8. Please continue to discuss this one step.
  9. You can according to the specification of the legacy max temp processor is 72.7 degrees, and BIOS is kind of a third effort, so the indication is really in an IDLE operating system and a full effort test.
  10. Asus or any other manufacturer's forums don't always deliver the goods either, as a forum like any other platform relies on information sharing, so if a person has managed to get somewhere, and is updating it step by step, this is most welcome. There are also reviews on the boards to help you figure out what to change, to tell you that whatever they tell you will catch one by one in your case? Unfortunately no, that's not how OC always works.
  11. Critical Temperature Differences Most often you will feel in a state of effort as you have noticed, in IDLE every cooling behaves accordingly and the difference will not be considerable because there is also a download of the RPM. And you're a little unclear about the CFM link that you brought this to the C40 and A40 PRO so which cooler did you buy? 70-80 degrees It is likely in an effortless radiator you will not reach it in another game or effort, there is no reason to chase another cooler.
  12. The goal in OC is to achieve a balance of frequency versus performance versus reliability and cooling capabilities, breaking a self-record is nice, but it's not something that will last much, running the voltage transition closer to 1.5 won't give it much long-term life. Also if you manage to get in the 1.3-4 OC area to the 4.6-4.8 area I would stay in that area, that little bit more is not really worth it around. About voltage I do not understand a bit, since BIOS has an option called CPU CORE VOLTAGE and of course change the MODE from AUTO. The Noctua NH-D15 is a great option and nothing to fear, I have used it and the previous model (D14) and besides the size that can damage the income of various components or installations, there is really no downside. What I will do again, buy the best cooling does not mean that it is true, because if you reach 5GHZ OC at the delayed and high voltage, the system will not hold much, and always have to stay within the reliable range and install it of course a few degrees below.
  13. The Kraken X62 supports declared up to 140 watts, in any case from all the updates I somewhat missed what you were looking for. Before jumping in, focus on refining the OC together with the current cooling.
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