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  1. First of all I will clarify something, the sound projector is supposed to play the audio that comes from the HDMI that is connected to the streamer and not through the TV ARC (we started with the TV not supporting ARC right?) . If this is not enough then what is the problem with disconnecting the BT link between the streamer and the sound projector? Go to the BT settings of the streamer and cancel the pairing between them.
  2. Any board at these prices I expect to be more than okay, you only need a board for Intel's 1200 chassis and not AMD's AM4. It will do the job: Gigabyte Z490M GAMING X Apart from the video card the price of a large part of the things on your list seems high, paying 550 shekels for a 2TB hard disk really does not make sense .
  3. The fact that the CPU and motherboard are not compatible with each other at all can hurt the gaming experiences.
  4. Make sure everything is connected correctly, the TV to the output and the streamer are connected to the input The TV is of course tuned to the appropriate hdmi input. According to the user manual it should work, if not then something is wrong. It could very well be a coaxial output, you can buy an optical converter but it is better to make an effort and make the hdmi work.
  5. In general, it is not recommended to buy a 27 screen with FHD resolution and that is all you will find for less than NIS 1000 (from experience I am sitting in front of one like this at the moment). Cheap IPS QHD screens like the Lenovo L27Q-30 are starting a little over budget
  6. They should continue to provide service under the original warranty if it is still valid as long as you present the invoice (of the original purchaser). As for the rest, warranty against breakage and the possibility of extending warranty for one-year + products are things that do not really exist in the Israeli market in any company.
  7. et al

    Nvme SSD assembly

    If you look closely you will see that these are pieces of iron that break them when disassembling, if you want to plug it you need another cover that attaches with screws. Once upon a time all these lids were with screws but in cheap cases try to save every penny and that is the result.
  8. I do not understand what this sentence means and what is the connection between hdmi connection and wifi reception in general. According to the scheme of the connections you published, the TV has an spdif port.
  9. If you use a streamer then it is best to connect an hdmi cable from the streamer to the soundbar and another hdmi cable from the soundbar to the TV (it does not matter that there is no arc). The next option in line is an optical cable.
  10. If you believe that any device can save you electricity bill then how do you say, I have a bridge to sell you. If you are curious to know what is in this box
  11. We are at a strange point in time that there are simply no cheap video cards (a thousand shekels or less) worth buying. I assembled a specification with the strongest built-in card available and in the future when required and the availability of video cards will return to normal mode then add a suitable card. ₪ 1122 ₪ 1122 AMD 4650G-PRIME-B450M-A AMD board and processor You will find similar products on the AM shelf
  12. For nas it is possible to settle for a processor and much cheaper components. Is it going to be a server for vm or nas? In any case you must have some video card, without it the computer will refuse to work.
  13. et al

    Del - Screen problem

    There is a difference P2421 is in the ratio 16:10 and gives more work space
  14. A second ago you talked about upgrading to Z390 / Z270 boards. How did you intend to connect DDR3? Getting a DDR170 compatible Z3 tablet today may prove to be no easy task at all.
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