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  1. If the cost of repair is important to you then buy a previous generation, iPhone 11 and not Max.
  2. For games the bandwidth (which is what you call speed) almost does not matter, the game is designed for much much less and you will not see an improvement in that there is more bandwidth than needed. What is much more important for games is the latency and stability of the network and in this connection the lines have a great advantage. There is faster wired equipment, 2.5 GB network connections are already quite common in expensive boards and there are also 5 and 10 GB connections on the market, of course you also need a suitable router and this equipment is still very expensive. As stated as long as the ISP does not give such speeds then it is not really relevant because it only affects the speed within the home network.
  3. Clearly written "renewed" they do not hide that it is used, no one keeps computers in the warehouse and takes them out after 7 years. The main advantage of buying from such companies is that they give you a warranty.
  4. First of all I will clarify something, the sound projector is supposed to play the audio that comes from the HDMI that is connected to the streamer and not through the TV ARC (we started with the TV not supporting ARC right?) . If this is not enough then what is the problem with disconnecting the BT link between the streamer and the sound projector? Go to the BT settings of the streamer and cancel the pairing between them.
  5. Any board at these prices I expect to be more than okay, you only need a board for Intel's 1200 chassis and not AMD's AM4. It will do the job: Gigabyte Z490M GAMING X Apart from the video card the price of a large part of the things on your list seems high, paying 550 shekels for a 2TB hard disk really does not make sense .
  6. The fact that the CPU and motherboard are not compatible with each other at all can hurt the gaming experiences.
  7. Make sure everything is connected correctly, the TV to the output and the streamer are connected to the input The TV is of course tuned to the appropriate hdmi input. According to the user manual it should work, if not then something is wrong. It could very well be a coaxial output, you can buy an optical converter but it is better to make an effort and make the hdmi work.
  8. In general, it is not recommended to buy a 27 screen with FHD resolution and that is all you will find for less than NIS 1000 (from experience I am sitting in front of one like this at the moment). Cheap IPS QHD screens like the Lenovo L27Q-30 are starting a little over budget
  9. They should continue to provide service under the original warranty if it is still valid as long as you present the invoice (of the original purchaser). As for the rest, warranty against breakage and the possibility of extending warranty for one-year + products are things that do not really exist in the Israeli market in any company.
  10. et al

    Nvme SSD assembly

    If you look closely you will see that these are pieces of iron that break them when disassembling, if you want to plug it you need another cover that attaches with screws. Once upon a time all these lids were with screws but in cheap cases try to save every penny and that is the result.
  11. I do not understand what this sentence means and what is the connection between hdmi connection and wifi reception in general. According to the scheme of the connections you published, the TV has an spdif port.
  12. If you use a streamer then it is best to connect an hdmi cable from the streamer to the soundbar and another hdmi cable from the soundbar to the TV (it does not matter that there is no arc). The next option in line is an optical cable.
  13. If you believe that any device can save you electricity bill then how do you say, I have a bridge to sell you. If you are curious to know what is in this box
  14. We are at a strange point in time that there are simply no cheap video cards (a thousand shekels and down) that are worth buying. I assembled a specification with the strongest built-in card available and in the future when required and the availability of video cards will return to normal mode then add a suitable card. ₪ 1122 ₪ 1122 AMD 4650G-PRIME-B450M-A AMD board and processor You will find similar products on the AMD RYZEN5 4650G (Gen3) shelf with Wraith Cooler and ASUS PRIME-B450M-A-II Three years warranty - Official importer ₪ 327 ₪ 327 XPG AX4U300038G16A-SB10x2 DDR4 - For stationary you can find similar products on the shelf 16GB (2x8GB) 3000Mhz DDR4 CL16 DIMM - 1.35V - Black - XPG GAMMIX D10 Lifetime warranty 373 ₪ 373 XPG ASX8200PNP-512GT-C SSD - M2 NVMe You will find similar products on the shelf 512GB SSD PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 - 3500 / 3000MB / s - XPG SX8200 Pro Series - With SLC Caching, DRAM Cache Buffer, and LDPC ECC technologies , E2E Data Protection - NVMe 1.3-Support Five years warranty ₪ 135 ₪ 135 Cougar MG120 mATX case You will find similar products on the shelf Window - mATX - 1x 120 fan - NPS three years warranty ₪ 310 ₪ 310 Antec NE500G ATX You will find similar products on the shelf 500W Neo Eco GOLD Zen - 80Plus Gold, 120mm Five years warranty ₪ 1 ₪ 1 Plonter SERVICEFORUM Assembling parts You will find similar products on the computer train cost shelfIt is at our expense for an entire computer when the cost of the computer is over 1500 NIS. If it is not a complete computer, there may be an additional charge for the assembly, depending on our decision. Delivery by courier to any place in the country. Free shipping on ordering a complete computer consists of a transaction cost of over 3500 NIS. Cash. NIS 2223 Credit
  15. For nas it is possible to settle for a processor and much cheaper components. Is it going to be a server for vm or nas? In any case you must have some video card, without it the computer will refuse to work.
  16. et al

    Del - Screen problem

    There is a difference P2421 is in the ratio 16:10 and gives more work space
  17. A second ago you talked about upgrading to Z390 / Z270 boards. How did you intend to connect DDR3? Getting a DDR170 compatible Z3 tablet today may prove to be no easy task at all.
  18. If you have a 6th generation processor that can be speeded up (6600K or 6700K) then you need a Z270 or Z170 board, newer boards will not fit. If you want to be sure then the manufacturer's website of each board has a list of compatible processors, the board will not work with processors that are not listed. Since H310 boards have never supported 6th generation processors then you are probably wrong about the board you have today. In my opinion replacing a board just for a few percentage improvement you will get from overclocking is probably not worth it.
  19. Confused your brain, you have in the back panel connections to 3 screens, use them.
  20. Refers to how the mesh units communicate with each other. If the units communicate with each other on the same wireless network along with all the other devices then the result is a busier and slower network. You realize that mesh is not a miracle solution, it helps with absorption problems in remote places but devices that had good absorption beforehand do not necessarily benefit from it.
  21. Sorry there are no other options, this or an adapter like or a new computer
  22. The USB-C port in this model is unable to output a video signal to the screen and is only used for standard USB communication (limited to USB 2.0 according to the user manual). The only option you have to connect more than one monitor is to buy a usb 3.0 adapter for the monitor, it is not ideal but it works.
  23. AC it's wifi 5 not that I think it matters much. There is the aorus elite ax with wifi 6 and it is even cheaper. All B550-based models have exactly the same support for pcie4.0, even those that cost half.
  24. Notes to the original specifications - expensive cooling but with the same performance as models at half price, it is better to take the D15 or one of Be Quite's Dark Rock or of course water cooling. When it comes to cooling, the H510 case may be nicely designed but not really recommended in terms of ventilation and heat.
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