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  1. Thanks again, the truth is that I did not get to see anything about 11700 at all. I have now seen that a certain manufacturer that runs out of horse launches cashback, if I choose between tuf gaming plus wifi and 12600 kf it seems that I will get 265 NIS refund which will make it 2435 NIS. Still more expensive than gigabyte options. decisions ...
  2. The power was upgraded a few years ago along with the chassis and the 1070. In generation 12, which processor + board would you recommend as the 11400 f was recommended at the time?
  3. Hello to the forum! It's time to replace my old computer core (signed), and I'm torn between two options - the new generation versus the previous generation. If this is not the right suburbs I apologize and will pass on recommendations. Most of the use is for gaming (transfers the 1070 and commands to the pg279q screen). On the one hand I prefer to pay as little as possible, so the possibility of the previous generation and giving up ddr5 in advance, on the other hand do not want to invest in a computer once in 12 years and go for something that will be "outdated" and close too significant technological doors .. Gen 12: Startpc: CPU : 1150 ₪ - * New * - intel Ten Core i5 12600KF 2.8Ghz-4.9Ghz Alder Lake S1200 BOX Tms: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z690 GAMING X DDR4 1004 ₪ or Gen 11: CPU: 649 ₪ - * Black Friday * - intel Six Core i5 11400F 2.6Ghz-4.4Ghz Rocket Lake S1200 Tray is debating between the following motherboards: Tms: Gigabyte B560 AORUS PRO AX 785 ₪ Startpc: 666 ₪ - ASUS TUF B560-PLUS GAMING WI-FI I bought XPG 512G S11 PRO PCIE GEN3X4 M. 2 2280 HEATSINK RED As main ssd, and I would love to recommend memories that will suit both cases, I saw these on Amazon: Corsair vengeance lpx 16gb (8x2) 3600 cl 18 65 $ G.skill ripjaws v 16gb (8x2) 3200 cl 16 60 $ Thank you very much in advance !
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