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  1. Check the board settings in the BIOS if you have the option to turn off the Efficient-cores in the CPU ... These processors are known to have DRM issues if they are legally purchased games.
  2. Just an amateur renderer in a blender without OptiX on an NVIDIA card, as I said before this YouTuber is trying to impress but the reality is different ... Another thing these YouTubers are trying to impress is the advantage that M1 processors have over battery, it's true but ... the battery heats up insanely! I got to try on a Pro bottle that my colleague has in the office, the performance really stays good on a battery until the battery heats up frantically ... I would not be surprised that one day someone's bottle will explode in the face. And what about the price? does not count.
  3. Exclusive | First Intel Alder Lake-P Core i7-12700H Cinebench scores leave both AMD Cezanne Zen 3 and Apple M1 Max in the dust if that's really true? So Intel played it big! Especially in front of the Apple M1 MAX.
  4. Another enthusiastic amateur ... lost me he said numpad is for gamers? and most importantly! Especially for video editors the old-fashioned HDMI ports of the MacBook do not support HDMI 2.1 as in the Legion ... The nonsense difference is not so significant: "The HDMI 2.1 standard is faster than HDMI 2.0, the current connection used by modern home entertainment devices. It nearly triples the bandwidth of HDMI 2.0, defining a maximum speed of 48Gbps, compared with 18GBps. For 4K TVs, that means an HDMI 2.1 connection can handle 4K video at up to 120 frames per second. "
  5. The price and frustration of backward compatibility and birthmarks of a new processor, are not worth the investment of professionals especially they are unfamiliar with Apple's closed platform. Of course ... the enthusiastic YouTubers will not show these points. The very fact that I still have to work on a "rosette" for old or unsupported plug-ins is not worth the effort. But ... he who lives and breathes dark is worth going through.
  6. This ad has ended

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    1080 card in excellent condition! Used mainly for graphics software with hardly any games and did not go overclocked and mining at all. DELL brand card. Comes without packaging and cables, flexible price! For the serious only, option to sell in the center.

