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  1. @ A-10 Thank you so much for all the help! I downloaded the last one on the list, loaded it and it found the drives after about a minute. Everything works.
  2. Okay thanks, I can only try it tomorrow because the computer is in the office. I will update, hope it works. @ A-10
  3. Which of the three? The EXE? @ A-10
  4. I overcame the problem .. now another problem. The computer does not recognize the drive .. There is a picture What do you do?
  5. All about active .. See for yourself @ A-10
  6. Does not work .. it seems like the keyboard does not respond either .. in BIOS by the way everything works @ A-10
  7. @ A-10 Help please. I inserted the DOK of the Windows installation, the installation goes up but the Fed on the laptop does not respond so I have no option to proceed. I can not insert past wires because there is no additional port on the computer (there is only 1)
  8. Ordered! Hope I do not disappoint thank you very much @ A-10
  9. The purchase of the computer was delayed a bit and I can not find the model: Asus Zenbook 14 UX425EA-KI506 is available in stock. Is there another alternative to the above model plus or minus within the budget I mentioned? I saw that the mobile site has some zenbook models but I could not figure out if they are better than what I was offered here. Thanks.
  10. And what happens in terms of liability? Certainly not everyone gives an official importer
  11. Thanks, there is a recommended and selling store to buy the asus you recommended here? I did not find in known networks ..
  12. Hi, requesting a laptop recommendation for a student, Uses: Web browsing, Office, Zoom. 14 inches + IPS + matte. Lightweight. SSD 8GB minimum. Medium battery. Without operating system. Budget up to 3.5K.
  13. According to the following guide, replacing the battery should not be difficult. I wanted to ask if the hard disk could be erased in any way when replacing the battery?
  14. I must charge the battery as soon as possible so that abroad is not relevant. Then I will order from a battery with no choice
  15. I have a dell vostro 5471 computer and its battery is already low. Is it worth buying an original original one: https://www.sollan.co.il/sale.asp?pid=23675 or is it better to buy a portable external battery that will do the job better? If there is one I would love to get a recommendation.
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