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  1. 1. I have not tried the truth, I will check you, but there are really delicate and pleasant profiles, do not feel like a disco.

    2. Unlike a standard mechanical keyboard, where the keys feel higher than normal, a low profile feels the same height as a standard membrane keyboard (not like a laptop which is shocking in my opinion).

    3. Cost benefit :)

    4. Absolutely not, I mentioned a historical fact about . You are right today there is everything from everything and the switches are the ones that determine.

    5. In my opinion crap, keyboard is keyboard it is keyboard. I work on it (encoded) much more than playing on it (Fortnite). Precisely in the game you are so busy with a game that the keyboard has no meaning, it is just comfortable, you do not think about it. On the other hand at work I enjoy it much more.

    6. Its advantage and disadvantage (depending on what you are looking for), which is minimal, there are no macro keys that take up real estate.

    I did not take measurements, in my opinion it is really in the dimensions of an average membrane keyboard. If this is important to you, take measurements of a keyboard you like in front of that keyboard.


    Hope I helped (late :) )


  2. Hey,

    I know there are a lot of reviews on the net about (Including on this site) and I know you can quite easily find reviews on this keyboard as well.

    That is why I do not want to give another general, comprehensive review without a real opinion, we already have that.

    I want to write the reviews I did not find that I was looking to buy a keyboard. From the place of the average and inexperienced user.


    Background, I have been working with a computer for many years and always only with a membrane keyboard.

    My last keyboard so far has been Microsoft Sidewinder x6 for those who know.

    One of the few ports of In the gaming world.

    After 12 years of operation it was time and I started looking for a new keyboard that is suitable for any use but with an emphasis on gaming.


    I started reading reviews on , Has a lot of information and as an inexperienced user I got a little lost.

    It's not really clear from all these reviews what will really affect me and what will really matter to me in the end.


    After hours of research, and following , Next on us for good, I allowed myself to buy two keyboards.

    First of all I bought the Logitech G513, as has been said about it a lot, even here on the site, it is definitely an impressive tool in every way (except for the fact that there is no wiring for the numlock which is a real shame).

    Unfortunately I missed the G413 which disappeared from the shelves very quickly, so I invested :)

    Anyway, there was another keyboard that winked at me, the Sharkon Pure Reiter.

    It is very cheap for a mechanical keyboard (NIS 260 in Black Friday), good components, good reviews and looks amazing (to my taste).

    I did not hold back and also bought it in the red switch version.



    Sharkon: A relatively old company in the field that provides gaming products mainly to the low and medium market. In recent years, an effort has been made to provide high-level products, as have the reviews.

    Keyboard: These are Kailh switches, lighting , Thin and delicate looking keyboard with low profile keys,

    n-key rollover support, anti-ghosting keys and a polling rate of 1,000 hertz




    To sum things up so far:

    To date I have only worked on membrane keyboards, last month I purchased two And on them the criticism is based.


    Sharkon's keyboard is just perfect for my taste.

    Its keys come in a low profile which is significant.

    For those who are not experienced in mechanical keyboards, they originally have keys the height of skyscrapers (for those who come from the membrane world) and have a noise that may wake up the neighbors.

    The low profile buttons of the Sharkon respond so quickly and are fun to the touch that it is a real experience to work on. They are also very quiet and give an addictive feeling.

    It looks perfect, looks clean, minimal and simple, does not take up too much space on the table, which is a very important detail for those who do not have much real estate (like me).

    In terms of lighting, looks very professional and invested, there are enough shortcut keys that can be played with the lighting without (I haven't even tried to install it yet).


    Bottom line, you don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a mechanical keyboard that is both impressive externally and very comfortable to addictive.

    The transition from a membrane keyboard probably removes from me the habits that veteran mechanical users are used to and addicted to.

    The low-profile keys make me feel at home on the one hand and addictive on the other hand in their speed, their touch and the sound they produce.

    Although I only have it for a few weeks and days will tell how it survives in the longer term.


    For those who want to save even more real estate, it also has a TKL version that is without the NUMPAD and therefore more suitable for gaming.

    Hope I helped someone.


    Link to the manufacturer's website


    By the way, I also bought their mouse, Sharkoon Light2, which is particularly light and therefore intended for first-person shooting games, it is also a high-class tool and at a really good price, but that's a different story.





