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  1. Indeed, I forgot to mention that some DLNA manufacturers have implemented standard extensions, which include subtitle files. Good to hear that serviio is one of them. You may also need support for this on TV itself (I realized that Samsung are the only ones that have).
  2. No. Read a first point here:
  3. The truth is that right now I got to mess with it because I bought an LG OLED smart TV with the latest WEBOS, and in that respect I was badly surprised. First, it does not support SMB, and is unable to search for content on the Web on its own. I realized that this is something that LG in principle or out of laziness do not add to any of their TVs. An older and more primitive Panasonic Viera with my parents does it without a problem. Second, it turns out that the TV itself knows how to decode less formats than the antique 10-year-old LG LED TV I also have. On the one hand, DTS still does not work, and on the other hand their new TVs seem to have lost support for DivX 5 and refuse to play any file with DX50's FourCC (and even when you change the DX50 to something else - it does not work). It annoys me that I have quite a collection of old and beloved TV series in this format. A streamer connected in HDMI would probably be a preferred option. It is also possible to buy an external USB for some purposes and plug it in, but then get stuck with the decoding limitations of the TV. DLNA is less good in principle, because most of them only share media files and not other files, which makes external subtitles in SRT format do not work, even if the TV knows how to decode them - the reason is that it just does not see the file (when connected directly in USB it works). It is also possible to cast from a Win10 computer, but this is an ad-hoc solution that is not always good, because it simply shares a screen, which prevents the computer from being used for another purpose while watching.
  4. If the TV is smart, it can look for video standards on the net in the same way, then do not even need a streamer. What is the model of the TV?
  5. I loved Doom of 2016. And Doom Eternal also say it's not bad (I haven't played yet). A friend of mine recommended Ghost of Tsushima to me and it looks beautiful. Another game I played that looked very nice, but I had a hard time with was Sekiro.
  6. Although the 7200 is still faster, but in the new discs the difference is not as significant as it used to be. Certainly new disks with 5400RPM are much faster (sometimes twice as fast) as old disks of 7200RPM. When use is primarily for static storage, the difference is even less significant. There is hardly a situation you will feel.
  7. A friend of mine who orders a lot, has been using USHOPS for years and is quite pleased, especially with their package consolidation service.
  8. QttP

    How not to get stung?

    Let me guess - any "adult" site? Otherwise it is not clear why you are ashamed to say which site it is. Anyway - a reasonable way to check that the link to PayPal is really a link to PayPal, is to perform a standalone LOGIN to your account in another tab / window, and then click on the payment link. In this situation you should be automatically transferred to your account, and your name / email will already appear on the form. If you see some weird LOGIN screen, then I would suspect. And of course - pay attention to HTTPS alerts - if it suddenly warns you that the connection is not secure / the identity of the server can not be verified - run away and never enter payment details there.
  9. This is reminiscent of the discussion between manual and automatic transmission drivers, with the arguments that manual transmission is more economical, and gives more control, and a good driver can get better results from it. At first this was true, until the automatic transmissions improved and became smarter and now give superior efficiency and performance than what 99% of drivers can achieve in a manual transmission. So when the same thing happens to cameras with quality hardware, it will be, as Milford says - the most significant leap in the history of photography.
  10. You have to start from scratch. It is not enough to install Android Studio. Need also the appropriate SDK, and configure everything. You may want to start with a kind of Hello World:
  11. What is the model of the laptop? Is he responsible? Most mobile manufacturers provide on their website IMAGE installation of WINDOWS that can be downloaded to a USB drive (then you do not need to use a friend's laptop).
  12. It could be in files that are created automatically during the compilation phase, so it will not help to rename them - because they will be overwritten every time. That means you have to change somewhere else. In any case, compiling and reinstalling the app on Android requires some basic knowledge of the software. Were you able to compile the code and get into APK mode?
  13. Its WAN supports 1000. Each internal LAN port only supports up to 100. WIFI could theoretically reach 300 at 2.4 or 867 at 5, but in reality it would be far from that, probably. Still - the total network customers together can get more than 100 MB, but a single LAN port - no. Only in V3 version of this router all the ports have been upgraded to Gigabit. But this is different hardware - not something that can be upgraded in software.
