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  1. Looks like a good offer, thanks. I would also love to get recommendations on a cheap mobile that will fit. (I prefer to have mobility capability if the price is reasonable)
  2. Hello, I am looking for a cheap laptop that will be used mainly for remote connection to the work computer and occasionally for writing documents and watching Netflix and the like. Most of the time the computer will be connected in the house to electricity + network cable + external screen / keyboard / mouse + headphones. Years ago a permanent connection to electricity would have damaged the battery life. If this is still the case, maybe it is better to have a computer with a battery that can be disconnected so as not to damage it? Still selling such? Additional requirements: Better RJ45 input (prefers to avoid an adapter that slows down the rate of information transfer) Better 3 old USB inputs - for connecting keyboard / mouse / headphones (prefers to avoid using USB HUB) I understand mini pc will not be significantly cheaper for these requirements, right? Another point, prefer to buy from KSP if there is no significant price difference because I have coupons for this store. Thank you, Eran
  3. The above specification has been ordered in the upgrade of the hard disk to 500GB. Thank you very much everyone
  4. Thank you. I saw that you replaced the motherboard from 410M-K to 410M-A, I guess there is no significant difference between the two. Anyway I saw that both have up to 3 USB ports. I prefer to have at least 4 inputs: keyboard, mouse, camera, disk on key sometimes. If I understood correctly, can I get a recommendation for another motherboard that will fit?
  5. Hello, I am interested in buying a basic and cheap office computer (1000+) for my brother. Uses: Surfing / Netflix \ office / Zoom (not to be used for games) Additional requirements: Shop on the streets - just in case I need to exercise responsibility for something. I saw this specification: but it is half a year old and I could not put it together exactly in ksp, ivory stores (no tms in the streets) I would love to get up-to-date links to such specifications in stores "L. Thank you
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