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  1. I do not really know Paragon. You do not have 3 small drives, but one large drive that you have divided into partitions, right? Acronis can overwrite all your partitions and build the drive structure as it was before the backup. He probably will not do it without asking you that it is really what you want. If, however, what you want is to restore a 100GB partition into a single 40 partition, then this is only possible if in the original backup the total space used was less than 40.
  2. The computer does not necessarily perform the same operations. Today's computers do full of things in the background, sometimes without you wanting or being aware.
  3. In Acronis when backing up partitions or drives - partition size is part of the backup parameter. When restoring - by default it overwrites all existing partitions, so it does not really matter what change you have made to them since the backup. If you back up and restore a specific partition, then he will probably expect there to be enough free space to place it where you want it. But - it has an advanced option to play manually with the size of the partitions, and I think it will also give you the option to restore to a smaller physical space, provided it is not less than the size of the space used inside the backup. For example - a 100-gigabyte partition that had 60 GB in use and 40 available - there is a situation that will allow you to create a disk of only 80 GB and restore there, but a 50 GB partition - probably not.
  4. Replacing a dual-core processor with a quad-core can breathe new life into the LGA775 system (as one that has such a system). But it will still be limited to 4GB of memory (you can no longer put in this board because it only has 2 slots and you will not find 2GB DDR4 sticks). Also, there is a certain gamble in buying such processors in China. There are quite a few fakes out there, though the Q9550 is probably not a processor that many would want to fake. SSD is probably the preferred upgrade, even though the ICH7 chipset does not support AHCI so the maximum performance will be lower than what the SSD is able to give (but still significantly better than a mechanical drive).
  5. Recently, in almost perfect coordination - I learned from the two ISPs I work with (as a private customer) - Hotnet and Triple-C - that packages with external IP, which are not fixed - are canceled (or will be canceled soon), and in fact the only options are either to have an internal IP (DOUBLE NAT) or with a fixed IP (extra charge, not high). Because it happened in both vendors - it seems to be a trend. However, because I am interested in external IP, but do not really need a fixed IP (there is a dynamic DNS service), I thought to ask - does anyone know of providers that still provide such an option (external but not fixed IP)?
  6. I will add that in my opinion, even when the prices are not equal, unless the gap is very high, one must take the pro. If only for the GROUP POLICY and the ability to control updates. In PRO you control the operating system. In HOME the operating system controls you.
  7. QttP

    Memory Card

    Maybe you did not actually copy, or you pulled out the card too quickly and it did not complete the copy operation, or you copied to the wrong place. All sorts of things can happen.
  8. Even if it magnifies the text in some cases, everything is still sharper. For most people with normal vision, "27 in QHD is a reasonable resolution.
  9. This is not exactly trivial and purposeless. Helping people is just part of the purpose of technical forums like this. The second part is to give the geeks a stage to chat with each other. There is still a difference of heaven and earth between the level of discussions here and FXP. do not worry.
  10. hook. If in each thread we wait for the comments of the discussion opener, the traffic in the forum will drop to a tenth of what it is today. The question is what do you mean by "complete dissolution". Many laptops in recent years (including a large portion of the Thinkpad) have switched to a unified bottom lid method, in which a few screws (between 5 and 10) are removed to remove the entire lid, and instant access to all components. While it's less convenient than pulling out a single screw for drive access, but slightly more internal components can be even more accessible than before. In my opinion the main problem with the MAC is the "closed gene". Of course, if you install Windows it is partially disabled, but then you also lose some of the benefits of hardware + firmware + software that play together like a Swiss watch.
  11. In the past, it was possible to claim it (with limited warranty, because except for a few years where it was right on the face - their design was elegant in many ways, just not mainstream). But in recent years - no more. They have become completely mainstream, and apart from the color black, nothing remains of the original design ...
  12. That should be fine. Once the power is down it puts in and out air for itself only and is neutralized from the rest of the flow in the chassis. Most fans on the front / side let in air and from the back / up let out air. What you have is quite in line with the standard. In terms of quantity, there are different schools - is it better to have an equal number of fans at the inlet / outlet, or is it better to have more cold air (like yours) or more air (because then there is negative pressure in the case, which causes cold air to suck in, on the other hand More dust ...). In principle, I would prefer a front fan instead of a side one, because that way it also cools the disks, which are usually there. On the other hand, if there are too many disks, they may jam the flow. In any case - check temperatures. If no problem, not sure I would mess with anything.
  13. Why do you think replacing batteries is an inapplicable solution? There are many electronics stores that take care of this and it is significantly cheaper than buying a new ruling.
  14. You have the full specifications of your model, what needs more than that? https://support.hp.com/il-he/document/c06584403
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