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  1. אפשר למצוא גם מסכי 32 עם אותה רזולוציה באותו מחיר אבל אני לא בטוח שיש בזה יתרון כלשהו
  2. Desired size? Large can be 27 inches and can have 40+ budget?
  3. Both monitors have a connection in a standard called vesa 100, any rack that supports this standard should fit.
  4. You did not say anything about it. All computer monitors sold in stores are LED-based backlit LCD. What is more important is to choose the type of panel, do you want VA or IPS?
  5. All computer monitors sold in stores today are LCD monitors. What exactly is your intention?
  6. It should be taken into account that the performance of the video card in the mobile will not be close to the performance of the same card in the stationary.
  7. You need to understand that there is a separation between installing windows that can be done without a license at all and the activation that is the action that connects windows to the license. Anyway if I understand the order correctly: 1. you open a Microsoft account 2. You connect the digital license to the account you opened (I assume you do this on the computer where the digital license is installed but it is not really written how it is done) 3. You install windows On the new computer (no license yet) 4. You perform the steps you copied above to connect the digital license to the new installation.
  8. You just get involved, the iso of the installation can be downloaded directly from their site and installed. A Microsoft account (assuming you do not already have one) is an account that anyone can open on their site for free.
  9. The step described is after you install windows just install it without a license code.
  10. Of course it will display the same image on both screens
  11. If you already bring a link then it is better to have a model whose support did not end 5 years ago (not that it is the pinnacle of technology but still)
  12. There is no splitter, but it is a desktop computer and you can of course add a video card to it that will support multiple screens without any problem.
  13. What board is this? Most boards have more than one connection to a video card.
  14. Beyond matching the video card to the specific software you specified there is really no difference between the video cards regarding the distance they will work. For the distance you mentioned you may need an expensive or even active cable to connect to a good quality screen, you will of course also need to worry about a solution on how to connect a keyboard mouse at such a distance.
  15. To the best of my knowledge there is no technical definition of a "public network" that causes a network to behave differently from any other network. If the two devices are connected to the same network then turning from one to the IP (internal) of the other device should work.
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