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    Great memories, brand new, the box is still closed with a sticker. I was sure my motherboard supports memory but it is not in QVL. The B550 is problematic. Prefers not to take a risk. There is a lifetime warranty of Corsair as for all memories and of course there is acceptance and everything. It's better for me to sell to someone at a little less than the original cost than to wait for new memories. Max I will run them at a lower speed but I prefer less headaches. Available in the Carmail area, Acre, Haifa and the center.

    600 ₪

  2. From what I have seen the prices in Niue like in the country, not to mention the combos with the gigantic vendors of gigabytes. But now that you mention it, it is really better already the 3060 ti in this amount, both new and horizon for sale in the future.
  3. Yes on that I build the truth, if I thought the matter would be resolved within two or three months I would buy a ticket for 500 shekels just to have a functioning computer to play some things at low resolution (or old games I like that don't really require much) and then buy. But I'm betting this story will take half a year-year. You see I'm the one to go for the 3080 ti, the question is what's better? Buy 2070/80 super for 2000+ NIS or 3070 for 3000+ NIS and then sell, to upgrade to whatever.
  4. tl; dr - Skip the next paragraph. Well then I probably did not recreate anything to anyone with the drama of the current generation of graphics processors. I thought about it a lot and how I do not look at it - I do not think it is worth or sane to pay 4500 NIS more or less (and it goes in the direction of more) on a card with 10GB memory and reasonable RT performance minus its original price is 2600-3000 NIS (For the more expensive versions.) Fill in if the card shows an RT craze and a memory that does not put you in a paranoia. The same goes for the 3070, the better cards among them are supposed to cost around 1800 shekels. I do not know how the prices were before this launch, because I did not deal in hardware for a good 10 years, but I remember that in 2017 my brother bought 1080 for NIS 2800, so it works out in my head. The 6800 cards are not much better, some of the diseases of the previous series (very poor performance in the crytech engine) are there and the lack of something equal DLSS leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for such a choice. The question is, what is the alternative for those who have decided to put together a new system in the worst possible time? The options before me are either to return the other parts and find another hobby or to find a ticket that will be enough for me for a year or two until the world goes back to sanity. The games I am expected to play on a regular basis are not really crazy (bannerlord, stellaris, squad, kingdome come) and I have a lot of gaps to complete with past games, but also the other cards do not promise: rx 5700xt around 2000 NIS. 2070 super used around 2000-2300 NIS. 1080ti around 1300-1600 NIS (and a bit not optimal to buy an old card, even if the performance is still good). Does anyone have a recommendation or insight to offer? The card will be integrated with a 7x r3700 processor and 32GB of memory. Currently there is a 1080p 144hz screen that was unused at home and in a few months it will be 1440p 144hz ... if there will be a computer at all.
  5. I saw the article about the AMAZON promotions and thought about buying one of the two: about 6000 NIS -20 & th = 1 or 5000 NIS approximately and there is a situation, depending on the answers, that maybe I will even invest extra on the MSI: which costs about 7500 NIS I currently have a computer I bought About 3 years ago, something for 2400 shekels (at the time) of Asus, currently serves me well but I'm quite limited.I'm a busy person and I do not have that much time, but once in two weeks-a month I have a few hours and I want to sit on some game but no I have no way of running anything reasonable.In the not-too-distant future I may have to tinker a bit with numerical models and Solidworks but populated for heavy calculations I have dedicated computers in the workplace.In short my question is is it worth investing in gaming gaming, normally I would say straight no because I already have a laptop But in light of these prices (difference of 2000 NIS) maybe it is yes that What? Will I not regret it in two or three years? In addition, I realized that there are new technologies, DDR5, all sorts of new AMD processors, coming out already next year. The first thought was that it would be best to wait but probably the prices will be expensive for a new technology and it will take a year or two until they get down to a normal level and then there will probably be another technology around the corner and that is to enter the loop. I would love for your thoughts, probably taking everything on limited warranty but want to hear what other people think.
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