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  1. On what infrastructure do you use copper or optical fiber? If you use copper infrastructure do you need a modem or will you turn the BE into a modem only? If you use optical fiber you need an optical fiber converter to bridge the router
  2. Hi everyone I'm looking for a way to connect the desktop computer to the TV without an HDMI cable.
  3. Basically your router supports up to giga and it depends on who you join in the partner you need to ask for an fiber optic converter etc. {Cellcom has problems with them at the moment but need to check} and Analmeide does not know about Hot Bezeq And purchase an SFP (Gibnik) flash costs 90 NIS and they need to actab in front of their system
  4. And me what are your uses what is the size of the apartment I have a very satisfied Asus there is also the cheap link as I wrote you a conference on Facebook there is an excellent company can help you
  5. There is the expensive Asus router if you do not have a budget support issue with WiFi 6 Asus DSL-AX82U 802.11ax Dual Band WiFi 6 or tplink TP-Link AC2100 VDSL / ADSL Archer VR600 V3 if you buy tplink make sure it comes updated The latest is V3
  6. In wifi you may feel a difference in the speed that what you have seems to me to pass these if you plan when it is to connect to an optical fiber which will indeed be good for you if the above router
  7. Thanks for the response I will replace the SSD regarding this CD for the child's parents they need to transfer things to the computer our part is still in the Stone Age
  8. For managers if it is possible to delete I made a mistake in the forum
  9. Posted 2 minutes ago (edited) Hello everyone please Hello everyone Looking for your opinion on the specifications I understood if they are balanced what to change the budget can not be changed The budget is 6600 NIS Which will include studies Office movies games First specification Intel: Second specification of AMD: Give your opinion for fun
  10. Hello everyone please Hello everyone Looking for your opinion about the specifications I understood if they are balanced what to change the budget can not be changed The budget is 6600 NIS Intel: AMD Second Specification: Have your opinion for fun
  11. Regarding the router installation and during installation you will ask for a fiber optic converter from which you can connect the router you want to buy
  12. By the way if Cellcom came to your building then you have both the website of an animated company and Hot as far as I know it also uses the same infrastructure. As far as Cellcom is concerned I have no problem and it all also depends on the equipment you have
  13. Come on in. There's something here that has done what you're looking for
  14. Without an adapter you will not be able to connect private equipment you will need their modem to connect your equipment and as for it it gives it for free so yes it is free and they also need to register the adapter in their network for it to work
  15. Can you list the model of the adapter or where did you buy it ???
  16. I think in order for you to request a fiber optic converter from Cellcom and bring a private router that will give you more range and more options and also not pay rent
  17. If you have the option, go for Partner Cellcom and UnlimitedTe are the same in the Partner infrastructure, working in a different technology. There are many who will say good names. There is no partner around me. {You can always change provider} Recommends you if you use if the router you buy ask for a fiber optic adapter will save you a monthly fee on their router modem Highlight this before you invite a planner to your home There is a group on Facebook {ILFiber fiber optic} to consult you there and maybe also You will receive support there from people who have a partner or Cellcom
  18. Ask them to bring you a fiber optic cell that you can connect the router you have if it supports up to 1000 and they leave you their router and from what I understand they do not charge you for it I am if Cellcom Tiwi plus their internet search Facebook forum -ILFiber fiber optics - high speed internet revolution They will be able to help you with all the questions about connecting and what is needed {if you have already coordinated a planner ask that an coordinator come to you and insist}
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