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  1. Hi, requesting a laptop recommendation for a student, Uses: Web browsing, Office, Zoom. 14 inches + IPS + matte. Lightweight. SSD 8GB minimum. Medium battery. Without operating system. Budget up to 3.5K.
  2. Okay thanks, I would definitely consider an invitation from Solan
  3. In the meantime I bought it because I owed the computer, will it do the job or is it definitely better to order the original from Solan?
  4. I googled .. hope to find in a reputable store .. owe it right away. Thanks
  5. I went to their website and typed a serial that was on the back of the device .. Vostro 5471
  6. Not registered on the computer, I tried to search and did not find
  7. The charger that is alive, looking for an alternative, I would love to receive a link to a compatible / original charger from a known and accessible chain and not a special order and a long wait. By the way listed on the charger 45W, will a higher power fit or charge 45W? I added pictures. Thanks in advance
  8. Just set up a dialer via PPPOE - a username and password that Bezeq will give you. Very simple @TheLordkiron
  9. Thank you very much man, who would have believed that such a simple setting in a converter did such damage .. I was already crazy about it! I will finally update in a few days that everything is going smoothly. @NR
  10. Okay, in the meantime I'm updating that everything works .. Right now the multirom is running in the room and I noticed that while running (probably) the router shows me that the converter is set to STATIC IP. Attached picture. (Last on the list) Regarding the converter in the living room - his DHCP is still active, I will try to turn it off later @NR
  11. Meanwhile the multirom has been running in the room for an hour plus smoothly without any errors. The main converter in the living room is still on DHCP active. The in-room converter on DHCP is off. ** Hope it continues like this .. Just hope the VOD in the room continues to run smoothly as it was before. I very much hope that there is no effect of DHCP on VOD either because it has always worked well. In the meantime I let the converter run multirom for testing. @NR
  12. By the way, after changing the DHCP inactive I noticed that on the router screen everything is still identified as DHCP including the converter that is in the room .. (marked in red) Is this correct? @NR edit: In the meantime I am running multirom when DHCP is not active only in the room .. If it still gets stuck I will also turn off DHCP in the living room.
  13. I changed inactive and then everything changed from gray to white .. (i.e. I can probably change IP addresses) Anyway, according to CMD my default GATEWAY is and it stays that way without any change in the menus of the converter. Prefers right now not to touch DNS and leave on default as you told me. What about the converter in the living room? (I did not touch the router settings!) @NR
  14. @NR Okay, I have not changed anything yet, I just attached you pictures so you can take a look at all the settings of the converter in the room .. maybe there is something important there. By and large all you have to do is turn off DHCP there?
  15. Okay so I'll turn off DHCP on all converters in the house and from there we'll see what happens. I will of course update @NR
  16. From a Google search I found a comment from someone who wrote: A problem with Multirom is easier - you already know that the problem is only with you on the network and not related to Yes' provider or servers. The problem is also not related to DNS, because the multirom does not work with DNS but looks for other converters in the local network. The last time I saw a home network that freaked out, it had two DHCPs active at the same time, and it made a terrible mess. @NR - At the time I was told to mark NO in the option in the picture, should I return to YES?
  17. Okay so go into the settings of the converter in the living room and turn off there the option called DHCP? And as for the in-room converter? @NR
  18. What does unit mean? Converter? That is, change the settings of the converter in the living room? @NR
  19. I tried to switch DNS only through the interface of the router .. something of cloudfare. I have a gaming package in Bezalel .. but I also did a gaming package in Partner at the time, maybe it's really related to the Internet in one way or another .. and I'm almost certain that everything works right now on DHCP if I remember correctly @NR
  20. All this is Chinese for me .. do not know these definitions. I suspect something else, at first I remember I was in Bezalel and then there were the problems .. Then I moved to Partner and there were no problems .. Then .. I went back to Bezalel and never have problems .. I do not know if it is really related but maybe I will try to return to Partner And check the issue again or alternatively put a recorder converter in the room that will be independent and will not work through the multarium .. (because again, the VOD works fine there + Internet speed test through the interface of Yes also looks fine)
  21. @NR bounces this thread back to life. The multi-room is still causing me problems and this is even after a converter in the living room was replaced (the one in charge of the multirom that transmits the information to the converter in the MMAD). The whole issue is very delusional. I will not have to use the multi-room service that is stuck all the time .. I really wonder if there is an internet connection or is it somehow connected to Liss. It drives me crazy.
  22. @ Moon-Mage I ordered the panel through Sidi Log (I corresponded with them by email) - made me a personal order whatsoever - if you did not buy the case through them / an authorized importer they will not order you the panel (this is their condition). I bought the case through "Wellcome" so there was no problem for Sidi Log. Indeed, the shipment took at least a month and a half days, when the product reached them they sent it to Valkam and they had already contacted me that the product had arrived. It cost 60 shekels.
  23. Regarding the cooling - this is 280 mm, one of the advanced coolings of CORSAIR / CW-9060047-WW Regarding the video card - XFX 6800XT MERC 319 (Although it is overclocked but at 1060V instead of 1150 which is its stock.) Https:// -radeon-tm-rx-6800-xt-core-gaming-graphics-card-with-16gb-gddr6-amd-rdna-tm-2 Regarding the case - this is a CORSAIR iCUE 4000X RGB Tempered Glass (there are 3 fans that come with it + I added another 1 back that is basically the same as the front ones) ATX-Case / p / CC-9011204-WW * I replaced the front panel of the chassis with a more fan panel of a parallel chassis 4000D AIRLOW|-Parts/ 4000D-Airflow-Front-Panel% 2C-Black / p / CC-8900440 Full Sat: 3 front fans (came with the case) 1 rear fan (bought separately and identical to the front) The water cooling is composed in the upper part Wen of the case. @jackhammer
  24. Hi I currently have a 4000d corsair with 3 front and 1 rear fans. In addition, 280 mm of water cooling is connected to the roof. - H115i I am looking for a cooler case with better circulation that will somehow also affect the CPU temperature for good. Will Antek's NX800 do the job? From what I see it is much cheaper What are the other corsair options?
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