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  1. I am looking for an add-on that announces new emails in Jamil that announced the emails that are marked as important X (for that matter 5 minutes) time, and the rest is all Y (half an hour) time, is there such an animal?

    WebMail Notifier

  2. Because you're not listening to me, that's why it's from left to right.

    You have down at the bottom of the carsforum box to select a language. Go to Hebrew And your problem will be resolved.

    I never reached the bottom of the page.

    Thank you very much! That solved the problem !!! : yelclap:

  3. Thanks for the help,

    Only after choosing ENCODING for Hebrew do you see Hebrew. Otherwise it's gibberish. Anyway this is from left to right and it goes back to ENCODING different every time!

    I canceled AUTO and yet the browser selects something else every time.

    It started last week ... : nixweiss:

  4. The catastat of the site or text you write in text boxes on the site? It's really not clear, it would be nice to get an example. Anyway it sounds like something you'd better do with Greasemonkey script or Stylish style than with extension.

    Truth I have no idea ... Sometimes sites appear in gibberish ...

  5. I'm not the one I opened come and tell a friend look there is X or Y .. it's the easiest ..

    If you were thinking ahead..then presenting things and not standing behind it..especially in such cases it is unnecessary ..

    You offer people something you have not even personally tried..not to mention online reviews or anything like that ..

    In any case, the issue was clarified. : xyxthumbs:

    I did not offer anything to anyone.

    I did not offer to buy and I did not say I bought and that is good.

    You criticize me for something you did not understand.

    Some understanding of what was read and you would not ask questions.

    Overall I opened a topic on Chinese cheap coolers.

    To say there is an X and there is a Y is easy ... so? forbidden? I did not say X is good and Y is excellent ...

    A little reading comprehension.


    If there is anyone who has ordered or experienced this product or similar, I would love to receive a product review.


  6. What was not understood in 10 times that I wrote that I was not going to order away cool fixtures?

    I just published cheap bodies.

    There is no point in arguing as long as you do not have the body connected to the computer.

    In the same way, you can invite and give a review. : xyxthumbs:

  7. It is a pccooler cooling body, Chinese company:

    As you can see the cheap paint, the dear probably not. From what I understood people found them in stores in China at much lower prices (the model of the 44 $ found in 20 does not include shipping).


    If it's color then it's garbage. It was better to paint blue and throw it into the sea.

    Still, how can we explain weight?

  8. Or ytong, painted as copper and shaped into a body .

    There is no reality in DX, there are cheap things, need to make the distinction.

    There is no reality in DX? Maybe you do not know the site. There are lots of bargains in the field of flashlights, GPS and more ...

    Ordering away something?

    From my experience with them, what is written is what you get, otherwise they return the money or send another new product (in case it does not work).

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