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  1. The TEAMGROUP MP33 has a 5-year warranty and the SN350 has a 3-year warranty. Is there a fundamental reason for the difference? Does it not say anything about the reliability / longevity of the drive?
  2. I found 5 1D SSDs below the VAT limit on Amazon. 3 SATA drives and 2 M.2 drives. The use is more for backup and storage (but it can always use in the future). It's clear to me that M.2s are much faster but what matters to me is their reliability more than speed. I mean I'm looking for a drive that has no reputation of one in which a series that often decays after a few months and in general will last as long as possible. In terms of M.2, my board is MSI B450M Mortar Titanium and the main M.2 is already populated. It seems to me that the available M.2 only works at X4 speeds. So in short which SSD from the list would you buy and why?
  3. I have previously tried emclient and it was quite successful https://www.emclient.com also has a free license.
  4. Maybe the problem is related to the fact that this is a beta version, this is a version that should add support for 5000 processors that you do not need anyway. All versions above 7B79vAA support 3000 processors. I would try to update to version 7B79vAH which is one before.
  5. No, it's not an asset like a stock. A stock represents a certain percentage of ownership in a business, a currency is not an asset - in fact a currency is nothing, the only value it has is the value we are willing to give it. I also did not compare the same stock, I just gave examples of Pentecost products that institutions are willing to trade in even though they have no contribution to economic growth or economic activity. Nor was there any argument that it should be outlawed because it is a global currency but that it does not contribute anything again but on the other hand more easily allows for a black economy and criminal activity. Too bad you answer claims I never made. I did not say that BITCOIN cultivates a black economy, I said that it makes it possible to create a black economy. Of course, even with the currencies that exist today, there is a black economy and there is criminal activity, but at least on the currencies that exist today, there is regulation and money can be tracked. There is regulation on banks and information sharing between countries in the world that fights the phenomenon of black capital, BITCOIN simply allows it to be circumvented without a problem. By the way the problem with the existing currencies that the black economy allows is cash, what needs to be done in addition to removing BITCOIN from the law is to stop using cash and switch to digital money only.
  6. And that's exactly the problem. It is very disturbing that once again regulators around the world are falling asleep on guard and not finding it outlawed. The institutionalists will promote anything that will make them money no matter how much it is discredited. They do not care how much damage is done as long as they are spaced out. This is probably not the first time they have introduced financial instruments that have no contribution to the market at best or are destroying it completely. Take for example the term short. The stock exchange was founded so that companies could raise money for the investment, not to trade in financial instruments that gamble against the market and feed on corpses after it crashes. This is how the subprime crisis was born, which brought junk bonds that are rated as triple AAA. Bitcoin in this respect is no different, it has no contribution to the economy and it does not generate growth. The only thing it allows is to create a black economy, allow offenders anonymous capital transfer Just to think that such a currency would become legitimate, simply a paradise for terrorist organizations and countries like Iran that can circumvent sanctions effortlessly.Who needs SWIFT when there is BITCOIN.
  7. From what I understand this is a known problem in the game. 2 possible solutions that people have reported working: 1. Lack of graphics memory - need to lower the game's graphics settings until it stops crashing. 2. Registry patch explained here https://steamcommunity.com/app/476620/discussions/0/1694914736001277423/
  8. Do you at all read what you put here? You're just proving that what I'm saying is accurate. Binance - Chinese Huobi - Chinese Poolin - Chinese F2Pool - Chinese Antpool - Chinese At some point I just got tired of continuing to check ...
  9. You mean the "non-centralized" system of 5 Chinese mining companies?
  10. Wow, you're all bloated by yourself. You're just an infantile who can't stand the fact that Jesus disagrees with him and must always be right. good luck to you.
  11. It does not matter at all, when the Chinese are behind the organization of companies that form the backbone of Bitcoin this is the problem. Cause damage at all does not need economic for them, in China there is nothing private, the country controls everything, and if the authorities in China decide to use these companies to cause economic damage to the West then they will do it without batting an eyelid. And it's even before I even tried to check what the credibility of your sources is and what their interests are, so I'm assuming that everything written there is 100% true.
  12. I really do not have the strength to argue with you nor to read the scrolls you write. You're right, everyone has Ultrawide screens and video cards that cost NIS 3000, and 3D is an amazing technology that every finisher must have.
  13. No, you seem to be responding without reading what I wrote. Nowhere did I write that there was a connection between them. I wrote that 3D does not seem useful to me, and that even in these specific headphones the reviews say that 7.1 is not very successful. I do not agree with you about the usefulness of 3000D. It might be a nice toy for those who have money to throw at a computer for 1080 shekels, no more.
  14. You should read a little more about Bitcoin before you become its missionary. For example, read in small print here. And there are more full sources that you are welcome to look for yourself. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-31/bitcoin-s-network-operations-are-controlled-by-five-companies This wonder called Bitcoin, which no one controls and which will finally be released From the tyrannical co-operatives that control us, it's all one big bullshit. The Bitcoin backbone is dominated by huge mining groups from the most degrading and immoral country in the world called China. If bictoin becomes a mainstream investment and payment tool then we are all in big trouble. If I have to choose between something that is controlled by Chinese companies and Western central banks and corporations that are at least subject to some kind of regulation (whether more or less successful) then it is pretty clear which side I choose to be on.
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