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  1. I do not think the TV is capable of getting a network via usb, the only thing it knows how to do is read files from there. What TV is this exactly?
  2. This is not possible, TVs' USB connections only support storage devices. Drivers that know how to work with a cellular modem are not installed on the TV.
  3. I was not convinced, I have a hard time seeing how a significant dataset was built here so that a valuable ML could be made about it. Yes there is a database of data, someone gave them weights quite manually and computes a proximity function according to the user's choices but such algorithms were used long before and regardless of AI. To your main question, I do not see a fundamental reason that AI will not be able to do this well but have a hard time seeing where they are coming from a dataset that he can learn from.
  4. It's not 2.1 it's just 3 speakers, the "one dot" it symbolizes a sub you don't have. In terms of connections what exactly do you need? What do you connect to it?
  5. I tried both sites and found nothing that suggests using any AI. In the test result the recommendations given to me by the Walmart system were below all criticism.
  6. et al

    About screen

    Depending on how much space you have at the table, what games you play and what video card you have. The minimum is 24 inches on larger screens 27 or even 32 are quite common and there are ultra wide screens 34+
  7. et al

    About screen

    Although a TN screen with a fast response time but only 60hz and without gsync / freesync I would not really call it a gaming screen and who even buys 22-inch screens today?
  8. Fsp is a well-known manufacturer that usually manufactures for other companies, on sama I have not heard. Does this justify the price difference I do not know. The models I can really recommend cost hundreds of shekels more and obviously do not pay for an old computer.
  9. By size sounds like a provider in the SFX standard, they are more expensive but available in the market
  10. Although the 3060 arrived at the end, in the meantime the prices are raging, the same 1660 super that cost a thousand shekels at the time today costs two thousand
  11. There is no "right and quick way" but at least from what you have written it implies that your main problem is to be consistent and to study alone needs a lot of self-discipline. The W3school materials are not really useful to me as a learning tool, but the Freecodecamp courses are good, you will start systematically doing them. Another option is if there is any project you have thought of just start doing again, try to learn while doing what is needed.
  12. As for NAD, they write Digital Amplifier (i.e. D) on some of the amplifiers, I guess the rest are AB. The amplifier category itself does not indicate the sound quality and within that category there can be significant differences. In any case almost all of these compact and inexpensive amplifiers will be Class D (which is simply an abbreviation for Digital and does not say much about how the amplifier really works).
  13. It is possible to connect with a cable from the headphone port or via BT. Perhaps a better option is to find another device that connects via USB. Yes, a standard speaker cable is hard to guess, I guess as long as you do not riot the volume will be fine. The written data of the device is not related to reality.
  14. The board will work with both processors, the graphics ports on the board will not work if the processor does not have a built-in graphics core.
  15. The screens have a given number of pixels per inch that represents the sharpness, on this page there is a table that compares common screens in different resolutions You can see that 34 "with 3440x1440 is the same as - 27 "with 2560x1440 for both 110 PPI and 32" with a resolution of 2560x1440 has a lower density of 93 PPI
  16. You can spend more from your budget, go up to 3060 TI and upgrade some processor
  17. This video is only relevant for processors that consume a lot of power and not a processor like the 10400f, anyway the exact same problems were with 460 boards just no one checked and made a video on it. If you think that in the future you would like to upgrade only a processor without replacing a board then you will need to buy a more expensive board with a suitable power supply system, a simple Z590 board or a more expensive model B560. It usually does not pay to spend a few hundred shekels more just for an upgrade capability that chances are you will never use it.
  18. אפשר למצוא גם מסכי 32 עם אותה רזולוציה באותו מחיר אבל אני לא בטוח שיש בזה יתרון כלשהו
  19. Desired size? Large can be 27 inches and can have 40+ budget?
  20. Both monitors have a connection in a standard called vesa 100, any rack that supports this standard should fit.
  21. You did not say anything about it. All computer monitors sold in stores are LED-based backlit LCD. What is more important is to choose the type of panel, do you want VA or IPS?
  22. All computer monitors sold in stores today are LCD monitors. What exactly is your intention?
  23. It should be taken into account that the performance of the video card in the mobile will not be close to the performance of the same card in the stationary.
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