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  1. Yes, you're right, a matter of need. I just do not know if its price is worth it.

    Again, if you rely only on the quality of a photo, in 3000, you can find things that are nicer. After all, there are not too many changes in PICs compared to S9600. Only the quality of a picture has increased, and the focal length of the lens (

  2. Camera from its inception should be , The one that has everything in it is excellent. But again, that's all, but at the height of mediocrity and less. 3000 Shekel in Israel? I do not think it's really worth it. If anyone really wants to buy (Regardless of videos and all these) he will buy , Which is Designated.

    It is now possible to buy a new 400D and a lens that approaches this range (but more qualitatively) at the same price. You may lose a spinning screen, video clips, but you'll get a better image cleaner at higher ISO and adapt to different lenses that will give much higher quality. If you are looking for a camera that will work only as a camera and give the best photography quality at this price, the DSLR will be better here. After all, 3000 weighed. The 700 noise is excellent for a camera that is not a DSLR, plus the stabilizer (which I understand, it has) should not get too much use of 1600 ISO. But right now, at 1600 weighed, as something that will only be used as a camera there are better solutions.

  3. Especially with specifications? Bullshit, bullshit and bullshit, depending on the style you play. After a week with classical, I immediately switched to the tram, and how my skills in the classical? Exactly the same, just sit for a quarter of an hour on classical and immediately get used to it. Soft strings on the tram? Really depends on the guitar, even on the tram for a start it will not be soft enough. promising.

  4. I prefer to buy from the beginning of the tram, it will be easier for you, except that there is a lot more technique on the tram then better than the beginning, I'm pretty sure that after a little while you'll ask classical or acoustic, except that it does not matter what, To start a tram. Haifa has the recorder and musical instruments, the main stores. Each has different guitars, depending on what you're looking for.

  5. The fruit: white and black Bristol, photographed in front of a window, sometimes I used a reflector to soften the silhouettes. The measurement of light was always done with a gray card placed on top of the fruit. Sometimes I used an external light meter. To get such a clear white background, I just used filters during development, more simple contrasts. In order to get the black properly, while developing, I had to hide the fruits and give more exposure to the rest of the background.

    The portraits I did in the studio, the measurement also, with a gray card from the illuminated part of the interior. This is not too complicated. In digital, it's much simpler. But in the pictures there is no editing at all except for removing a few small objects that were on paper.

  6. Less the fault of scanning, more of the tower's fault.


    All in all a good job.

    I understood the second portraiture. A beautiful game with light.

    How did you photograph the first vegetable. The white background in Photoshop?

    garlic , The tower usually filters, which while enlarging the image on paper, it also raises the contrast, in the white background I used the 4.5 filter from 5. That's why the picture is so contrastist. There is no editing in this picture except the frame and a small scratch. I do not know how it's digital, but to get the right exposure to white they just use a gray card. [Br]Published at: 29.11.2007 at 20: 19: 14

    Very nice! I would be happy if you explained how you created each picture.

    I have only a small technical note - the pictures are not sharp enough, apparently the focus is wrong, but it may be the fault of the scan.

    Does that mean how I created it? Details about exposure? Or on development?

  7. It was only by Nick that I knew you were a man : Lol: : Lol:

    Just sounds like a clip of 50 cents. ::) . Girls 21 girls? SIMPLE ... SIMPLE, WHAT MORE CAN I SAY, WOW, UP TO 120 : smile1:: Lol:

    rubi, how does such a thing happen? Um .... Basically, you know, there has to be a man and a man for that. Or know to write good fake text. Or a lot of alcohol and girls with the mind of a sea cucumber (not found at sea).

  8. I do not understand what it is about adapting yourself to society, and the "usual" part of it, it just rips : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: You will go through it, there is no such thing as acceptable, you will find the company that you will go around with them and you will see that everyone there is equal to everyone else and there is no acceptable or unacceptable. The only reason you do not get something out is that you are not sure of yourself and keep thinking about how to change, be close to yourself, and feel good about yourself. Otherwise, you will remain an idiot in an attempt to chase the most successful pose.

  9. Listen, that's why you buy the two of them. All in all, it will take you a few months to learn fine, during this time you will also be able to sit on classical friends, etc. so you do not have to classical as long as you know that friends have.

  10. Start classic? No, it is not obligatory, I started with acoustics for two weeks, pain in my fingers and that, but after I got the tram I got a lot more, of course after that I also started to love the sound of the acoustic, etc. I did not abandon it, , You can just start straight from a streetcar, except that the streetcar has more techniques that classical and acoustic do not have to learn.

    Now, for recommended guitars, beginners are better to take a cheap guitar, the reason is that you should not happen is that you just are not closed on the sound you want, even the amplifier sets in 60 the percentage of the sound of your guitar, so it is also a very important choice and you need to know exactly what sound of Talks fit your guitar, and at first your ear is not skillful enough and you will not know what sound you need and which sound '' annoys you ''. If you can raise your budget you can buy better guitars, the Cort x012, for example, an excellent guitar, and in the middle of its prices there are no guitars that are equal to it, in general, In the cort, the price / reward ratio is really high and everyone who tries them knows what I'm talking about.

    What's more, you do not really want to build on Statocaster and its copies to the beginning, how versatile it is, because it has singles, it will take you a long time to get to the tone properly and it's quite a headache for someone who has never experienced the tram.

  11. Do not forget Iron Maiden, Eagles, try Matilda, Smashing Pumpkins, De Killers You might also like, Raymons

    As you notice, much of what you give is not necessarily rock, most of these styles come out of rock (metal and punk) so I think it is permissible to bring any style based on rock.

  12. Terrifying shirts, I would not have resisted for the first time just for laughter.

    I still did not understand why 360 weighed? Divide something free? Free drinking?

    But look, they know who it's for, for rich economies, obviously they'll take 360 a shekel. I never paid for a more impression than 120 weighed, and I'm not going to do that, especially when I can go to 6 performances at that price. Too bad, at least give free tomatoes and empty beer bottles before the show starts, so it'll be a little fun.

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