  14. This may be an installation issue, and also does not rule out the possibility that the motherboard will malfunction. ALT is pretty much the only component you did not try to replace. Have you tested a drive for errors? Running SFC / SCANNOW to check for damaged system files?
  15. Can't find anything right now that is exactly "40. What about" 43?
  16. It sure will not happen, but if the computer is outdated / weak in other ways, then the experience may be compromised.
  17. Indeed a nice video, and I discovered thanks to it some interesting features. Lucky I saw from the middle, otherwise I would have turned it off right away when I heard the corny and dumb joke about "one good version, one bad, one good, one bad".
  18. He may be screwed. There may also be a compatibility issue or bug in the firmware. Some SATA devices in some systems go into a problematic loop of power saving that seems to constantly put it in and out of sleep mode. It causes symptoms as you mentioned (unstable speed, drops to almost zero from time to time). 1. Check with SEAGATE tools if there is a firmware update for this drive 2. (Assuming it is a WIN10 system) Read here how to reveal the AHCI LINK POWER MANAGEMENT setting and turn it off: -link-power-management-power-options-windows.html
  19. This has always been the case with Windows. For example, Win10, which was released in 2015 - can also be installed on a computer from 2005, but the experience will not be pleasant to say the least, and various malfunctions, mainly due to outdated drivers, can make the computer unusable at all. And here just yesterday someone reported that he managed to install Win11 on a Core 2 Duo laptop from 2007: While this is a fun experiment, it does not really mean that it is worth doing. On the other hand, he says that on a computer with a fourth generation Core i processor it works for him a bomb (although it is several generations below the "official support" threshold).
  20. It only happens at rest, when you do not touch the computer for a while? Or did it happen to you in the middle of work as well?
  21. The Windows operating system always has improvements from generation to generation, that's true, but performance improvements will almost never be day and night, and they also depend a lot on custom drivers. There is a good situation that in new computers you will see certain benefits, but in old computers or those that are not officially supported - you will not see, or even have a certain setback. The only way to know is to try, or wait for enough users to try for you. The most interesting feature for me in Windows 11 is built-in support for android applications. If it was critical for me, I might have installed it right now, but it is not, so I can wait.
  22. How many connections do you need? I bought it a few weeks ago: It has USB / VGA connections for 4 computers and 3 USB ports for equipment. There is also a smaller model with a connection for up to 2 computers. Does the job, for 4 computers. USB transfer is very fast. Disadvantages: 1. Does not switch to standby, this means that when the computer shuts down or just turns off the screen - the KVM simply "disconnects" its VGA port and instead of a screen in sleep mode there is a screen that feels like the cable on the other end is not connected to anything. Some monitors do not turn off in this mode but remain on for a few minutes or forever with a message on the screen "VGA cable not connected". 2. There is no external power connection, meaning it is fed from the computer only. This means that it will not carry heavy USB devices and also means that once the computer it is connected to shuts down and does not transmit a USB signal, it resets and on the next turn on will not remember the last computer that was connected, but will return to the first computer. At this low price it's hard to expect more than that, but maybe you need more than that. Besides it is from China and can take him a month or more to arrive.
  23. See no reason to upgrade at all. I almost never upgrade operating systems. Probably at some point a computer I will buy in the future will come with WIN11 installed.
  24. By and large, yes, these are the options. (3) it's to rule out software issues (something went wrong in the settings) (1) it's to rule out a cable / adapter hardware issue regarding (2) - depending on how you performed the experiment. If you did it while the video card was connected - it does not necessarily mean anything, because most of the time the built-in graphics chip is not active in this situation. If you disconnected the video card, connected it to the port on the board and it still gives the same result - this reinforces the hypothesis that something will go wrong with the adapter / cable.
  25. The adapter / cable may be damaged. Or something is knocked on a video card / driver that causes it to not recognize this secondary connection. You can try to reinstall the video card driver ...
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