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  1. As mentioned above, the Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro is equal or better in every parameter, and costs less. The only reason to prefer the Realme 8 Pro is for those who want a little less huge.
  2. "Ability to enter a video signal for a pair of 4k resolution display media or a single display device with 4k resolution" If it is possible to display a pair of display media with 4K, it is clear that a single display device is also possible ...
  3. "We get a more official and advanced heir" you meant more expensive! Who brings out a less advanced heir? In fact, Shiomi can issue a successor to the A2, the A3 with a lower resolution and a successor to the A3, the A4 with an LCD screen instead of AMOLED
  4. Poor if it would be a replacement for the A3 for me, the only downside it had was the screen resolution
  5. Obviously the A7iii is better and that's even without taking into account that in some of the photos it did not use all of Sony's capabilities to 'compare' conditions anyway, in order to upload photos to social networks, even a third phone will do a very good job
  6. "It's time to grab coupons - at exactly the right time, because any delay of a minute or two means there will be no more left" a minute or two ?! It's more a matter of tenths of a second, if not spelling until everything is gone ...
  7. I guess the system weighs, and quite a bit of the problem that it's an addition of "unsprung weight" + rolling resistance (harder to accelerate and stop)
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