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    Dell XPS 9570, amazing 15.6 "4K touch screen! Great for graphics and movie viewing and any other viewing experience. I7-8750H, 16GB GTX 1050Ti, 512GB M2 SSD, 97Wh battery, 130W charger can also be charged via USB C, bright keyboard installed Windows 10 ultimate Valid with a serial number (I have an MSDN subscription for those who know). Original Windows 10 Home can be reinstalled. Very powerful computer, known that I got a computer from work at the beginning of the corona since unfortunately I did not touch the computer. Drill two screws at the back because the previous owner from whom I bought the computer played them when he tried to open and could not open the computer otherwise (see photos) and that's why I lowered the price a bit. I live in Rosh HaAyin

    3,600 ₪

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