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  1. From what I understand this is a known problem in the game. 2 possible solutions that people have reported working: 1. Lack of graphics memory - need to lower the game's graphics settings until it stops crashing. 2. Registry patch explained here https://steamcommunity.com/app/476620/discussions/0/1694914736001277423/
  2. Do you at all read what you put here? You're just proving that what I'm saying is accurate. Binance - Chinese Huobi - Chinese Poolin - Chinese F2Pool - Chinese Antpool - Chinese At some point I just got tired of continuing to check ...
  3. You mean the "non-centralized" system of 5 Chinese mining companies?
  4. Wow, you're all bloated by yourself. You're just an infantile who can't stand the fact that Jesus disagrees with him and must always be right. good luck to you.
  5. It does not matter at all, when the Chinese are behind the organization of companies that form the backbone of Bitcoin this is the problem. Cause damage at all does not need economic for them, in China there is nothing private, the country controls everything, and if the authorities in China decide to use these companies to cause economic damage to the West then they will do it without batting an eyelid. And it's even before I even tried to check what the credibility of your sources is and what their interests are, so I'm assuming that everything written there is 100% true.
  6. I really do not have the strength to argue with you nor to read the scrolls you write. You're right, everyone has Ultrawide screens and video cards that cost NIS 3000, and 3D is an amazing technology that every finisher must have.
  7. No, you seem to be responding without reading what I wrote. Nowhere did I write that there was a connection between them. I wrote that 3D does not seem useful to me, and that even in these specific headphones the reviews say that 7.1 is not very successful. I do not agree with you about the usefulness of 3000D. It might be a nice toy for those who have money to throw at a computer for 1080 shekels, no more.
  8. You should read a little more about Bitcoin before you become its missionary. For example, read in small print here. And there are more full sources that you are welcome to look for yourself. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-31/bitcoin-s-network-operations-are-controlled-by-five-companies This wonder called Bitcoin, which no one controls and which will finally be released From the tyrannical co-operatives that control us, it's all one big bullshit. The Bitcoin backbone is dominated by huge mining groups from the most degrading and immoral country in the world called China. If bictoin becomes a mainstream investment and payment tool then we are all in big trouble. If I have to choose between something
  9. Man some nonsense, as if a person who does not have a bank account would have a bitcoin account. The simplest Google search also shows me that the numbers you throw here do not correspond with reality. Here is an article by AP from 2018, the percentage of Americans without a bank account is at a low and stands at 6.5% when the trend is such that today the percentage is probably smaller. https://apnews.com/article/8b2b93d4e9474c418853e0f20e79aaa8 When I search for numbers in Israel it seems like recycled articles and illogical numbers. In an article from 2013 - 700,000 people in 2016 suddenly a million people do not have a bank account but in 2020 still a million people do not have a bank account. The only number I have found confirmation from a source I consider as
  10. Having a hard time figuring out what the enthusiasm is, crypto costs just as much as anything else. The market is in one huge bubble in whatever field you choose because interest rates have been nil since the 2008 crisis and people are looking for where to invest. The corona has destroyed every good part of the world and has suffered a fatal blow to economies around the world but the stock market that has fallen by 50% has more than doubled since then and is tens of percent above what it was before the corona. And if institutions are entering the field then it's the worst, it's those institutions that invested in subprime and brought on us a crisis that has never really recovered from to this day. Their entry only helps inflate this bubble.
  11. Wow, the price of the 10400F is really on the floor but with a reasonable motherboard it is more in the direction of 1200 shekels and the improvement in the processor is not that big compared to the processor it already has. Bottom line, all the options are pretty crappy. If it's just to bring my computer back to life then I would go for a Chinese tablet for $ 100 despite its strangeness. Buying a used board for NIS 700-800 does not seem profitable to me, since in 1200 you can buy a new board + and processor and you can also get a few pennies on the old processor.
  12. Here is another video for a very similar but slightly different model, the difference is that it only supports DDR4 which is what you need anyway and also allows you to expand in the future. He also checks here what the board is worth in OC (not much but with you have the power to mess with CUSTOM BOIS, the guy in the video failed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDd1ZByaslI and here he finally succeeds https: // www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT-zy3baqHI Another video, here I tested the board with all kinds of processors, worth seeing for anyone considering such a board because it has all kinds of weird behaviors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiojHBaQ4hs
  13. It's really not clear what you're asking but there is no connection between the screens that are physically connected to the remote computer and the screens that are connected to your computer when you use the REMOTE DESKTOP. What you show in this video is a total of software that allows you to set areas on the screen for easy and fast deployment of the software you use. Microsoft has the POWER TOY that allows you to define such areas on each screen, no matter what the size and resolution of the screen. When using the REMOTE DESKTOP, the screens that are physically connected to the remote computer are disabled (regardless of whether it is a one-screen, two-screen, or 10-inch screen).
  14. There are full of new X99 boards from Chinese companies that sell on AliExpress in the region of $ 100 https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20201225024436&SearchText=x99 Brian from YES TECH CITY really likes the platform and surveys boards of this type for example https: // www .youtube.com/watch?v=9sWOnX-yitE Check if this is a solution that might work for you. Try looking for used ones in EBEY as well, there are Asus / Gigabyte / MSI boards for about $ 200. Do not know if you will offer such a new board but even if it will be a waste of money.
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