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  1. Which will reduce this IRNV

    Every second player who kills me is with IRNV

    As if there was nothing else.

    And whoever says that it's not OP then stop confusing his mind because deep down he actually says to himself "And how will I play now without IRNV?"

    IRNV is not at all usable in daylight and can hardly be directed at.

  2. ^^

    What message does he give you?

    I had only one problem I mentioned and it will work out, beyond that everything works fine

    And about the performance everyone complains.

    I play on Medium-High and the lowest FPS I got in FIRESTORM and CASPIAN with 64 players and was 43FPS

    So it's not that bad, because usually on average I have 55 but there are places that jumps to 70 + and also reaches 110.

  3. How exactly did you update the PB ?? There is a post in BATTLELOG explaining how to update the PB in a slightly different way than I used to update.

    This is the way you update with specific PBSETUP DLLs intended for BF3 ...

    And for the disconnects, do not be discouraged, it happened to me a lot yesterday, too, because of the rush they have with the activation ...

    Believe the game is worth it ...

    As for the disconnects, I got it turned off I do not know what helped but I did a RESTRATE to the modem + For running the game I used Internet Explorer

    And the problem disappeared, and I enjoyed several hours in a row.

    For the PB you need one that has the option to do AddGame and BF3 appears there.

    Download the file (attached to the message) Open, AddGame will select BF3, then click Check For Updates

    And the software will automatically update itself to the newest version and that's it.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  4. This game and the rules of EA and DICE made me just hate them in one moment

    I can not play more than 5-10 minutes in Multi

    Each time the game crashes and brings me a message you were disconnected from the login server.

    No matter what I did update / corrected / updated PB


    Do not buy more spam from EA

    And from what I had to "play" the game did not have the FUN that was at BC2

    Very boring, too : puke:

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