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  1. 1060 is an old card that is no longer sold, the problem is that the video card market has gone crazy in recent years and there are simply no decent cards under two thousand shekels. My recommendation is to find a used 1060 \ 1070 or equivalent AMD model.
  2. The specification was removed because it did not match what you requested, it is definitely better to use DVI than VGA if there is such a connection. Questions that come to mind after going over the requirements: - What video card is needed today for games like Tech? With the market situation today the question is whether it is really worth it for you to spend 50% of your budget on a video card, maybe go for a used one if possible. - What sound card do you have? How does it connect to a computer?
  3. You can find custom cables for power supplies, usually for custom computer builds for those who need a different length or are looking for a specific color match. In some of the forums that deal with computer construction you can also find private individuals who offer such a cable service on demand.
  4. What model exactly did you buy? The link to KSP is blocked in this forum, it surprises me that there is room for a mechanical disk and no room for memory expansion. I would prefer a larger SSD and give up the mechanical but if you will need a lot of storage space in the future then this configuration gives more options and is cheaper.
  5. And note that the charger supports the device's fast charging standard otherwise all the watts in the world will not help.
  6. The maximum that the S20 takes is 25w in fast charging. A charger that can give more than that will be able to charge several devices at the same time or maybe a laptop but will not improve the charging time.
  7. Not at all sure that for work and programming purposes you really want a 1000R screen, it's a very extreme curvature and it's a matter of personal taste there are those who like it and there are those who do not get along with it.
  8. et al

    Urgent question !!!

    What is map data?
  9. Which begs the question of whether it will really be possible to get the maximum out of such a processor with a basic b660 board, in previous generations the answer was no.
  10. Microsoft has added an app in the windows store that wraps Office online and markets it as if you were getting Office along with the operating system. It is possible to open it directly on their website through any browser on any operating system.
  11. Does the software you want to write include a GUI? There are other workspaces CLion, netbeans, codeblocks, visual studio code for example, I would not define any of them as simple. In principle you can write in NOTEPAD and compile everything through the console, practical to pick up a toolchain suitable for a complex environment like windows need to understand and learn quite a bit, installing a suitable and configured work environment will save a lot of time and effort even if it is a bit overkill for simple things.
  12. Need a charger that supports PD, this is a different standard than fast charging of phones. Even when you buy a powerbank you will need to look for one that supports this standard and you should also look at the list of voltages and currents supported.
  13. Install Visual Studio in a version suitable for C ++ but you have to write the whole program using the windows api, it's not easy.
  14. In general there are not too many programmers who deal with sound production, max recorders and play recorded sound. I estimate that most of the software whose main occupation is sound addresses in C ++
  15. I'll try to make an order. 4k is 3840 × 2160 which means a standard aspect ratio of 16: 9. Of course you can find large 4k screens, 43 inches or even 48 but it can not be UW. UW screens in 21: 9 aspect ratio are usually 34 inches with a resolution of 3440x1440 or 38 inches with a resolution of 3840x1600. There are individual models with resolutions higher than 4K but they are not suitable for gaming and are limited to 60Hz beyond the question of which video card is needed for gaming at such resolutions. Super UW screens in a 32: 9 ratio or something similar. These are the 49 screens you referred to, the resolution is high but it's not 4k, it's more like a qhd screen (or sometimes even an fhd) that have been greatly expanded. In this category the panel is almost always VA. Try to decide what format and size you are looking for otherwise it will be difficult to target you to a specific model. This screen is more than a resolution soup and there are other important things like refresh rate, color space, HDR and even on an unlimited budget there is no perfect screen.
  16. Decide ultrawide or 4k that these two requirements do not go together. What is the desired screen size? 34? 38?
  17. Java has sound handling commands, it's hard to believe you'll find someone who actually used them.
  18. This is not a budget for good, quality systems. If the main goal is music soundbar will not be a good choice. It is better in these budgets to look for a pair of amplified computer speakers, once they would recommend microlab solo but I think it is not possible to find them today. I would test the models of the edifier.
  19. Where did you connect the external speaker? To the screen or directly to the computer?
  20. There are 34 screens with a low resolution of 2560x1080 and also wide models in size 29, both of these options are not recommended to me unless perhaps the screen is for gaming only. For some reason the 34 models offered in the country are quite limited, there is the model in question of Gigabyte, they have another model M34WQ if you are willing to give up a concave screen in favor of IPS, beyond that there is also a model of xiaomi which I think is less good.
  21. From my test it seems that your computer can not charge via usb c, it is able to connect to the screen through this port.
  22. Even if the model is exactly the same, the warranty conditions under which it is sold depend on the country of sale, depend on the sales channel (there may be a different warranty for private consumers and companies) and along with the product an extended warranty may be purchased.
  23. What are the other parts? What is the budget? It's not a good idea to build a system on a 15 year old power supply
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