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  1. I would be happy if you detail why not? Because after all, this is a regular line connection.
  2. Hi, I wanted to ask if there are any problems with a wired router connection (using a cable) in the security room? I would like to put a computer stand inside the room but use a wired connection and not a wireless one. Router Modem: TP-Link Archer VR600 AC1600 Gigabit VDSL / ADSL 1600Mbps
  3. I agree with you, I check stability with call of duty, the thing is that as soon as the card crashes then the computer freezes and then every time I have to turn it off and on .. it just annoys me.
  4. What software is there to test the stability of games? Is 3DMARK good for stability testing?
  5. I do not understand why in software like OCCT or FURMARK while testing the frequency effort of the video card running on stock even though I set in the AMD software the frequency I want .. only in GPUZ you see the frequency boost .. but in the testing of stress it is not reflected .. what am I missing ?
  6. Well .. I will check it in depth .. it turns out that there is no need to run the PBO and we are done .. there is all the topic of the CURVE etc where I have no idea what to do .. I will try to Google it, what to define, how much and how .. After Google search I found it: Precision Boost Overdrive: ADVANCED PBO Limits: MOTHERBOARD PBO Scalar: Manual, 5X MAX CPU PBO: 200MHz Platform Thermal Throttle Limit: 255 (max) I also found it ..
  7. So not to pass the 1.35?
  8. Okay, regarding general voltage, I want to try 1.40V and see where it can go .. The question is whether it is already too dangerous or not?
  9. Okay I'll check it out .. by the way the stock is 1150 if I remember correctly. By the way sometimes the addition of speed to memory makes the card more stable for a few minutes but at the end the card still crashes. Update
  10. By the way what about the SAM, run it in BIOS? * smart access memory
  11. Well I checked the issue, no change despite the bios change.
  12. Okay .. I'm updating on something I did not notice. My card comes with Email Bios, when it comes out of the box it is pre-tuned to balanced, meaning its power consumption is limited. In rage mode it is set with no power consumption limit, and this mode is mainly for overclocking. Since I did not assemble the computer myself, I am almost certain that the store did not touch the BIOS of the card and it is on balanced just as it came out of the box. Now all that is left is to check and see. *Attached picture.
  13. Okay, I'll do some google on ryzen master because I have no idea what it's and I'll check it out. As for the voltage to this processor, is it advisable to try to pass the 1.35? What is the maximum temperature for this processor? Just intriguing me to know how much this processor can be squeezed into all the cores with my AIO cooler .. because as I mentioned earlier, even at 1.35V it is unstable at 4600.
  14. That's what you tell me .. what's better on paper? I do not have that much experience with it. Anyway I also render occasionally so I do not know is already better. I will try to run PBO only and run Cinebench to see what the result is. Anyway do you recommend leaving on stock data and running PBO only?
  15. Okay, in my card segment you could say it's pretty disappointing. I can not pass the 2600mhz with it .. (in games it is even around 2580) The truth is that I am quite disappointed, because I bought such a card in the expectation that I can scratch the 2800 but I was deceived. If I had the option to turn the wheel back, there is no doubt that I would also be satisfied with a reference. I paid 1000 NIS more for nothing .. but not bad there is nothing to do anymore, I learned my lesson next time. Take this into account - even if you buy a glorious third party card no matter what, no one promises you to pass the 2600 or alternatively scratch the 2800.
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