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  1. I have an office computer, a tablet with a built-in video card. Can it fit a second screen connection? Where do I connect a second version?
  2. Do not see any Phillips screws. Remove the plastic of the left button by force?
  3. I have an old Microsoft Optical Mouse, wireless optical 2.0 (from the ones that work without a wire, but have some kind of converter connected to a computer with wiring). Used me excellently. But suddenly, the left button does not work. I tried rebooting, I tried a software update, battery replacement - nothing. I understand that it is possible to buy a new mouse at a small expense - but maybe there is a simple solution that I have not tried yet and will help? We are currently using the tablet's Bluetooth mouse, which is connected to a dongle that is plugged into a USB port. But interested in going back to the old mouse.
  4. My computer is virtually subdivided into several drives and it seems that I made an incorrect consideration in the distribution of drive C, because its space is dwindling. What is the most efficient way to free up drive C space? Intention other than performing defragmentation. For example, I saw the option to scan for deleted files (RECUVA programming). What does such a scan mean, and what should I do with what is obtained in the scan result?
  5. What are the benefits of the actions you have proposed? What does this come to solve?
  6. At night when I went to sleep, and I pressed on the keyboard on sleep mode (or even through the operating system) and the computer went into sleep mode - sometimes it would go out of sleep after a few seconds (like - insist on not falling asleep ..) or if it went into sleep mode, at night when I got up Action. No one touched him. Second, the computer was set to enter automatic sleep mode after an hour - not happening. I also noticed several times that after a few hours of not being at the computer and going in to get something from a study, the screen suddenly turned on. As if someone had done something. What is the probability that it turned out that a few times when I get to the computer after a few hours that I was not next to it, just walk into a study (does not touch anything!), The screen will suddenly turn on ?! It gives a person strange feelings that
  7. Wait, but if someone "digs" me remotely into a computer instead of the computer going to sleep - it's not called "spyware"?
  8. Could it be that these two free programs reveal nothing in the scan, and only if I purchase them for a fee will they discover and suck?
  9. "Vishman Yeshurun ​​and Yivat" ... Did you think that the explanations were "obscure"? But the last explanation on the other hand is clear and now the understanding has also come.
  10. Look, we do not have the gold bullion of the building in the parking lot, and the ways to break into our parking lot are many (for example - entering after a tenant who opened the gate for himself), so the security issue is not really critical, but I really ask an innocent question: Completely to which the tenants' phone numbers were entered. On the other hand, there is the "Open by Touch" app which is for the tenants to open the gate. In fact, two different apps. What interests me is how the "Open with a Touch" app actually reads the phone numbers of "our" tenants and not the numbers of another tenant who uses the same app.
  11. Okay, so when you download this app and stand in front of our parking lot gate, and click on the app, what will stop the gate from opening for you as well? Seemingly all the conditions are ripe - you have an app, you have a phone, you have a gate in front of you - and here you are inside .... or not ...? And if not - why not (this is actually the question I started with ..).
  12. When I dial (phone call), it is a call from my phone where there is a sim with my number that no one else has. My number is identified in the system (a SIM card is installed at the gate). The app, however, is not unique. Anyone can download it. So my question remains.
  13. Yes, but how does she "know" that when I click on it, she will actually open the gate of my building to me and not the gate of another building whose occupants also use this app?
  14. How does such an app (e.g. like "Open by Touch") "know" to open only the parking gates of our building, and not the gates of other parking lots? It should be noted that the entry of the telephone numbers of the tenants who are authorized to open the gate is through another application - a management application that is not a touch sub-application.
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