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  1. Quote of ClassMulder

    Why outlaw it? If it is a financial asset like a stock - then it is equally possible to outlaw stock trading. If it's a global currency - then just as well you can try to outlaw the US dollar.

    No, it's not an asset like a stock. A stock represents a certain percentage of ownership in a business, a currency is not an asset - in fact a currency is nothing, the only value it has is the value we are willing to give it.

    I also did not compare the same stock, I just gave examples of Pentecost products that institutions are willing to trade in even though they have no contribution to economic growth or economic activity.

    Nor was there any argument that it should be outlawed because it is a global currency but that it does not contribute anything again but on the other hand more easily allows for a black economy and criminal activity.


    Quote of ClassMulder

    This sucked-up and tattered claim of “black economy” is nonsense in the juice. The US dollar has been cultivating and cultivating a "black economy" and drug trafficking, murder and human trafficking for decades if not centuries. It was not outlawed. It's like saying hammers should be outlawed because they could smash skulls.

    Too bad you answer claims I never made.

    I did not say that BITCOIN cultivates a black economy, I said that it makes it possible to create a black economy.

    Of course, even with the currencies that exist today, there is a black economy and there is criminal activity, but at least on the currencies that exist today, there is regulation and money can be tracked.

    There is regulation on banks and information sharing between countries in the world that fights the phenomenon of black capital, BITCOIN simply makes it possible to get around it without a problem.

    By the way the problem with the existing currencies that the black economy enables is cash, what needs to be done in addition to removing BITCOIN from the law is to stop using cash and switch to digital money only.











  2. Quote of ClassMulder

    They report legitimacy that Bitcoin has received in recent months from financial institutions and institutional investors who have begun investing in it, and business companies, such as car maker Tesla and credit card company MasterCard, that have begun to honor payments in it. They also emphasize that Bitcoin is a decentralized asset that does not belong to any country - and is therefore immune from the influence and manipulation of governments and politicians. "


    And that's exactly the problem.

    It is very disturbing that once again regulators around the world are falling asleep on guard and not finding it outlawed.

    The institutionalists will promote anything that will make them money no matter how much it is discredited. They do not care how much damage is done as long as they are spaced out.

    This is probably not the first time they have introduced financial instruments that have no contribution to the market at best or are destroying it completely.

    Take for example the term short.

    The stock exchange was founded so that companies could raise money for the investment, not to trade in financial instruments that gamble against the market and feed on corpses after it crashes.

    This is how the subprime crisis was born, which resulted in junk bonds rated as Triple AAA.

    Bitcoin in this respect is no different, it has no contribution to the economy and it has not generated growth.

    The only thing it allows is to create a black economy, to allow criminals to transfer capital anonymously and that's the other little things.

    Just think that such a currency would become legitimate, simply a paradise for terrorist organizations and countries like Iran that could circumvent sanctions effortlessly.

    Who needs SWIFT when there is BITCOIN.


  3. It does not matter at all, when the Chinese are behind the organization of companies that form the backbone of Bitcoin this is the problem.

    Cause damage at all does not need economic for them, in China there is nothing private, the country controls everything, and if the authorities in China decide to use these companies

    To cause economic damage to the West then they will do so without batting an eyelid.


    And it's even before I even tried to check what the credibility of your sources is and what their interests are, so I'm assuming that everything written there is 100% true.

  4. Quote of Roy.T

    It seems that you respond without understanding at all about it and also did not bother to think a little before you responded.

    No, you seem to be responding without reading what I wrote.


    Quote of Roy.T


    Head-tracing does not belong to surround sound or 7.1 simulation at all. 

    Nowhere did I write that there was a connection between them.

    I wrote that 3D does not seem useful to me, and that even in these specific headphones the reviews say that 7.1 is not very successful


    Quote of Roy.T

    Many gamers today use Ultrawide screens at the very least, and given the average screen width and viewing distance, the head is constantly moving during the game. Not to mention the body movements and position that the chair comes in front of the screen. Even if it is a slight movement of the head and / or a slight deviation in the position / angle / height of sitting in front of the screen, as soon as you wear headphones, This is enough to disrupt the "locating" of the exact sound source on the "surface". 


