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  1. I checked with a FIREFOX plugin called HOLA. It seems to work. 249 Turkish pounds is about 100 shekels.
  2. By and large I pretty much agree but it is impossible to draw conclusions based on this game. Such a significant difference in FPS between 6-core and 8-core to 12-core processors has not been seen in any other game. One option is that their programmers did an amazing job utilizing the cores. A second option is that the programmers did a lousy job and some processors are UNDER PERFOR due to the fact that the game is bugged and due to the fact that there was a known issue with some AMD and SMT processors seemingly fixed in the last PATCH so I bet it's just a problem with this specific game.
  3. I do not think you are wrong, it seems to me that simply the card was never sold in MSRP. It seems to me that the partnership tickets sold out tomorrow for $ 740-750. Once the 3000 series is full and the 2000 series are finished, then the prices have dropped at least to the price of today's 2080 SUPER, ie 3200-3300 shekels.
  4. Even in the sand at the moment the prices are unfounded, the same problems that exist here are also there. Just a bad time to buy a computer. Just saying that if you buy now you are paying a premium price of at least 2500 shekels. When everything will return to normal prices no one has a clue, can take many months. In any case it is of course your decision, just inform you about the situation before you make a decision.
  5. SUPER 2080 can still be found today at 3300 and again it's premium prices because of the period and the corona. https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=19902&search=2080+super I do not remember what the prices of 2080 SUPER were in the normal period but if I look at my 2060 SUPER I bought a year ago So in today's store it costs 2100 shekels, I bought at the time for 1650 shekels so I guess the price you see today for 2080 SUPER is a few hundred shekels good over what it was a year ago.
  6. 3080 immigrants currently in the country 5000 shekels, the cheapest I saw I think was 4700 shekels. This brings the cost already closer to 9000. The first question that comes to mind, how much is it stressful to buy a computer right now. It's really unaffordable time to buy a computer, currently paying premium prices also because everything has just been launched now, both because of lack of inventory and also because of the corona. The 3800, which currently costs NIS 5000, is a $ 700 card, which means that in normal conditions it does not exceed NIS 2800. The price of the 5600X processor is also particularly high, it is a $ 300 processor, it should cost around NIS 1200 on normal days. Also agree with yoavke that if you buy a computer now then Intel might be processing a little less well but in a funny way today gives a much better value for money ratio. The difference between an hexagon of Intel and AMD is not worth 500 shekels and even an octagon of Intel comes out 100 shekels less.
  7. In the meantime the bad news from CD Project just continues. Yesterday it was reported that the failed launch created a very toxic atmosphere between management and development teams. Worked there for a very long time 6 days a week and overtime to make up for the schedules set when the developers in advance said the schedules were impossible. In a closed panel held between the management and the employees, very serious allegations were made to the management by the development teams and the atmosphere was very difficult.
  8. The launch of the game is simply a disaster. Their stock has dropped by tens of percent and now Sony has taken the game out of their store and is returning the money to anyone who bought the game.
  9. Interesting review of Steve from GN on DLSS. Made it on 2060 KO and not on the most expensive series 3000 tickets. The technology looks not bad at all and if the support for it continues to grow then whoever gambled in the previous generation on the Nodia probably won. And he also does not forget to put them in the mail to Steve from Hardware Unboxed which is also a bit amusing. Worth watching in my opinion.
  10. Her nerves seem to have really screwed up here. Linus with his 12.5 million followers has dedicated an entire program to getting into them. And look what he showed there, who NVIDIA is quoting on their site
  11. Just pathetic, especially about two years after delicate there are single digit numbers of titles that support ray tracing.
  12. For NIS 5000 you will not be able to upgrade anything except the video card. Only the 3080 will cost you NIS 4000+. Yes, your system will definitely be a bottleneck for such a card that varies depending on the game. If you had a 7700K rushed to 5GHz then I would say that the bottleneck is not one that justifies a platform change at the moment but with the 7700 running max at 4.2GHz I am not sure this is the best idea. The more important question is what resolution you are playing at. 1080P for example makes no sense to buy such a card.
