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  1. In the meantime, I also found the AOC Q27G2U BK at startpc, which seems like a good option, they have both an Acer ED273UR and an Acer XV272UP, but it says that it has run out. As for the gigabyte I meant more professional reviews, note that the Amazon page has 5 different models and the reviews is a mix of all of them.
  2. In this price range gaming screens are mostly 24-inch FHD, once you asked for 2K you greatly narrowed down the selection. Dell has a S2719DGF model but with a TN panel, the Gigabyte model has a G27Q twin brother which is a flat IPS but has no reviews at all, if you get closer to NIS 2000 then there are more options.
  3. The two specifications you brought are with previous generation processors when at the same price you can buy the current generation (10) with better parts. For both monitors with the same panel type in fact, Dell is better off because it has an ergonomic stand and a USB hub. Quotation link [img] [/ img] Quotation For a computer system - [URL] [/ URL] - The place for people who love processing computers - Intel Socket LGA1200 [url = https: // Sku = BX8070110400] [b] BX8070110400 [/ b] - [b] Intel [/ b]
  4. Gigabyte G27QC with a deviation of one hundred shekels screen-gaming- g27qc- of- gigabyte- in the price-review
  5. There are those who will disagree with you on this matter but as you said about automatic translation and execution, we are not there yet.
  6. You did not answer what the job is, I guess the reference is to office work, office, internet and the like?
  7. The instructions are how to connect an external disk to the shield but a computer is not an external disk and it is not possible to connect it that way. Usually connect all the devices to the network do folder sharing, do not use usb.
  8. The original spec also had a screen and license for Windows, obviously if you download these things you can put more. Since no computer was requested for the games, it is quite unnecessary to put a video card for NIS 1500, football manager is a game that also runs with the built-in card. I would stay with the original CPU and improve everything around unless you think you will in the future want to run more games then you should go down to the CPU level and add a video card. Category Products Qty Price CPU Intel Core i7 10700/1200 Tray 1
  9. Why do you need a mobile touch screen with windows? In my experience it is completely useless. As for the specific model it has a bad screen at low resolution (only 1366) and a processor with only two cores when the standard is four, there is a reason for the low price. Beyond that I do not think there is a cost effective way to bring computers from Best Buy in America but rather you have someone who buys it there and brings it with him in a suitcase.
  10. - It is written that Lenovo offers it with 16GB but not that it is the maximum possible volume. The maximum volume is more tied to the processor than anything else and according to Intel you should have no problem, chances are that two 32GB sticks will work as well. - It is not critical but in principle better CL as low as possible, the timings of the existing memories can be seen with CPU-Z - The lab can know with how much computer memory was originally purchased but it is accepted that independent upgrade of memory or disk is not something that violates warranty
  11. Looks like all the money went to the processor and the rest of the parts didn't stay. It is not recommended to take such an advanced processor with such a board and power supply bases, the processor deserves a better power supply than that, also the chassis and cooling of the processor belong to the previous decade. The SSD is very high quality but too small, for the same money you can get twice the volume and also better performance in other models.
  12. In south Tel Aviv there are shops that only sell screws, you can find everything there
  13. It is possible but need an external case that will supply power and be compatible from SATA to USB, I have a feeling that buying an external DVD will cost the same
  14. This is something you should ask for from the internet provider for an additional fee. Yes it takes part in bandwidth that everyone has in common Security is a complex issue, the fact that you are building a website based on WordPress does not really cover the matter
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