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  1. The ONE TAB plugin is designed to conserve computer memory in multiple browser windows. Is it possible to combine such a plugin in private software where it is possible to open many windows that drink from computer memory?
  2. A DEFENDER scanner built into Windows 10 will not detect and remove this spyware? And suppose this is a spyware - why does it cause such a kind of computer rise?
  3. My computer is on 24/7 so I put it to sleep when not in use (manually or by settings). I recently noticed that it did not go into sleep mode, so I redefined the power settings after a time allotted to the monitor, setting up sleep for the computer after the same time but I saw that there is also a separate setting to turn off the hard disk. So what does it mean to turn off a hard disk and is it necessary to add to the sleep of a monitor / computer as well? Doesn't computer sleep also include hard disk sleep? By the way, now I notice that every time I wake up the computer, it is as if "rising" again. Is it just a disc increase? Can it do any wear to the disc? This is about several times a day working with the computer that it goes in and out of sleep.
  4. I was notified about a Bomaker Bluetooth 5.0 in-Ear Stereo headset. Worth something? $ 39.
  5. Can you recommend those whose holster is also a charger? I do not need HIGH END. I hear it when I listen to the radio on my computer or watch Netflix on my tablet / phone.
  6. Maybe there are button headphones with the claim box that are worth buying in the "Prime Day" sale?
  7. Tested with the same computer and the same network cable between the computer (laptop) and the internet point in each room. I do not see in my other cables connected to the router that there is one free wire. So maybe that's really the reason?
  8. Connected in fiber at 1000 MB. In one of the extensions / rooms, the wired connection (network cable running through the wall to the router for the router) shows a download speed is 100 MB. Could it be because of this disconnected wire? Wasn't it supposed to prevent connection to the network at all because of a disconnected wire? By the way, in the next room, the same type of connection (network cable through the wall that connects to the router) shows a normal download speed (average of about 700 MB).
  9. Okay, what about a public network with a fingerprint? If I log into my bank account like this, am I equally vulnerable to hacking?
  10. Why doubt? Sitting reporter with a computer man in a cafe and using a laptop you see the activity performed by an innocent person sitting in front of them and using the cafe's network. Even at the entrance to this forum there is a warning against using a public network ....
  11. What you write does not sit well with all sorts of articles that have been aired in the past on the news about the unbearable ease of being able to hack people into personal information while operating on a public network. The most essential thing (and the only one actually) is the fear of intrusion into my bank accounts, although even in such a case, withdrawing funds from the account is the main damage but also it is in a kind of control by the bank.
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