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  1. There are all kinds of Internet - 35W, 100W, 120W. what is the meaning? The more W it loads the faster?
  2. Is this link option, where the mobile will have access to all stationary folders, possible even when the mobile is abroad?
  3. How can I share two laptops with Windows 10 so that both screens show the same actions that one user is doing? The intention is not to transfer files, but to project one user's activity on his laptop to the other user's laptop. There are such external programs of taking over a computer but I understand, it can also be done with the tools of Windows 10, I just have no idea how .. I need it for a future flight and therefore external programs are out of the question.
  4. you helped me. Arrange according to your instructions. Thank you
  5. If I ask, then yes ... but if it's secret material, then write in small letters, that not everyone will see. In fact, write in reverse Hebrew, so that they will not understand.
  6. What is this DLL anyway? And why does it turn out to be missing in windows 10 that I have installed?
  7. I tried to install the updated app of my Sonato watch (first time I updated it ..) and got a DLL error that Sonato's support said it was a DLL that should exist on my computer. How do I fix this? Attaches the error message.
  8. I do not know what happened, suddenly my software (Foxit pdf creator) informed me that I was on a two-week route that ended today. The free alternative of foxit - 150 MB file size. Where are the days when you only needed to open lightweight files? Is there one available?
  9. Well, I could not understand it from reading on some sites, so just make sure this card will support two screens for smooth viewing?
  10. Just make sure - is it a card that can hold two screens for smooth viewing? And how do you actually know such a thing, when you buy a ticket with several different ports?
  11. So I actually realized from an internet search that there is not much to miss here. If I decide in the end on a different screen than the one I thought of purchasing, is it always possible to match the screen to the card you offered me with a suitable cable (one side let's say HDMI, the other side VGA, etc.)?
  12. Okay, and about the installation? I have previously replaced all kinds of components on my computer (fans, disks, etc.). But not a video card. Is the installation "plug and play" (without any software changes)?
  13. Okay, was not so clear from the proposal (written in quantity '1').
  14. And technically about the memory - I see that the Intel processor has one stick, and in the second offer two sticks of memory. Operationally there is an advantage to one of the configurations in the operation of the computer?
  15. So do you know what the financial difference is between the AMD configurations and the Intel configuration proposal?
  16. Is there a possibility of the tangle of order in the rows - each element in a separate row? In the existing way I can not figure out who is against whom ... (and what is the cost of each component?). A real tangle ..
  17. There are no small cases in Ivory that fit your offer?
  18. Okay, please: what's the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? Not versed in component prices so hard to say. Also how much can you get when it comes to an office computer for internet and office? 2. What computer uses (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), has a specific game or software example? No games at all. Internet, office, movie storage and family photos. Is there a need for peripherals in addition to a computer (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? keyboard and mouse. 3. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? (For example, an SSD drive that already exists and can be attached for assembly) Everything is new. 4. How important is the quiet operation of the computer? A simple chassis will provide. 5. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size of the computer and its weight, lights, etc.? Preferably a small case. There is a space problem and the case will be on the table (close to the body / face). Is there a noticeable drawback to a small case? 6. Is it necessary to include an operating system / office (if so, it is advisable to specify a preferred version) and / or a computer train in the store? Windows 7 and that the computer will be compatible with the upgrade to Windows 10. 11. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If not it is also possible to specify a residential area. For easy accessibility, Ivory near Givatayim will provide. 8. When is the purchase of the computer planned (it is highly recommended to request a short specification from the time of purchase)? Immediately. 9. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections (e.g. USB Type-C or FireWire) or overclocking? If the thought is that a 'USB Type-C' connection is a future connection that will become more and more common, then please price separately so I can make a final decision. Same as for the FIREWIRE card. 10. Is there any peripherals that will be connected? If so, which one? (Docking station if laptops / screen of one kind or another) Screen that has already been purchased. Board, processor, etc.) have a 11-year warranty.
  19. Okay, there's a point. The reference point is the specification in the following link - from "Recommended computers" on the site
  20. Following the offer in the recommended specifications for the office computer offered there, please check the upgrade option: * This is an Internet computer and office. Isn't it worthwhile, with long-term thinking, to go for a "higher" processor (meaning i5)? * In that case, will I need a more advanced board? * Regarding memories - what is the next best configuration of memories that exists? 16 GB? * Regarding the hard disk - a Tara disk and possibly 2 Tara is completely required (this is a user who stores a lot of movies and pictures). * Case and power supply - seem to me to be satisfactory. Thanks to the respondents.
  21. Wait ... how does it actually work? I thought the existing screen stays on the existing connection on the board, and the new card is used for the new screen ..
  22. I do not intend to spend more than a few hundred NIS on a screen for my office needs. For example, what's wrong with it - a 23.8 '' computer screen Mi 23.8 '' Desktop Monitor 1C - Xiaomi Israel ( and in any case, not yet I figured out which video card I could match him to?
  23. I do not have room for the 40-inch melody. 27 will provide.
  24. Okay, so in this regard, since I do not have the time and patience to install the card myself, I turned to a technician. The technician wanted to know which screen I wanted to match the card to, to know which card to install. I need a second screen to project stock charts on. It should be a large screen to hold a lot of graphs. I do not need some amazing quality because I will not watch it in the movies and do not need it for normal use (for this I have my current DELL) What would you recommend?
  25. Attaches the connection data of the monitor (DELL 2209WA).
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