    This is where the head-tracing comes into the picture, which after calibration simply knows how to place exactly the center of the sound, so that in fact even if you turn your head completely off the screen, you will still get the exact position of the sounds on the screen, speakers, Which of course are static on the table and do not move with you where the head / body moves. 


    Quote of Roy.T

    Third, it's funny that you use the word "sane" that you refer to one of the two main senses that are used in gaming and in general - sight and hearing. It reminds me of those who buy a computer at 10k for gaming stingy on screen and speakers. 

    In the end everything drains into what you see and hear, obviously performance is of paramount importance as well but the peripherals in these uses are just as important. Therefore, whoever buys a video card every two or three years for NIS 3000, it would also be "sane" for him to invest once in a pair of headphones or speakers At a very high level that he can enjoy for many years to come. 

    Most gamers do not have Ultrawide screens and no card at 3000. Most gamers have a 1080P screen and a MID-RANGE video card.

    I do not agree with you about the usefulness of 3D. It might be a nice toy for those who have money to throw at a computer for 10,000 shekels, no more.







    Quote of SaspndD

    The very fact that Bitcoin allows you to hold a digital payment method without a bank account shows the uniqueness of it (and you do not even have to hold Bitcoin, You are welcome instead to hold a dollar-denominated currency that, God forbid, will not "hurt volatility").

     But shouting a pyramid is cooler than understanding at all what you're talking about.



    You should read a little more about Bitcoin before you become its missionary.

    For example, read in small print here. And there are more full sources that you are welcome to look for yourself.



    This miracle called Bitcoin, which no one controls and that we are finally freed from the tyrannical co-operatives that control us, it's all one big bullshit.

    The Bitcoin backbone is dominated by huge mining groups from the most degrading and immoral country in the world called China.

    If bictoin becomes a mainstream investment and payment tool then we are all in big trouble.


    If I have to choose between something that is controlled by Chinese companies and Western central banks and corporations that are at least subject to some kind of regulation (whether more or less successful) then it is pretty clear which side I choose to be on.







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  6. Man some nonsense, as if a person who does not have a bank account will have an account .

    The simplest Google search also shows me that the numbers you throw here do not correspond with reality.

    Here is an article from AP from 2018, the percentage of Americans without a bank account is at a low and stands at 6.5% when the trend is such that today the percentage is probably smaller.



    When I look for numbers in Israel it seems like recycled articles and illogical numbers.

    In an article from 2013 - 700,000 people in 2016 suddenly a million people do not have a bank account but in 2020 still a million people do not have a bank account.


    The only number I have found confirmation from a source that I consider qualified is the 1.7 billion and when you look at the distribution you see that it comes

    From failing places where people do not know what a credit card looks like and probably have no idea what it is .



    People who do not have a bank account are the poorest and weakest people, they have no idea what Bitcoin is and Bitcoin is not the thing that will solve their problems in life.



  7. Quote of ClassMulder

    The mice keep chirping, and the caravan passes. Institutional money is already flowing vigorously into Bitcoin, PayPal is adding crypto to its systems, and Bitcoin has already touched $ 24000 per unit. And there is still a long way to go.


    Having a hard time figuring out what the enthusiasm is, crypto costs just like anything else.

    The market is in one huge bubble in whatever field you choose because interest rates have been nil since the 2008 crisis and people are looking for where to invest.

    The corona has destroyed every good part of the world and has suffered a fatal blow to economies around the world but the stock market that has fallen by 50% has more than doubled since then and is tens of percent above what it was before the corona.

    And if institutions are entering the field then it's the worst, it's those institutions that have invested in subprime and brought on us a crisis that has never really recovered from to this day. Their entry only helps inflate this bubble.

  8. Wow, the price of the 10400F is really on the floor but with It is more likely to be in the direction of NIS 1200

    And the improvement in the processor is not that big compared to the processor it already has.


    Bottom line, all the options are pretty crappy.


    If it's just to bring my computer back to life then I would go for a Chinese tablet for $ 100 despite its strangeness.

