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  1. I do not know if there are any more problems, but this is definitely an error: for (int i = 1; i <N; i--) or going from start to finish with I ++ or from end to start with I--. It currently starts from 1 and drops to negative numbers creating an almost infinite loop.
  2. Aliexpress is something else. It cannot be compared to a physical store or chain, neither in Israel nor in other countries. Warranty in Israel is important for large / heavy / complex products that are not reasonably possible to send abroad and that are expensive enough to justify the warranty issue. It is clearly not valid for most of the cheap cruise you buy at KSP. The only reason to buy at KSP is if you want something now and not in two weeks Up to two months.
  3. Both this and this and this and that. And you will be surprised, but there are categories of computer / electronics products whose price in Israel is not high at all compared to Europe / USA.
  4. If the size of the new drive is at least the same as the old drive, you can use one of the recommended duplicate programs (for example, this list). Connect the new drive, duplicate the old one to the new one, and disconnect the old one (or use it as a secondary). Of course be careful not to "replicate" accidentally from the new to the old and delete the old.
  5. Windows Update regarding the Redistributable of sorts - they are not harmful because they are not used at all until there is software that needs them. You can install them in advance or as needed.
  6. Do you want a clean installation or do a duplicate of the existing installation?
  7. In terms of performance, it is clear that VGA is better run on the built-in graphics processor than an adapter that works via USB (then you are also limited in bandwidth, and the processing itself is performed by the CPU).
  8. Thcls. Think how easy it is to accidentally lose a 2 "screen ...
  9. Tin is nothing more. In one of the forums I am in, threads jump even after 12 years. KSP service in most branches is really on the face. And it is not surprising to hear that even in the Corona period they find a way to make it more horrible. In our case, simple headphones with a microphone can also be found at Shufersal Deal. And no need to wait for someone to call you through a speaker.
  10. Very interesting and if true, definitely a non-standard feature. In any case, many cameras have a way of directing focus using the driver or software. I considered at some point purchasing this Derek camera. I will leave the follow-up message here to see if the opener of the discussion at the end will succeed in getting her to act as he pleases.
  11. He meant AI. As if artificial intelligence. Opening the discussion, as far as I know, this is not possible with the technology that currently exists. Feel free to keep bouncing the discussion for as long as you like until one of the two happens - either someone more knowledgeable than me will give you the answer you wish for, or someone in charge will get tired and the discussion will close.
  12. Not familiar with a sophisticated algorithm / AI as of today that is capable of performing this. Identifying speech and translating it is already quite trivial today. In singing it is a little more difficult, but still possible for the most part with good accuracy. But to make an authentic singing voice out of it - I have not yet encountered it.
  13. Do not compare quality of frame from video to quality of stills. The cell phone also shoots stills of higher quality than video. By image size it is indeed set to 1080P. The focus does not appear to be good, or the camera is shaking at the moment of shooting.
  14. By the question, you are so far from the field that you do not even realize how far you are. If you are unfamiliar with C ++ at the expert level you have no chance. 10 years ago they would just tell you - go to university, you will study for a few years. Today you can say something else - forget about C / C ++ - you will learn UNITY. https://unity.com/how-to/make-games-without-programming and you will also see it:
  15. It's really hard for me to believe unless your computer is from a decade and a half ago. Space issues can always be fixed by buying a larger drive and extra memory. But components that can be upgraded on any computer. Sounds like any average computer you buy today will suffice. I would prefer to go for enough memory / storage space in advance so as not to get stuck in the future with problems .
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