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  1. Contact the technical support of the Ministry of Education website. Maybe their webmaster changed some setting recently that broke it.
  2. I guess the reference is to WARP VPN. I too have encountered all sorts of issues in the past on the Ministry of Education website when connecting via VPN (not necessarily that specific).
  3. The problem is probably between the modem / router and the computer. This could be a problem with the cable or MOCA or the computer's network card. Maybe also (less likely in my opinion, but it happens) - at the router's port port. What is the network card in your computer? Is there another computer that can be wired for testing purposes?
  4. it's not related. He's talking about copying over a network and you're talking over USB. Because the chances of you having two faulty DOKs in the same way are low, I conclude from this that your computer has been knocked out.
  5. Try another disk-on-key.
  6. Mostly WhatIsMyIP will show you.
  7. And are you sure this must be a complex software, ie EXE? A lot of things in WINDOWS can be done using a POWERSHELL script and even a BAT file using tools built into the operating system. That's why I asked what you want to do - that is, you want the software to do. You may have reasons to hide it, but in any case it is difficult to give good advice without knowing it.
  8. On my computer this address is promoted to: https://lgn.edu.gov.il/nidp/saml2/sso?id=EduCombinedAuthSms&sid=0&option=credential&sid=0 What happens when you try through the above link?
  9. VNC also requires opening ports unless you are talking about some additional solution that VNC is riding on. TeamViewer can also be set up with a fixed password that does not require customer intervention on the computer side that is being taken over.
  10. In my experience, RDP is faster than VNC which is faster than TEAM VIEWER. But TEAM VIEWER works better through the Internet without opening ports.
  11. In the current T460s do you have an nVidia GPU? There were not many of them. In terms of processing power it is even likely that a modern integrated GPU would be better than the discrete of 5 years ago. In terms of specific features maybe not. If you want a 14 "computer it eliminates the P series - they start from 15" and weigh 2 kg. There are T14 models weighing around 1.5-1.6 kg and they even have an option for an nVidia GPU (again, do not know how much it really is Important to you). In principle the "spiritual heir" of your computer is the T14s but in my opinion it takes the compromise regarding weight and minutes too far - it has only 16GB of soldered memory and can not be upgraded.
  12. What exactly do you want to do and why do you think you need a C + C program for it?
  13. Unfortunately I do not have an answer, but I myself before upgrading just like that (want to replace the W9970 with a VR600 I have already bought). For me, the reason is different - I sometimes feel that the aging W9970 does not cope with the customer load in WIFI and some of them lose the network at times. I do not have mains-on-power adapters so I will not be able to test you unfortunately. But saves the discussion of favorites for general insights on the products.
  14. All the parameters you specified as well as finish, build quality, durability, features in the BIOS, ergonomics, ease of maintenance. There are many parameters by which a professional series can differ from a basic series.
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