    1,550 ₪

  7. Amazing that all these amateurs compare the MacBook Pro M1 to mobile gaming, I am 100% sure that its HP laptop has a driver for gaming and not the studio version. Another thing, a professional works in video editing on a desktop computer with a QUADRO card and a professional pedal keyboard for video. Beyond that, none of them talk about the day-to-day problems ... of M1 processors for some reason? Mostly a lot of Kodaks and plug-ins that are not supported at all. An operating system with memory leak that has not yet been completely resolved, software that crashes for no reason and warms up to 100 degrees in less than a minute. I liked the part that he had to travel with two laptops, it's good that he did not take a portable generator with him ... Most of these utobers receive a gift or borrow the bottle from Apple so that their objectivity is questionable. Here is a review of a man who works in editing as a profession, although a bit outdated but one can still learn from his review of the Mac Mini M1 a lot.
  8. Liquid cooler and the story is over, whoever buys the "K" versions will take care of liquid cooling ... do not understand why all this FUD.
  9. I'm not a friend of his and do not know him personally, but ... his opinion is especially acceptable to me that I have in the M1 office, although not the PRO / MAX. My feeling is that Apple is getting too much spotlight on stage or hype for that matter, there is no doubt that their new processor is fast in relation to its power. The question is what price the user should take into account, for example ... the lack of support for bootcamp, the elimination of all plug-in software in 32-bit, including old games. Birth control is acceptable to me but the memory leakage that M1 processors have is just insane, lots of reviewers and YouTubers are trying to create a different reality unfortunately and it is a pity that their credibility is compromised, maybe they are afraid of Apple will not admit what the reason? In short, what I'm trying to say to PC enthusiasts both in the professional world that is heavily invested in Windows-based workstations and also Linux, the new Mac is less interesting to them. It's amazing to think that all YouTubers boast comparisons of DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premier, but most of the movies and series are mostly made on workstations with the old and veteran Avid.
  10. Advanced production process 5 nano, GPU with power TFLOPS10.4 equivalent to PlayStation 5. Not enough for professionals in 2021 and what about RAY TRACING and support for Vulkan standards, OpenGL 'OpenCL, backward compatibility is over including bootcamp that allowed to run Windows Native on Mac, lots of plug- There are no particularly lost developers who do not have the financial capacity to adapt to the M1. I do not want to think what Intel can achieve in 5 nanos when in 10 nanos they reach impressive performance. The advantage I personally see in M1 processors for laptops that think they have battery life! Beyond that is crazy hype. Gordon Young from PCW sums up the phenomenon very nicely, especially for PC people. Gordon Young
  11. You only get a one-year warranty, after which you have to make an extension to three years, as part of the first year. Add another 1400 NIS to the Pro bottle for advance purchase
  12. I would love to give you a perspective from someone who works with a PC and also with M1 founders ... My field is Motion Graphics and Web Design. First thing there is a lot but a lot of hype around M1 processors offers you to check every review and every YouTuber who does a review if it is really objective? I've already caught some YouTubers presenting the M1 MAX as the best software processor: DaVinci Resolve, the problem is that they tested the PC on the free version that has no hardware-level video encoding support at all! Only for the studio version that costs money, so I suggest you check it out. In my experience it may not be on the M1 PRO / MAX, but in terms of IPC there are not many differences between them for single core performance. There are things where the processor is really particularly nimble that it's Apple's exclusive software like ... FCX, Logic and Apple's proprietary ProRES format. There were times I was surprised to find that the M1 processor with very light effort kisses 1 degrees heat! With the M100 effort exceeds 1W so its efficiency is in doubt The big advantage that M40 processors have is good performance on battery in MacBook Pro computers, personally I am not in favor of working especially professionally in Adobe software on battery! And it does not matter if you are talking on a Mac or PC, but there is no doubt that right now there is a clear advantage for Apple! PC mobiles lose at least 1% battery performance, question? How critical it is for you At the end of the day we do not work in the North Pole. Now for the things that really matter, backward compatibility! If this is important to you it will be difficult for you to switch to Mac ... Photoshop All the plug-ins that came out for Intel are not supported on M20 processors only through Rosetta, Rosetta is not magic! You'll have crashes and bugs with previous plugins. The same goes for After Effects and Premier! Let them not tell you stories. Three-dimensional as above ... 1D Blender The Render Cycles engine is not supported at the GPU level on M3 processors only CPU, the popular gaming engine and UNREAL 1 simulators are not fully supported especially the new technologies ... Lumen & Nanite, also RAY TRACING hardware support is not available on Mac! The Vulcan API, as well as OpenGL, have been replaced in favor of Metal, which requires more compatibility of future developers. In short ... I did not feel a breakthrough beyond battery saving so the advantage of M5 processors is less present on desktops. You need to consider if Apple's closed garden is right for you and of course Apple's operating system is less flexible than windows and lacks bugs ... The Mac is good for those who are used to the platform and work mainly on Apple's exclusive software like Final Cut and Logic, keep in mind To APPLE CARE because this is a SOC chip that the whole computer is in, it means that if you do not have a monthly / annual subscription a repair will cost you like a new Mac. Successfully...
  13. 32GB of RAM today is definitely enough for a photographer's uses. As for the video card ... in light of the dismal situation in the world I would consider a used hand card 2 - 1070, 1080 or 1080TI.
  14. What happens when you play single games ...?
  15. Hello, I understand that you are studying the field of motion-graphics, especially since your list has the C4D + AE software ... Like you, I am also from the field and I have a lot of experience on Mac / Pc I will try to help you with the decision, as a person who works on these two platforms. First of all, you should know that Apple is abandoning Intel X86 processors in favor of processors based on ARM architecture (Apple's self-development), so you need to take into account that iMac does not want to buy a long lifespan. Apple is known as a company that does not make an effort for backward compatibility, it is better that you consider purchasing the next generation when it comes out with the new M1 processors or MX not currently known, yet it is also not a perfect solution because the new founders also have compatibility issues and "birth cords" of the new processor. One last thing in the context of Macs, the popular 3DS MAX software. In short friend ... a PC workstation will give you greater value for money! Especially in the field that is mostly controlled by PC. For operating systems it is a matter of habit, for example I am less connected to the UI of MAC OS I think it is easier to get acquainted with WIN. Attaches you a video of an experienced YouTuber on Mac / PC that closes the corner very nicely This one ... good luck.
  16. There is no dilemma, very simple ratio / cost-benefit is not worth another 300 NIS +/- if you do not have a budget problem you have 3080 or you are waiting for a version of 20 GB of memory.
  17. It's not that black or white, Apple's new processors have a lot of drawbacks ... Some of them: GPU performance is particularly poor for professionals Lack of support for professional video editing plugins, not even a notice from the developers about native versions. H.264 quality video encoding below all review! (In all my years in the field, I have never seen such poor quality.) There is no more support for bootcamp, meaning with support for WIN native software as in Intel-based founders. Although Apple wants to paint an optimistic picture ... M1 processors reach 92 degrees with effort! And yet the fans did not work enough (Apple's philosophy). I got to try out the Mac Mini M1, I was not impressed with such a particularly impressive performance not in front of the Raisins. For those who are interested in buying I would suggest waiting at least a year +
  18. Waste of money, differences between them are not worth the investment for a 3070 card ...
  19. How about you ... it's great for the cold days of winter. Moreover saving in the heater and also cooking! And all this in a single processor.
  20. First of all fill out a questionnaire and most importantly a dedicated budget for the computer. Second thing, what camera do you have? Do you use Leitrum Classic?
  21. Supplies of 500 ~ 600W will suffice for a 3060TI card, I'm sorry but your power is very limited! Even in my opinion will cause the system to crash.
  22. Full questionnaire plus budget for computer? In addition to that, you inserted a mechanical disk at 5400RPM into your specifications, why?
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