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  1. This motherboard does not have an HDMI connection but only DVI and VGA, plus 40 shekels I would switch to PRIME B450M-A II for the more expensive SSD but there will be no noticeable difference it is a good place to save where this network card is really slow, given the options Disabilities there may be worth buying at KSP or even a USB adapter would be better
  2. Both of these connections are already out of date and have actually been replaced by HDMI, they do not support the new surround sound methods due to bandwidth limitation and those interested in the same net quality already prefer to connect directly with USB.
  3. Just a question, if you already have an audio system why did you choose to add a separate soundbar and not just add a front center speaker system to the system?
  4. If the splitter is passive then it weakens the light intensity received in its outputs and it certainly makes sense that the sensor in the JBL is unable to handle it. There are active splitters with an electrical connection that actually receive the signal and retransmit it to each port separately, they are more expensive of course. For example (just the first one I found):
  5. Obviously, you connect the sound projector in the optical connection and connect the system in HDMI and transmit the sound through the ARC channel
  6. Rear USB connections are located on the back panel of the motherboard, as is the HDMI connection as long as no separate video card is installed. For WIFI adapters the only thing I can recommend is to look for a model with a reasonable antenna and not a miniature USB dongle. Do you see more of the specifications? What changes have you decided to make?
  7. I tend to think that the culprit in the Chinese splitter, try what I said at the beginning connect the system via HDMI and use ARC
  8. Does the sound projector work alone without the splitter? Have you checked the two ports of the splitter? Basically using a splitter should work. Is it possible to know what the models of all the parts (including the splitter) are?
  9. The development of classic shell has been stopped and the latest software that replaced it is open shell
  10. Why are you not transmitting the voice via HDMI?
  11. From the evaluation, but I got to perform measurements on servers and always the response time from Europe came out faster. All communication lines from Israel pass through Europe, it is impossible to beat physics.
  12. et al

    Help in sql

    The image of the query is incomplete and has unclosed parentheses, it is better instead of an image to copy the query itself here within code tags <> I mean there are duplicates of ID in this table? You did not answer me what sec_id indicates? Logic says that if the id is different then it will summarize all the courses that the student did not take I suggest you start by trying to build a select query with group by that will refund you the correct amounts, after it works only then turn it into an update query
  13. et al


    It is true that the screen does not have an official stamp of support from its mobile, but in practice there is no problem running the gsync in the driver and it will work
  14. et al

    Help in sql

    - Are you sure that the main ID of the takes table is the same as the student's ID? Maybe the student's ID is the sec_id? - Why should the course ID be different? ta.course_id <> co.course_id - I would throw the condition that equates dept_name, when it is better to refer to id only
  15. You can also use a third with a suitable connector, should not be a problem with this
  16. Yes it is better, surfers from Israel will have a lower ping if the server is in Europe.
  17. So it should work, in terms of sound quality in such speakers do not expect much.
  18. et al

    Help buying a drive

    A 1TB SSD has no drawbacks other than the price
  19. What does it mean to connect to a controller board? To connect a speaker you need DAC and amplification
  20. There are no 27 screens at 16:10, there are only 24/25 screens at such a ratio. What is the existing screen?
  21. It will work with NVMe at a little less than half the speed, from experience do not expect to feel any difference compared to SSATA SSD
  22. html alone is not able to do that, you need to use javascript
  23. Xiaomi's streamers also support Netflix at maximum resolution, although the hardware is much weaker than the shield but the price accordingly.
  24. You chose a case that is not so recommended in terms of heat flow, air and noise, it is mainly intended for cooling water. Beyond that with such a big investment in fans and RGB I would have already gone for a better quality case that includes these things instead of buying them separately.
  25. Video card, prices for a basic card for games start from the NIS 800 range, although you can look for used ones at half that. I would also add another 8GB of memory, a cost of about 150 shekels. If you buy the whole package right now you can save a bit on the processor because no processor with a built-in video card is required. It's a good SSD and the price looks good but it will of course lead to a budget overrun in the second specification The built-in video card is better than the first but will be very borderline for games like COD Warzone, I guess you will still want to add a better video card in the future. Which is because in the second specification the processor itself is weaker with fewer cores and weaker cores. You can install it yourself and buy a cheap license code from one of the online stores, there is a debate about the legality of the matter but in practice it works.
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