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  1. You may be suspicious of chromium supplements that have few users and you do not know who is behind them. They can easily see everything that happens on the page, including the credit information, the passwords you write, etc. There is almost no control over what goes into the Chrome plugin store. For such purposes there is this plugin (it is actually a copy of a very popular plugin for Firefox)
  2. As you have already been told you need on screen a special pen support technology (and there are several different technologies that work with different pens). My impression is that your model does not have such support, it leaves you with simple pens that simulate finger pressing, it works but much less accurate.
  3. I would cancel the order, the chances of it working are very low
  4. There is nothing specific in the specification that you can look for, as I said the assumption is that it works unless otherwise stated. You can try to dig into the user manual, if it does not work it may be indicated there (in very small letters).
  5. I guess the other connections on the video card are display port and not hdmi. First check if one of the monitors supports this connection.
  6. On every laptop I know the ports work at the same time note that despite the misleading title it is not a docking station specially adapted for this computer but just a generic model based on USB. USB-based docking station is a last resort when there is no other choice.
  7. AAA games is a field that in many ways is more similar to Hollywood movie production than software development. A game production company should be willing to put a budget of a few tens of millions in advance and wait a few years until there are results. Even after the product exists you have to invest a lot in marketing and it is not enough to upload a game to Steam and expect it to sell itself. The whole process is very different from how startups in Israel usually develop, start small and try to raise money and grow or sell and make an exit. In general the gaming industry is known for tending to attract mainly novice developers and selling them the dream of developing games, it pays little with quite poor conditions (relative to high tech) and is very unstable. Lag
  8. He's right there's no possibility. These two separate physical disks cannot be increased at each other's expense. I would suggest switching between them but I have the impression that the small one is ssd and the big one is a regular disk so such a solution would greatly hurt performance.
  9. You will find that processor models that support multiple processors cost twice as much as the equivalent models without this capability (depending on whether there is support for only two processors or 4+ which is really expensive) Xeon is a whole family of processors you need to be more specific. Anyway when it comes to multi-processors you have exactly two families that meet the demand, Intel Xeon or AMD Epyc. Another perhaps more affordable option is a single 32- or 64-core AMD Threadripper processor.
  10. You should very much write in what environment and language you work
  11. As a programmer it is hard for me to imagine what a need there is that this is the best solution for him, just intriguing. Do you run real and full chrome? There are headless solutions that will surely save resources. If there really is a scaling problem think about how to split the work across several computers, it is more complicated but allows to grow almost unlimited if done correctly.
  12. Just note before you order that the board you have today has no small chance that it is not standard in size and that it has special power supply connections. You should check before you find out that what you ordered is not suitable again.
  13. The app does not have permission to take a call from the phone, the app talks to a server that calls and "impersonates" the number you gave it. You need to know which number to dial to open the gate and you need to know a phone number that has permission to open, without these two the app will not know how to open the gate. These are of course not data that is particularly difficult to obtain. I did not check, maybe the app verifies that the number you really gave is under your control by sending an sms with a code but nothing prevents someone else from doing a similar app without any verification. Understand that the security of such gates is only so that someone casual will not be able to grab your parking space, do not expect more than that.
  14. With all due respect to your unique SIM, the telephony system in general makes it quite easy to control the number that appears in an identified call so that it looks as if it is coming from your phone. This is probably enough to open parking gates, this is not about a particularly high level of security.
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