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  1. Because the difference between the processors is not one that, in my opinion, justifies the replacement of Platforma. Currently, as etal noted, support for iommu. I looked at a list of processors that support, there are no 9th generation processors for example. Although it seems to me that an unlisted processor is certainly not supportive. I don't know for sure that a 10th generation processor will support iommu. The whole thing about support for iommu is not clear to me, it's hard to understand why not every processor supported by VT-d also supports iommu. This is unfortunately not an issue I understand.
  2. Good point. $ 85-90 can be fetched 3770 from aliexpress.
  3. Agree, just important to clarify, the end of May is probably a proclamation (not closed at 100%), after declaring the processors it takes some time for them to arrive at the parking lots. You may be waiting and eventually it will take a little longer. I would wait but that's for your consideration. Something else, now that I think about it, it would be much simpler and cheaper to just buy a used 7rd generation i3 and it would be almost the same.
  4. The 3rd generation i3 has 2 cores. The current i3 generation has 4 cores. The next i3 generation will probably have 4 cores + HT (like i7 a few years ago). This may be enough for virtual machines, but it depends on what you plan.
  5. Put a screenshot, maybe this is a DRIVER problem, you did not get the disk with the card by chance. A PCIE X1 card can be installed in the X16 slot, it does not have to take up any bandwidth.
  6. Don't think more than i5 goes into the budget, nor does it really need more for NAS. The guy talked about virtualization, i5 it's not exactly a virtualization processor, nor is the budget exactly but depending on what he planned there. Another thing there is pretty believable talk about is that at the end of May, Intel announces the next generation of processors and improvements are probably very significant. The i5 for example is going to get both HT and i7 so it will basically be parallel to today's i9. Of course it is not certain but if I could wait I would be waiting at the moment with Intel based specifications.
  7. It may be that the board is more charge than you thought and that there is also a problem with the PCIE ports. With the video card outside and the network card inside, do you see the card in the driver or maybe you see a new, unidentified device name? Did you try to put the network card instead of the screen card just to see if it is detected.
  8. AMD would be a little weird choice here. AMD processor with this graphics core is 3400G or 3200G which are pretty LOW END processors but to support 6 SATA ports you need expensive X570 board starting at NIS 800. There are B450 boards with 6 ports but this at the expense of the M.2 connection seems to me that Intel's Intel is perhaps a more reasonable choice.
  9. There is this post https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=69184&start=40 I did not go through it all but there are links to ARCHIVE that people made sure to do. There is also a link to https://archive.org/download/2014.01.download.intel.com Your board is listed, the problem is that it is filed there with another 70GB of stuff you do not need.
  10. Let go, it's a shame about the effort, he's a technician and he knows what he's talking about.
  11. Believe me I'm not angry, you may be a grandfather, but I have long been neither lovable nor a child. I have no intention of starting to teach you computers. Ask a question, you received the same answer from 3 different people. Do what you understand.
  12. Doesn't make sense Don't buy, do what you want. You're just throwing money at a new computer when a $ 300 card solves the problem for you. And what you have is not 1.4 but a version lower than 1.4
  13. You thought right, just that there was nothing to work around. Neither the board nor the video card define or block the resolution but the port. The HDMI port you have on the board is probably less than 1.4. Connect to the latest card board for example gt1030 offered here and you will receive 4K.
  14. No, I already explained what I meant. I recorded that there is no such thing as a 4K board and there is no such thing as a 4K card except that the support depends on the port that needs to be HDMI or DP. I didn't see the need to get into the subtleties of HDMI 1.0, HDMI 1.2, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0 because the HDMI 1.4 4K device is 11 years old already and so I was satisfied with the general statement that HDMI takes out 4K.
  15. If I didn't know you then I would still believe you.
  16. Don't patronize me. I know the devices no less well than you, but no better. HDMI 1.4 came out 11 years ago, there are no devices today if a connection from an older version, so to say that each HDMI connection will give it 4K is accurate enough in the context of this discussion.
  17. It's not clear to me based on how you determine it. For a movie to play at 60 FPS, it needs to be filmed at 60 FPS.
  18. What matters is 30 or 60 Hz, he talks about movies not about gymnastics. Each HDMI takes out 4K which is enough to watch TV movies.
  19. All your terms are wrong and I think there is a basic misunderstanding here. There is no such thing as a 4K motherboard and there is no such thing as a 4K video card. For 4K all you need is an HDMI or DP port. If you have one of the ports on the motherboard (and assuming your processor has a graphics processor) then it has the option of displaying 4K, if it is an old motherboard that does not have these ports then any video card that has such a port can display 4K. If you tell an exact model of the processor and board if you can get an exact answer what you need for 4K.
  20. Within budget limits, total specifications just fine. Just replace the motherboard to https://www.tms.co.il/70899
  21. May a 300 NIS such old screen with VGA and DVI connection when a new screen with similar data and updated ports costs NIS 400. This is a maximum of 100 shekels. On the computer itself 500 sounds reasonable, but you can spend more than that, I would advertise on 950 (unless you see 2 similar computers in less) and ready to receive 600 as well.
  22. Not sure how to answer that. Card performance is objective, not subjective. I was happy with I had a 2070 SUPER to 1440p 144hz but the 2060 SUPER is not a sucker. If you settle for a bit in settings and don't put everything on ultra then you can get 90-100 FPS even in the heaviest games.
  23. So if you are locked on Intel and it is not urgent, recommend waiting. Probably the end of May will announce new processors, and then one should see when they arrive in the parking lot (hopefully in June or early July). The new processors will probably be more attractive to the current generation (assuming the price level doesn't change)
  24. It doesn't matter how much it costs, it's still a bad board. VRAM on the face. Not that it matters much to a processor like 3600 but there are much better options. Regarding this SDD performance on paper does not give the average user anything. If you do not copy files all day or edit it does not give you anything. One can quietly take even cheaper SSDs like the Intel 660P or something and it will still suffice for any average user.
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