    Buying a used board for NIS 700-800 does not seem profitable to me, as in 1200 you can buy a new board + processor

    And also you can get some pennies on the old processor.



  9. Here is another video for a model very similar but a little different, the difference it only supports That it is anyway what you need and also allows to expand in the future.

    He also checks here what the board is worth in OC (not much but with you have the power to mess with CUSTOM BOIS, the guy in the video failed)




    And here he is finally successful



    Another video, here I checked the board with all sorts , Worth seeing for anyone considering such a board because it has all sorts of weird behaviors.





  10. It's really not clear what you're asking but there is no connection between the screens that are physically connected to the remote computer

    For monitors connected to your computer when using REMOTE DESKTOP.


    What you show in this video is a total of software that allows you to set areas on the screen for easy and fast deployment of the software you use.

    Microsoft has POWER TOY that allows you to define such areas on any screen, no matter what the size and resolution of the screen.

    Also no matter how many monitors are physically connected to the computer.


    When you use the REMOTE DESKTOP screens that are physically connected to the remote computer are disabled (regardless of whether it is one, two or 10 screens).

    The screen or your local monitors behave as such and are physically connected to the remote computer.

    By default when you use REMOTE DESKTOP it lets you view your remote computer only on one of your local monitors.

    If you have more than one screen, there is also an option in the DISPLAY tag to use all your local screens.


    When you are connected to REMOTE DESKTOP, the software that is installed on the remote computer and divides the screen into areas will work on the local screen just as it works on the remote screen.

    Of course if the resolution of the remote and local screen is not the same then the behavior of the software when you are connected in REMOTE DESKTOP may not be effective for your local screen then you may need to redefine the areas in the software to suit your local screen.






  11. It's full of new X99 boards from Chinese companies that sell on AliExpress in the $ 100 range




    Brian from YES TECH CITY really likes the platform and surveys boards of this kind

    for example



    See if this is a solution that might work for you.


    Try looking for used ones in EBEY as well, there are Asus / Gigabyte / MSI boards for about $ 200.

    Do not know if you will offer such a new board but even if it will be a waste of money.

  12. Of course I have no experience with them but from reviews I have seen, when it comes to gymnastics, the 3D feature is not really that useful because in general you look at the screen all the time and it does not make such a big difference and even in them the 7.1 is not very successful.


    In any case this audeze mobius Of $ 400 not NIS 400.

    If we stay in the sane price range of an average gamer then 7.1 is a pretty mapping gimmick.

  13. Suggests that you give some points for improvement so that it will be constructive reviews.


    I will use the discussion to raise some points that I think are quite problematic


    1. The site loaded what cache, it's just awful and awful.

         You do not see new articles as they come up and many times you do not see new posts added to the discussions.

         I keep finding myself pressing CTRL + F5 for the site to work properly.

         It is very simple to add one line to the code of the site that will tell it not to load what the cache is.


    2. The matter of auto-scrolling on the main page is a spin but why does it appear on every page of the forum?

        When you get to the end of the discussion and keep scrolling you start to see all the articles from the main page.

        Really unnecessary in my opinion.

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  14. A random search led me to this


    Pretty much sums up the issues that can be with any platform regarding Region Locking

    According to what is written there:

    ב Should be on the page of the page if there is a regional lock

    ב There is no lock but the game may only be available in the local language.

    ב There is a regional lock, it can be a problem to activate the game or it will only be available in the local language.

    Epic has a regional lock and it is not possible to play a game bought in one area in another area. (According to what RISEROLL writes then is not true or at least not necessarily true)

    ב  There is no lock but the game may only be available in the local language.


    How much is true or false I do not know.


  15. It has nothing to do with the cost of living.

    It's just discrimination by regions, sharp and smooth.

    $ 60 is also the price in EPIC unless you are from Israel then it costs you $ 80.

    If they are able to sell it for $ 30 in Ukraine and Turkey then they are able to sell it at that price all over the world

    And if it's not a rally price then customers like in Israel and other countries pay extra and subsidize the prices they pay in Turkey and Ukraine and that is really not acceptable.

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