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  1. Accelerated battery discharge when the computer is off may depend on the settings of other components on the computer and not on the battery itself. For example - if a certain component remains in a state that requires a certain power to support WAKE and the like.
  2. I understand what you are saying. You are right that the bottom line is that the result can be the same. Still, I feel there is a difference between a situation where you argue with the customer about what the process is and what the conditions are for exercising responsibility, than when you tell the customer "you broke and you lied" and invent things that were not. And again, I have fallen for delusional, stupid, lazy, rude service representatives in many places, but most of the time in such cases it is a matter of a specific person - at the level of disconnect and call again or come another day or ask to speak to another representative / manager - and get more answer Regarding. The only place I felt that blaming the customer for malice is really a policy - is KSP. And what annoys me even more
  3. The claim is generally correct. But battery life is a random variable that maximum charge level is only one parameter that affects it, and probably not the most significant. On average such an approach probably extends battery life. There is no specific certainty that it will extend the life of your battery. In the past, I tended not to recommend it because it means that you always give up 20% of the battery life, so that it is dated. Especially today, when most computers have a much longer battery life than before, and it is rare to discharge a battery from 100% to 0% in one day - I tend to recommend.
  4. This is not true. You're just in a "everything in the country is shit" mode. This mentality of engraving "physical damage" on everything is something that is specific to KSP. In general, the approach of automatically seeing a customer as a liar / deceiver / offender is something that characterizes KSP. Not just their illegal contract that you sign every time it looks like this. Don’t just be told to check for physical damage before you leave the product with the store. I have not encountered this on this level in any other store, not a single one and not a chain. The attitude that tries to flaunt someone so as not to provide a service - does exist in other places, but it is not the same. It also depends a lot more on the particular service representative you come across than on the company.
  5. I will just note that parameters like PWM, color coverage and maximum brightness are something that characterizes a particular model of panel. In contrast, color deviation and brightness scattering uniformity can also vary from unit to unit of the same screen.
  6. When you buy parts and not a computer that you assemble - you get everything in a closed box. In any case all documents are available on the manufacturer's website. Which version? Run WINVER to find out. There's Realtek's RTL8111H. Not really familiar with its power settings, but will try to look for any sounds that may be related to the card's power saving in the device manager and cancel.
  7. These things are pretty standard, and for that every motherboard and every vendor comes with a guide that explains what each connection means ... what is the operating system version? What is the network card and what is its driver version? Chances are he is "going to sleep" for no apparent reason and then it takes him a few seconds to wake up.
  8. The theoretical maximum is usually the size of the sabant, i.e. at least ~ 250, and sometimes the routers also allow a larger sabant. How much it will actually work before it crashes - depends on many factors, including the load on the network. The fact that there are 50 clients connected and doing nothing, usually does not load like 20 clients who grind the network.
  9. Depends on what ... First, I probably do not buy stationary computers at a pace like most active members. I bought my current computer made up of CDLOG almost 3 years ago, because that way it was simpler. Since I replaced it with a SATA SSD for an NVME SSD, I added a burner and memories. All of these things are pretty simple. My previous desktop computer is almost 13 years old, and the desktop computer I built for my parents is about 11 years old. In both cases I bought all the parts separately, where it was specific what I wanted / and if there were price differences I usually went for the cheaper one. I was not interested in the matter of service and deliveries back. I assumed that if I fell on a faulty part of the warranty, I would physically bother myself to shop / find a way to deliver what was needed. This practice
  10. From a short test there is no such option in the above model. 1. If the problem occurs consistently on another computer (it is better to check in another environment - another room), then most likely it is in the set itself. 2. It is not really related to a specific computer. I will never be less reliable than wires and sensitive to various types of interference.I also have a wireless set of Logitech - different and older - that most of the time works just fine, but occasionally behaves as you described - delay / miss.
  11. I can not tell you what to do, but the unfortunate amount you had with the last computer is something ... that I'm not sure I've ever encountered in my life. This is true, which is why I try to order from Ivory what they have (usually when it has the same price as KSP), and order from KSP only things that exist only in them, and only if it is small things that do not tend to spoil (and if so - the loss is not large). While you invested in taking care of all the problems you had, which resulted from you letting others assemble and sending you a ready computer, you could easily learn to assemble an entire computer. You might consider investing the effort once and this is ...
  12. 1. Check if there is a possibility in the wireless receiver of the keyboard / mouse to replace the channel on which it is transmitting. There may be a lot of interference (this is usually the same frequency as WIFI). 2. Check how it is on another computer (maybe the set will just go wrong) 3. Buy a wired keyboard and mouse.
  13. ^^ This is probably the poet's intention, but in some branches of KSP there is a policy of trying to shirk responsibility at all costs. I think I once told here about a case that a friend of mine wanted to submit for inspection and repair / replacement of an MP3 player that was clearly defective during the warranty period. He was once told - you can't have him without his headphones. Why? The demon knows. Did not argue and brought the headphones. The representative looked at the player and said - "There is physical damage here". What was the physical damage? It seems to the representative that there should be some rubber around the headphone jack, which was not. Do you understand? It seems to him that there must be something. He did not even bother to do a minimal check of taking a similar product that they have in stock or run a search in brush images
  14. Yes, it can be. These devices actually combine three different components: a SWITCH switch, WIFI radio, and a ROUTER router that routes the Internet connection coming from the WAN into the LAN. Each of the components is independent, and does not have to be identical at their maximum speed.
  15. When the first closure began, the online was under insane load (the demand for them probably increased about 10 times). From a situation where it was possible to order a delivery from today to tomorrow I got to a situation where all the deliveries were occupied for two and a half weeks ahead. Not kidding. I had to pre-order 2-3 orders just to reserve slots. Also, it was not possible to get them by phone and they also could not offer a replacement product coordination service by phone / SMS, such a load was. It took them something like a month and a half to reinforce the service, and now it's like it always has been.
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