  3. Computer screen for gamers 24GL600F-B 23.6 '' LED
    Gaming computer screen Optix G241 FHD 144Hz 23.8 '' FreeSync
    Following the Black Friday promotions both sound to me like a good option at a pretty similar price
    Anyone have experience with screens?
    I see MSI coming with a panel Which is an advantage on the one hand but on the other hand it is known that panels Cheap not really efficient at frequency 144,
    I would love an opinion from someone experienced.
    The screen is also designed for FPS games so the importance to 144HZ
  4. Moon Mage does a holy work here with the specifications, but you have another direction,


    Gigabyte B450M DS3H Entrance board, feels to me more suitable for an office computer or a particularly meager budget (R3). From what I can remember the DS3H series has a long history and I remember it as weak and neutered (especially in terms of cheap components and voltages).

    I think it's worth investing another NIS 100-70 and taking something more serious. This is the basis of everything, you should give it the respect it deserves.


    As for the video card, I see a lot of recommendations for the 1660 Super.

    The 1650 Super gives about 20% less performance than it + - (but respectfully runs the vast majority of games on HD resolution) and costs about 35-40 percent less (820 NIS + -), which is a consideration.

    If for example you are a Fortnite and WOW player, the addition to 1660 will not give you value for money.


    Worth considering.




  5. Thanks for the comments
    To your question, the computer is going to do a bit of everything (video, audio, games, coding, everything).
    I asked Series Z because it is important to me that there are enough PCIE channels and ports And SATA
    I see you are going towards 3600, I saw that their prices are the same, I understand that 3600 is more recommended as of today in what ways?
    It is more powerful in some areas, how is it in terms of power consumption?

    ** Okay, I read a bit on the subject and saw the differences, a slight advantage towards 3600 in all areas (aspiration) and similar power consumption **

    NIS 1550 is a great quote, I will go over it in detail again. I understand that their motherboard series are also identical? Z / B
    By the way, I did not find details about the amount of PCIE channels in this motherboard but I guess there are 20 channels (16 + 4)

    By the way 2, I live in Tel Aviv so of course shops in the area are welcome, last time I bought a tangle, close and reasonable prices.

  6. Looking for a recommendation for a triple based on an I5 processor 16GB (not enough?) And a Z series motherboard.

    Not interested in OC

    By the way, also options of Can be interesting, just full time I was not in matters.

    Emphasis on cost-benefit ratio, without going wild and without a set budget, just pay as little as possible.

    For example:

    Enough for me 10400 no need to pay more for another 300MHZ

    It is important to me Good but again no need to drift.

    If I need to add another NIS 100 to a faster memory that gives me an extra 3% in general, also completely unnecessary.

    Hope I explained myself.


    By the way, it is important for me to understand why you chose what you chose.

    Thanks for the helpers.


  7. What a crazy post.

    You do not want to sound patronizing, but so many people who have no idea and still insist on showing knowledge and wisdom that they probably do not have (including the landlord).

    First of all put the cards on the table: Musical hearing, like many areas in our lives, are acquired knowledge !!

    No one will notice the first taste between quality wine and mediocre wine.

    No one will notice for the first time between good tobacco and mild tobacco.

    No one will notice for the first time between good and mediocre audio quality.

    First of all, internalize it!

    After that you will realize that if you really care about the details, the deeper you go, the more slowly you will be able to be more precise in details and pay attention to elements that you have not heard before.

    As you train your ear, you will discover details you were not aware of before. You do not need a psychologist for that, it's all a good music teacher can tell you.

    Just as no one cares to identify the best tobacco there is, just give him a cigarette and he bites, just as no one cares what kind of alcohol is best, let him grab his head and he's happy, the same is true here, not everyone looks for the small details, From music at the macro level, right, respect them and enjoy the audiophiles from the music in your own way, because they can equally give you in mind the elements that you miss because you are so busy concentrating and identifying those technical elements.

    Each in his own way. And fool the young and the ignorant with the nonsense in your shekel. Because there are those who truly believe you.

  8. soul!!!

    The new processors They do not give anything that the previous generation did not give or even worse!

    I am not saying here with certainty what is preferable to buy, for every purchase today has its pluses and minuses.

    In any case to the beginning of the concatenation. You should wait for the Conro exit Which will only be beneficial to your purchase!

    Dear Mr. FEEDME.

    For example, get the following script:

    Six months later, a memory came out Or XDDR or ABDALLA (Does not matter).

    The current motherboards will not support this memory, and new motherboards have been released.

    In the same breath suppose that the prices of 939 will be atactic in a month much more than AM2 for the 3800X2 for example !!

