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  1. yotam.m

    Home server or NAS server

    True NAS In any case you will need a relatively modern computer with a large enough storage capacity for your needs. Not sure if it came out cheaper than NAS if you do not have / lack equipment.
  2. I have not tried to contact Microsoft but I will definitely not repeat this mistake again. Thanks Yotam for the idea, trying now in child 1 backwards might work. Actually on a second computer, I have 2004 after all it is the next 20H1 followed by the current build 20H2 there is nothing else in the middle there is only the 21H1 on the way. Going back to 19H2 for sure will not go. Another point: I see that the "experience" of the user in 20H2 is 19042.906 and for me it is 19101 Maybe there is a connection? No updates because I have something that precedes the experience in the next version after it?
  3. I tried. Writes me that I am invited for a clean installation and it is not possible to save any file / application. "You may be using a newer version"
  4. Hi, I've been stuck with this issue for a long time. When I select Release Preview in choosing which updates to receive I get a message that there are no new updates to install. (Also in Beta) When I select DEV I get an update called "Windows 10 Insider Preview 21354.1 (co_release)" which fails again and again with the error code "0x80070057" Currently she is: 2004 in child: 20180.1000 "Experience": 120.19101.0.0 * What I did not search the web including cancellation of services Deleting the distribution folder and returning the services again. * Proper checks for files
  5. Hello, I am looking for a suitable replacement for SlingBox that knew how to stream hot broadcasts (any cable converter) via the Internet through a dedicated application. For me it does not have to be a dedicated app as originally and the installation can be more complicated and technical. Is there such an animal?
  6. Well, you made me wake up from my coma and check all the drives on my main computer. The EVO 850 has been with me for at least 4 years and is currently used as an SSD drive for games, which means that it does quite a bit of writing / reading and still looks great: the newest 14TB so I did not expect anything wrong with it: 4 years I expected it to be the first to start making problems but no special rejectors: the SN4 will still kill us all before it starts to stutter:
  7. Not familiar with ITC Has known Hotnet for many years from many different users. As for personal raising, I do not see how increasing from 10 to 12 is worth these 54 additional shekels, but that is already your decision.
  8. Do you have a real need for a higher upload? (Torrent, any sharing?) The difference is not relatively small. Personally very happy with them, mostly a fixed price for a few years but I'm less into the matter of pings here or there so if you want something specific send it and try to check.
  9. Depends on infrastructure in a particular area. I hate both but in my area Hot provide 500 or quite close to it and Bezeq at best 40. Other than trying there is no right and wrong answer.
  10. I think he meant drives for the private market where 18TB are the max and at unpopular prices.
  11. Speeds? satisfied? I have seen excellent reviews on the Tplink M9 relative to the price of 3 units, but there are hardly any full ones even on Amazon.
  12. Hello friends, moving into a new home soon, debating about Mesh system still unlocked regarding 2-3 units (120 meters). These are heavy uses when it comes to downloading and transporting files within the network - 2 stationary, mobile, Smart TV's. * No interest or budget limitation if the system is significantly better quality - prefers 3 units in order to avoid cover halves in the future. * Prefers the system to have independent LTE capability or at least the option to connect a modem. * Allow Amazon if the price is much cheaper with shipping to Israel. * The most important thing - every room has a CAT6 network cable so the system must support the backhaul. Does anyone have experience with multiple systems, what is the most recommended system today?
  13. Try NetLimiter it has the ability to set specific quota. Or limit DL \ UL Rate which at best will decrease the quality of the video / audio.
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