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  1. Well you take extreme.

    There are also people who have stage fright, so I will not be afraid to go on stage anymore?

    And do not give me a single inhalation and that's enough, because you do not feel until the third minimum time - assuming you do not smoke cigarettes - from here there is no chance anyone will feel about the first time not talking about the first ambition.

    And it took life

    puff puff give

  2. Listen, brother

    I'm not disabled, I have legs

    If I want a walk I can go I do not need a machine that finances the fuel of Muslims

    And if you meant to travel abroad, let me know that I really but really but Mmmmmsh hates any area outside the country And that my parents throw away money they can not get because their salary is almost a minimum then I tell them they throw the money to see places that belong to other peoples and that these places are so boring

    And I can not get what I wrote above because even if I work a lot it will take me a lot of months to raise so much money and for now I am content with other things

    Wai drive the car, walk, what a cool and just the end of the road

    You have about the same ambitions that I had at age, 14-15 COMPUTER COMPUTER ETC ....

    Do not know how old you are but I think you will change your mind

  3. Maybe instead of just saying so and saying so what would you do instead?

    I was first of all buying a new computer, not bombarded with the most scary video card and processor and processor, I would buy something less super strong and do overclock

    And an x-fi elite pro sound card

    And speakers and gigaworks s750

    LCD TV or Plasma TV

    Which is HD ready

    Hmmmm and that's all I think, I do not know if you need anything else to be nice

    One day you will realize that this is a serious mistake.

    I would save and spend every month like this for ports, or save everything for a walk.

    Or buying a car ....

    Lol you will do good and shut up = \ son 22 and more life on parents = \ you are in a difficult situation if you are 22 son and you live on account of your parents hook and you want to teach him about the value of money? Funny man.

    Do you a favor and shut up behind.

    We'll take a typical man, a beginner At the age of 18, finishes at 21 maybe 22.

    Why do you think he's going to work like a donkey to pay for an apartment after the apartment?

    Staying at the same age until 27 is not a shame provided you learn or something.

  4. That's why I said that the comparison is not good ... because it's not clear enough, in this case we talked about the electric company, which operates a thermometer, and it is like the knife operator, the knife is the man who does not know how to operate without his operator - it does not matter that it was his fault that he did not obey For the sign, the first thing that the electricity company will be 100% after that is to blame others.

  5. You make a very poor comparison

    There is no connection between the traffic light and the knife in this case.

    This is not a good example because it just does not make sense what you say, the one who runs the knife is the culprit, the electric company did not build the traffic light, it only activates it [in terms of electricity].

  6. What is the connection?

    Because you said there was no electricity because they were not allowed to build two stations, you just chose to ignore the fact that the reason there is no electricity is because Reading is not working, and again because they did not listen to the government ...

  7. There are many failures in the world, to blame the Electric Company for not accusing others is simply stupidity, it's like saying "but it started !!".

    And there is a difference between a policeman's human error and the deliberate closing of entire areas. I do not care why the traffic lights did not work, and again it does not matter if the accident was called anyway, something you can not prove, and I can tell you that people treat traffic a lot More than a sign, so there is a chance that it would have been avoided.

    As for the continuation:

    "Disabling Reading was done in compliance with the directives of the government, the Ministry of the Environment"

    And the reason why the electricity company did not use Reading Silver

    "Now they suddenly allowed IEC to run Reading, although a few months ago they threatened the company's CEO with a personal fine if he did not close Reading."

    And why really?

    Because they are making trouble for the whole world because of something that is their fault, they could close this gas deal long ago, but they are greedy, always were and will always be [and do not argue about their greed is proven]

    "They did not allow the IEC to open two new stations"

    Why would they allow them to open new stations if the bastards did not do what they were told at Reading?

    "Why are you absolutely convinced?"

    Because of the above

    Compare a knife to a lame traffic light, because a traffic light saves a life knife takes, but we will continue with it.

    The traffic light = a knife

    Electricity = a murderer, allowing the traffic light to save lives.

    It follows:

    Anyone who interferes with the traffic light to save lives is to blame.

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