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  1. This specification is not really up to date, in terms of cost benefit there is Better today than the 10400F but the real problem was an insane price increase in the video card segment, the same 1660 super today costs 1800 shekels plus and is really not worth it.


    One of the complex specifications that startpc has will be a better and more up-to-date base to start from

    What budget did you think of?


  2. ferrite bead connectors on power supply cables mainly, it lands high frequencies as capacitor. In my opinion there is nothing to connect such a cable , The frequencies he handles are much higher than audio frequencies and if you can find one that lowers audio frequencies then it will of course hurt the overall sound quality and not know how to land only what is bothering you.


    If so then connect such to the power cord or Of the dac 

  3. You get confused and look for the wrong thing.

    switch is the circuit breaker itself, it is an electromechanical part unrelated to the language written on the key attached to it.

    What you need is the keys themselves ie keycaps with Hebrew captions, they of course should be compatible with cherry mx (almost all are built to this standard).

  4. Quote of saarsr3

    If I prefer an Intel processor rather than a AMD Is it possible to assemble a specification with their processor?

    There is such a specification in my previous comment It is no problem to add an external video card when you see fit in the future. You can lower the price if you are willing to lower the CPU and the amount of memory.

  5. If you do not have enough ports on your computer then a splitter can not help you, it is not related to the model of the video card. The video card will always see the splitter as a single screen, it can not send two Different through the same connection*. In your case the only option is to buy a USB based video card.


    * It is possible through In some situations but quite rare to see someone use it

  6. Quote of Moon-Mage

    From what I remember the 10900 without K takes less than the 11K generation

    According to the tests these boards are quite on the border even with 6 cores processors and closed multiplication, 10700 takes over 200w and on 10900 with 10 cores there is nothing to speak of at all. 

    It is possible in the budget to build a reasonable specification with 11700


  7. On this board (B560M-DS3H) I really would not recommend in combination with the i9, even with the i7 or 11600K its VRM comes to thermal throttling and limits the CPU, it's a waste of money to invest in such an expensive processor in a system that can not take advantage of it. There's nothing to do, at least with , If choosing an expensive processor also need a board accordingly.


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  8. Quote of arigo

    Thanks Okay let's start with a video card - which card (all relative) is the most lucrative for me?

    At the moment in the new ones you have nothing to look for because, in the used ones it all depends on what you find. 1060 will be fine, there is someone here on the site who sells 970 cheap. Almost anything will be a significant upgrade from the built-in card you have today.

    Quote of arigo

    As for the 2nd hand processor I will try to find something maybe I6500?

    Will do the job, you might even find a 6700 or 7700. If you find someone who sells a processor + board + memory as a package this is also an option.

    Quote of arigo

    Have you increased RAM Does 16G have anything?

    I do not think it will be very significant, you would consider messing with it only after you have upgraded the other things.

  9. It is probably not possible to replace a tablet + processor + memories + video card with the budget you set.

    Start with a video card this is your main limitation, it is the most problematic part with the market situation today but you will find a used card in the 500 that will allow you to play reasonably.

    Regarding the processor, check if you can find a processor with 4 cores that will fit the board you have, which i5 7500 or 6600


  10. Quote of Moon-Mage

    You should have or have access to such a pool of testing in the entire range of machines you want to sell

    It is not wise to limit it to a very limited number of computers but want a system that will recommend all the variety sold in the market and there is no such exact comparison database.

  11. Quote of furyanaor

    From there derive a ‘pure’ result that I tend to believe will lead to a high and up-to-date level of accuracy

    You are very naive about the ability of AI and about the results it gives, it learns the same biases that are in the dataset and depends entirely on how the human factor fed it the parameters. The company behind the algorithm, its goal is to maximize its revenue, not necessarily to give the user the most "accurate" result if such a thing exists at all.

  12. Quote of Moon-Mage

    Why should he include what that person bought? The goal is that it's at the end of the day "knowledge" better than the average person isn't it?

    One can take an expert who will give scores to those purchases and rate how much they really fit or even produce a collection of artificial samples, but in the end that’s how ML learns. How exactly do you propose to use ML in this case? 

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