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  1. There is a switch in the upper right corner of the keyboard that turns off the lights
  2. All the keyboards I know have a way to turn off and even control the lighting intensity. What is the model of the keyboard?
  3. Such enclosures will indeed suit you, but I would try to choose an enclosure with better airflow and add some fans. It might be better to go for the Q300L which does not have the front power supply which blocks the airflow.
  4. If it is not written in the user manual then it is not certain that it will be possible to find an explicit commitment for any numbers. Basically you can follow what is written in the standards but I would not 100% build on it in all cases. According to the standard: hdmi 1.4 allows 144Hz in 1080p and 75hz in 1440p displayport 1.2 allows 240Hz in 1080p and 165hz in 1440p Of course there are now motherboards that support hdmi 2.0 and displayport 1.4, it gets even more complicated if you try Consider additional parameters like 10 bit color and HDR. Many times it is also limited by the side of the screen and varies according to the type of connection so that this too should be checked.
  5. You do not read correctly what is written there, it only indicates what the refresh rate is at the maximum resolution that the essay supports. With lower resolutions you can achieve higher refresh rates, from experience modern built-in video cards support without a problem high refresh rates. The fact that it says that in a 4K HDMI connection you are limited to 30 Hz does not mean that it is not possible to reach 100 Hz in FHD resolution for example.
  6. A full-size ATX motherboard is not suitable for mini chassis, for a really small chassis you will need to replace a significant portion of your system, however the chassis you have is really huge, you should have no problem switching to a more standard chassis without any damage to cooling or special parts required.
  7. I am not familiar with a device that both receives BT and transmits BT simultaneously. You can always buy several devices and connect them to get the result you want but I really would not be surprised if there are problems of frequency and bandwidth conflicts between the different devices. BT is not intended to be a protocol for a multi-device network at high transmission rates, you seek to use it in a way that is not designed or suited to it. What you want is really not that complicated but for some reason you are stuck on the thought that the solution must be entirely Bluetooth based.
  8. What are the reduced ergonomic capabilities? The only thing I see is that the second model does not rotate 90 degrees to a vertical position
  9. It is perhaps worth noting that in the meantime Gigabyte has managed to release another model M32U with almost identical data only in a different design and a price tag of about a thousand shekels less (if and when it arrives in the country).
  10. Let's start with the questions, what is the source from which you hear the music? Do you want to control all the speakers from a central location? Bluetooth is usually not a good solution to what you are asking for, it is too limited in both distance and quality. Once the transmission needs to go more than two feet and through walls then it just does not work. If all you need are separate speakers and whoever is sitting next to them connects to them with his phone and hears then separate Bluetooth speakers is a simple cheap solution. If you want central control without too many wires and clutter in the installation then there are wifi based speakers that give a good solution. Sonos is the leading company in this field but it is not a cheap solution. Expensive receivers give an option to control different areas and connect to wifi speakers (usually only from the same company) but it is a more complicated installation with wires from the receiver to each speaker and usually the control is not the most friendly in the world. Of course there are smart home solutions that installers will be happy to offer you for a few tens of thousands of shekels, I guess that is not where you are aiming.
  11. The components that should be improved are a higher quality power supply and a more ventilated case
  12. Where were they bought from? Which company's card? Chances are you will have to exercise the warranty in front of the store in the sand which means no small headache, shipping costs in both directions and maybe it will not be possible to carry out at all. By and large you will assume there is no warranty and the pricing should be accordingly.
  13. There is no such thing as an S21 Ultra without 5G
  14. The names that WD give to their SSD is a deliberate deception. There is no connection between the SN750 SE and the original SN750, it is a model with a different controller and without DRAM. Although the original model does not support PCIE4 it has better performance and is sold at the same price.
  15. It is not very significant the fact that the two memories are the same, if you add an 8GB card then you will still get a state of improved performance that when the computer turns to the first 8GB and a bit lower performance when it turns to the last 4GB. And there are no 6GB cards, this is not an option that exists in the market.
  16. In any case, you should start manually, so you can learn where the real problems are that you need to solve without spending too much time on technology that is not sure will really serve you.
  17. I do not refer to the case, sell it separately anyway C11600KT Intel Core i5 11600K / 1200 Tray ₪ 1015 1 1015 ₪ Cooling for ACFRE00087A Arctic Cooling Freezer 34 for Intel Bulk ₪ 124 1 124 ₪ Motherboards GZ590D Gigabyte Z590 D ₪ 603 1 603 ₪ Memories BL.9BWWR.203 DDR 4 8G / 3200 Acer Predator Talos ₪ 156 2 311 ₪ Total ₪ 2053
  18. Another approach is to see how much it costs today to buy a system with the same performance and try to deduce from there the price of used without warranty. 2000 is the price of a system with 11600K \ 5600X new, why would anyone buy from you at this price?
  19. Yes exactly. It may be best to put the second adapter out of dimension in front of the door or close to the wall. In any case, the deco does not know how to use the mains for transmitting information (unless you buy separate mains adapters for electricity and connect them with a mains cable to the deco).
  20. The second option - they talk to each other via WIFI (in some models you can connect them with a network cable)
  21. I built you a similar specification in tms and with improved parts, 32gb and wifi still comes out a very close price Processors C11700T Intel Core i7 11700/1200 Tray ₪ 1396 1 X 1396 ₪ Cooling for processors BK004 be quiet! CPU Cooling Shadow Rock 3 ₪ 201 1 X 201 ₪ Motherboards GB560MAORUSPROAX Gigabyte B560M AORUS PRO AX ₪ 659 1 X 659 ₪ Memories CMG32GX4M2E3200C16 Corsair DDR 4 32G (16Gx2) 3200 CMG32GX4M2E3200C16 ₪ 682 P1 Silent 682 X82 ₪ 82 298 X 1 ₪ Suppliers for stationary computers 298-0-761345-11677 ANTEC PSU 0W Neo ECO GOLD ZEN NE500G ₪ 500 246 X 1 ₪ Disks SSD BL.246BWWA.9 ACER SSD 120TB FA1.0 M.100 NVMe ₪ 2 450 X 1 ₪ Hard disks ST450DM2000 Seagate HDD 008TB 2.0MB SATA256 Barracuda ₪ 3 233 X 1 ₪ Total ₪ 233
  22. The problem is that it is a processor without a built-in video card.
  23. And how is the dac connected? Is there also a headphone amplifier or is it built into the dac? Maybe just write what equipment it is in the place we will have to guess ... it will not hurt the headphones but in any case there is no point in putting it on the cable of the headphones.
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