  13. 2 things on the subject. 1. Anyone looking for an old i7 processor is probably looking to upgrade an existing system. It does not help him to have a 10100F for NIS 400 if he also needs to buy a new motherboard (and in some cases also memories) 2. Not everyone who sells and buys by hand 2 necessarily understands too much or is up to date in the world of hardware. They just look for a price in Zap, see the price it rose a few years ago and that's how they are priced. Try to explain to him that it's a processor worth today's i3 and he will be sure you're trying to work on it.
  14. Just check that it fits in the case because I think it's physically a bit bigger, believe it will fit but because you chose a relatively small case then check anyway.
  15. good decision. The GIGABYTE z490m has a shocking VRM, do not understand why Z490 boards with such a VRM are bad. I was there, at least one in front putting in, one up taking out, one behind putting out. If you buy 5 then it will suffice not bad cooling but they have for the same price the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Spectrum RGB which has 4 tubes compared to 3 in rock slim by KITGURU (who usually knows what he is talking about) https: //www.kitguru .net / components / cooling / dominic-moass / be-quiet-pure-rock-slim-cooler-review / 6 / Hyper 212 is significantly better cooling.
  16. Honestly, I did not look at it. Just asus' heatsink seems more serious but it's also a consideration. Overall I think it's better to have a slightly larger and ventilated case than to replace a board. Must note that there is probably no micro board more lucrative than the MSI MAG B460M MORTAR
  17. Do not see many options, or in the panel that etal suggested or the TUF-GAMING-B460M-PLUS-Wi-Fi https://www.plonter.co.il/detail.tmpl?sku=TUF-GAMING-B460M-PLUS-Wi -Fi & cart = 1606986393208695475 Both have more or less the same VRM but Asus seems to have a slightly more successful Hitsync
  18. Note 1. that you lower the voltage limit in the BIOS so that you can get the maximum operating frequencies that the board and processor allow. If I am not mistaken the default limits to Intel spec. It seems to me that it was once called ALL CORE BOOST or something like that, today I have no idea, should check in the booklet of the board. 2. In any case, I recommend thinking about good airflow in the case that will help lower the temperature of the VRM and CPU.
  19. According to Steve's test it is actually in second place or at most on par with the second board, the MSI Z490-A PRO runs at a higher frequency. To make a comparison you have to test them all under the same conditions, I do not have the ability to make a comparison from the right. I can say the asus PRIME Z490-P has VRM probably more successful but I do not think it will give you much, say run at 10 degrees less when all the cores are in effort. Because the processor you chose does not have OC capability so does not see what the point is.
  20. It is available at TMS for a little less than NIS 400.
  21. In this price range from the selection in Plonter, it seems to me that the most affordable board is the TUF-GAMING-H470-PRO https://www.plonter.co.il/detail.tmpl?sku=TUF-GAMING-H470-PRO&cart=1605804594687871478 which costs NIS 640 .
  22. Need to check, I did not follow Intel boards. If I have time tomorrow evening or the day after tomorrow I will try to check. Maybe someone else knows how to recommend. What is the budget about?
  23. The DVI port is already a pretty old port, I expect to find it on less recommended budget boards. Besides the DVI port is not really an obstacle, it is always possible to buy an HDMI cable for DVI.
  24. Based on the boards you have selected, I guess you are looking at KSP. If I'm right, then in my opinion the most profitable board for you to buy is the MSI MAG B460M MORTAR LGA1200, which costs NIS 565. The differences between H470 and B460 are pretty minor https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/201841/intel-b460-chipset.html https://ark.intel.com/content /www/us/en/ark/products/201835/intel-h470-chipset.html and sums up mostly in the USB 3.2 Gen 2 port which anyway according to what I checked does not exist in the gigabyte. Relying on tests Steve did you will see the comparison between the MSI and the gigabyte (which is a board with a more successful VRM than the gigabit you chose) in the same TDP the MSI runs more than 10 degrees less. And if you lower the TDP limit then MSI runs the CPU at 4800 instead of 4400. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZe_VC4i3wk&t=442s
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