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  1. You need to understand that there is a separation between install That it can be done without a license at all and between the activation which is the action that connects between And the license.


    In any case, if I understand the sequence of actions correctly:

    1. You open a Microsoft account

    2. You connect the digital license to the account you opened (I guess you do this on the computer where the digital license is installed but it is not really written how it is done)

    3. You install On the new computer (no license yet)

    4. are you The steps you copied above to connect the digital license to the new installation.



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  2. Beyond matching the video card to the specific software you specified there is really no difference between the video cards regarding the distance they will work. For the distance you mentioned you may need an expensive or even active cable to connect to a good quality screen, you will of course also need to worry about a solution on how to connect a keyboard mouse at such a distance.

  3. Quote from YoShow

    I'm aware that there's a shortage of Series 30 video cards. In my opinion Anvidia's 2060 will suffice for my needs in the meantime, but I'd love to hear if you think otherwise.

    You're probably not really aware of the situation. It is not that there is a shortage only of Series 30 tickets, even the older tickets are not available and all the stock is at unrealistic prices. Specifically 2060 I have not seen much time for sale, one of the first tickets that just disappeared.


    Start by finding out which card you can actually get and at what price

  4. I see no point in just translating these commands under , Directories like etc and home / user just do not exist. For this to make sense you will need to install certbot and compare what is different in installation there versus installation in Linux and fix the commands accordingly.


    Anyway in standard cmd of It is impossible to perform such complex operations, you will have to use powershell or install sed (this is actually software and not a shell command) on .

  5. In terms of sound quality thing Most important before a receiver or amplifier of one kind or another is the speakers and especially the two front ones.

    Music is mostly recorded in stereo, that is, for two speakers, unless it is about watching live performances Or something like that. Much The 5.1 systems consist of small speakers that are unable to produce the full frequency range required for music. If on Such is the case so it is not ideal.



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  6. Of course there is a standard but chose not to use it.


    Just so you understand, power consumption data has a clear standard and the manufacturer has no choice but to use it. So I checked and saw for example that on Panasonic's system it says on the back that it consumes a maximum of 225w from the socket and the Consumes only half of that so where exactly do 1000w come from?


    If you check out stereos that do not look like a toy with disco lights you will see that there are usually more standard carrier numbers advertised there. Apparently whoever buys these models a little more understands what to look for and is less impressed by the inflated numbers.

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