    Now tell me who ate it !!

    I repeat, it's all a matter of cost.

  9. - LosNir -, Do not mislead others for no reason. AM2 is very far from budgeted budget. Have you looked at its prices? : Lol: : Lol: : screwy:

    AM2 is for some reason the future of the . The fact that it will not be worth anything after the Conro port on 23 to July until the advent of K8L is one thing.

    1. The new Skate . They will not spend more To 939 and only now to AM2

    2. There is no connection to nforce. Anpores is a chipset. AM2 This is Socrates. The new AM2 scanners have new chipsets From the 500 series.

    3. The AM2 board is your only option for future upgrades from home .

    4. Lots of companies, lots of uses. Budget us and we will answer you

    You're a very nice guy. I'm sure, but you did a bit of a mess here.

    No one can guarantee that the future is in AM2 !!! Neither you nor AMD !!

    The drop in prices can probably capture just as much the 939 and maybe even more

    Believe me if you buy today for example 3800 * 2 939 (ie dual core) compared to the same processor on the AM2 will not benefit you from it !!

    Even so in a year or two the two of them will not be able to upgrade anymore because the life span of And of Will be absolutely identical !!

    And the new AMD processors that you plan to upgrade in the future, it is doubtful that any of these motherboards will give them support !!

    So we would not look so far because we both can not see what's there !!!

    Right now I think it's all about cost

    And I'd be happy if you showed me how you came to the conclusion that Faster than DDR

  10. A. The motherboard asus a8n-e is the dove of the board even today even a year ago and in another year !!

    B. Anyone who does not plan OC has no reason to buy a motherboard at this level !!

    third. Whether to go for the new market is an excellent question that I find difficult to answer, today of course it has no advantage, just the opposite!

    But in the future you'll know ... everything can be !!

    It is precisely that the future is unclear Maybe you should sniff what's going on at Intel, where the business looks more stable!

    But even then you have to wait a while until the new processor is released

    As for what the guy said .....

    DDR2 is no faster than And in my humble opinion, he will never be faster than him!

  11. Excellent Question !!

    Pizza is indeed a satisfying and satisfying lunch.

    Just a little advice to you, if you're going to go in that direction, you'll find a very strong woman,

    Have the time and power to be close to you at the age of 40-50 you will spend the rest of your days in hospitals, with heart attacks, arterial blockages, and even a stroke!

    enjoy your meal!!

  12. Also, you have to say that you confused me with the brain, and in addition, I did not understand anything.

    Therefore, one must ask that I did not understand the difference between VS and PS.

    Explain to me?

    : Silly:

    DOGMA Do not offend my brother but I have to say that the announcement is up one of the biggest egg whites in the forum ....

    For those who do not really understand in terms of graphics is like reading Amharic ....

    : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol:

    Look, whoever started the discussion was supposed to understand and I think he realized that was really close to the facts.

    If you also want to understand you have to go a few steps back !!

    (No doubt !!! an example is not a fryer .....)

  13. As in any discussion, the truth is sitting somewhere in the center !!

    On the one hand, all those who take everything off the net run to one extreme to defend their actions.

    Legal gamers, on the other hand, jump to the other extreme and turn them all into criminals.

    There is one law from the days of the Bible that I really love and embrace: The thief steals an exemption!

    Since in our "democratic" state that "cares for its citizens" in all areas, here too the state "protects consumers"

    To show like a brothel. (The truth is that it takes up all over the world, unfortunately)

    And on both sides you can see everyone yelling for help.

    Suppliers are pushing prices to cover costs.

    And gamers run to the net to download for free as a protest signal.

    I'm totally in favor !!

    It is a conflict as in any other area of ​​life.

    Whoever does not make a mistake, we will win quietly and die.

    Everyone has the right to express his opinion and to insist on his right.

    But do not fool yourself, all of us here are going to lose, from the manufacturer to the customer, but in the war there are no winners, and this is absolutely war !!

    To general knowledge, I rarely buy games, I download and if I really liked, I buy if I do not throw.

    And in conclusion!!

    As is known, every thesis has an anti-thesis, and for every extreme there is always a second extremism.

    In order to eliminate the extremists, one of the sides has to move toward the center.

    If you ask me this is not our role in gamers .......

  14. You're right

    If you can do a little patch, then it does not produce special effects on the vertices, but rather All sorts of manipulations of his values ​​with the help of mathematical calculations,

    Such as: colors, coordinates, texture, density (fog), and orientation in space.

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