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  1. 32GB of RAM today is definitely enough for a photographer's uses. As for the video card ... in light of the dismal situation in the world I would consider a used hand card 2 - 1070, 1080 or 1080TI.
  2. What happens when you play single games ...?
  3. Hello, I understand that you are studying the field of motion-graphics, especially since your list has the C4D + AE software ... Like you, I am also from the field and I have a lot of experience on Mac / Pc I will try to help you with the decision, as a person who works on these two platforms. First of all, you should know that Apple is abandoning Intel X86 processors in favor of processors based on ARM architecture (Apple's self-development), so you need to take into account that iMac does not want to buy a long lifespan. Apple is known as a company that does not make an effort for backward compatibility, it is better that you consider purchasing the next generation when it comes out with the new M1 processors or MX not currently known, yet it is also not a perfect solution because the new founders also have compatibility issues and "birth cords" of the new processor. One last thing in the context of Macs, the popular 3DS MAX software. In short friend ... a PC workstation will give you greater value for money! Especially in the field that is mostly controlled by PC. For operating systems it is a matter of habit, for example I am less connected to the UI of MAC OS I think it is easier to get acquainted with WIN. Attaches you a video of an experienced YouTuber on Mac / PC that closes the corner very nicely This one ... good luck.
  4. There is no dilemma, very simple ratio / cost-benefit is not worth another 300 NIS +/- if you do not have a budget problem you have 3080 or you are waiting for a version of 20 GB of memory.
  5. It's not that black or white, Apple's new processors have a lot of drawbacks ... Some of them: GPU performance is particularly poor for professionals Lack of support for professional video editing plugins, not even a notice from the developers about native versions. H.264 quality video encoding below all review! (In all my years in the field, I have never seen such poor quality.) There is no more support for bootcamp, meaning with support for WIN native software as in Intel-based founders. Although Apple wants to paint an optimistic picture ... M1 processors reach 92 degrees with effort! And yet the fans did not work enough (Apple's philosophy). I got to try out the Mac Mini M1, I was not impressed with such a particularly impressive performance not in front of the Raisins. For those who are interested in buying I would suggest waiting at least a year +
  6. Waste of money, differences between them are not worth the investment for a 3070 card ...
  7. How about you ... it's great for the cold days of winter. Moreover saving in the heater and also cooking! And all this in a single processor.
  8. First of all fill out a questionnaire and most importantly a dedicated budget for the computer. Second thing, what camera do you have? Do you use Leitrum Classic?
  9. Supplies of 500 ~ 600W will suffice for a 3060TI card, I'm sorry but your power is very limited! Even in my opinion will cause the system to crash.
  10. Full questionnaire plus budget for computer? In addition to that, you inserted a mechanical disk at 5400RPM into your specifications, why?
  11. 125W 14N processor is excellent on cold days of winter ... no need for heating while working.
  12. urib

    GTX 750 TI 4GB Reviews

    These tickets are not really intended for the gaming of 2020/21, it is better for you to get a 2nd hand card from a more advanced generation. Or buy a used PS4 console, you can get a PS4 today with a few games for less than 1000-800 NIS. Of course it is better to save for a new gaming computer, but ... I think a console is better than a computer with a 750TI card.
  13. 3060TI will give more value for money than 3070, the differences between them are really small in its uses ... 3060TI in three and after effects ...
  14. Make a wrap through the new Windows control panel ... attach a screenshot
  15. How Toxic you can be towards a game ... First of all, a computer like yours should give at least 60+ FPS at 1440P in ultra settings! No RT and no DLSS. Second thing, the game is an RPG not GTA, the game is heavy because it is an open world with the most crowded city that can ever be in the game. In the PC version I played and did not encounter bugs that broke my game, there are occasional glitches like in any complex open world game ... The most serious bug I had before version 1.04 of the game, I will not detail so as not to cause spoilers! I had a quest that went into another quest, I waited a bit for the end of the quest and it worked out on its own, beyond that the experience was great! For anyone who loves cyber RPG this game is a must! My recommendation is to play on a computer or next-generation consoles, do not let Toxic in the gaming industry ruin such an amazing and invested game for you. My claim to CDPR that they did not skip the older generation of consoles, but I believe that Sony and Microsoft are also not "innocent" in this matter. By the way I played on specs with 3700X and old 1080TI card, 1080P 60 FPS my custom settings that do not fall short of ultra.
  16. There is a leak of M1 results in the Cinebench R23 that supports the CPU ... as I guessed a leak to Apple.
  17. "Aras" can also be a successful businessman, so what's your point? Factually, Apple's global market is not tickling Intel, Intel will continue to earn exclusive to Apple as well. On top of that, Intel will not give up on the X86, I believe that in two or three years Intel will be back in full force with a groundbreaking processor ... in the style of the "Conero" core for those who remember? The Pentium architecture was on the verge of doom in 2006 and then out of nowhere ... Intel pulled out the CORE processors with an IPC of 20-50% performance.
  18. 16GB RAM only No HDMI 2.1 support No separate GPU support No performance comparison for X86_64 processors No graphics performance comparison for cards, AMD RDNA2, NVIDIA AMPERE Most Adobe software still does not run native on the new processor. It is no longer possible to run WINDOWS applications in native, bootcamp support has been removed. In short ... Apple's history from the era of PPC processors is repeating itself.
  19. Another advantage that RX6000 cards have, does not need more than 650W ... In fact, the 6800 card can also work with a 550W supplier.
  20. Must see to decide, do not forget that DLSS 1.0 was a failure. I'm less excited about RT, probably the consoles will also dictate the pace in the field. But ... there's a chance my next card will be RDNA 2.0
  21. Add to that ... a lack of resolution versus DLSS and probably RT performance is not something. Which is because the price is very tempting.
  22. Your supplier is just fine, you can rest easy.
  23. Try to arrange a warning letter from an attorney ... Check with family, acquaintances, friends if there is an attorney who can arrange a letter for you in 10 minutes before proceedings.
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