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  1. Personally agree, I would always prefer a slim computer over Lenovo. As for Dell's warranty, I have a good experience about Lenovo's warranty do not say. The Dell Latitude 7400 looks like a computer but I didn't see it sold with 10th generation processors but only 8 (not that it matters much to a total of quite similar processors) ultimately it all depends on the specification and the price gap.
  2. The fastest memory your computer can work on is 2133. The memories will work in the smallest common denominator of both. Assuming that the memory you have now is 2133 then they will work at 2133 and that is the maximum anyway. Regarding memory compatibility, this is a somewhat complex question because there are memories that sometimes do not work well whether on certain boards or with other models of memory. The safest thing is to buy a memory module approved by the computer manufacturer that in the case of HP I suppose it's modules they sell. Suppose they can give a slightly more practical answer because it has some modules that it has already tried.
  3. Makes sense, maybe that's why they only listed identical modules because it was really a bit weird.
  4. I say that the manufacturer's website only lists identical models. Doesn't mean it won't work, but it might not work.
  5. Yes, this is the HP EliteBook 840 with Skylake U processor processor as I thought. Basically this processor should work with up to 32G memory. On the HP website they list the possible configurations and list only the same size modules. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05259054 This is a bit odd to me and I'm not at all sure that means modules that are not the same size will not work together but that is what its name is. My question is why do you need 24G memory, it's really loads and probably won't be used unless you have some reason.
  6. It looks like a laptop, write SKYLAKE U Do you know what the model of the computer is? Is this the HP EliteBook 840/850? In principle, the SKYLAKE U processor can work with up to 32 gigabytes. Laptops have all kinds of weirdness sometimes so you have to check by specific model.
  7. I have it and it's great https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=940437
  8. Inaccurate, B460 panels are indeed limited to 2966 with i7 or i9 with i5 and i3 are limited to 2666.
  9. Looking for something like this https://ksp.co.il/?uin=100548&select=.268..271..214..442..432.&txt_search=?
  10. It is more interesting to me that it will not become a slush post, as it will really get the hang of it. In the meantime, the friends who do not think like you have matured much and have not responded here and it is to their credit. I also don't think it's a matter of group opinion. The person who runs the forum is the one who spends the most time here, it's not the first time, not second and third that it happens. I don't know the reason for this exclusion this time, but I guess it's just that the executives are just tired of wasting their time with these problems.
  11. A company, like there are people for you, be sure there are people against and if they start responding here it will just turn into an ugly discussion. In general, this is not a phenomenon but one specific user and it does not seem to me that anyone here will say what their opinion of the Napoleon user is. In particular.
  12. There are 2 reviews here that include some B550 boards. Most boards here are expensive and expensive flagships (+ $ 200) so I find no sense in buying them across the X570, but there are boards like the excellent mentor who also got an upgrade (especially for VRAM) that comes with a price tag of $ 160. Expensive in a significant way compared to the price tag of the B450 but it is indeed a much better board. Apparently the cheap B550 boards will be as crappy as most B450 boards of today but there will be boards around $ 150 which are definitely boards worthy of 3950X as well. In shekels, it seems to me that translates to about NIS 650-700. It's a jump of about NIS 200 from today's prices but again it's really much better boards.
  13. Try what yoavke wrote you step by step. First thing to do is to isolate the problem, you need to remove the video card from the equation. 1. Disconnect the video card completely from the computer, connect the monitor to the motherboard port and check if working. 2. Doesn't help, reset bios and try again (with the subtle video card disconnected).
  14. Yes, it's fine with even more powerful processors.
  15. Because his VRAM on the face and Hitsink on VRAM are not enough to make up for it. Very borderless board for a processor like 3700X, beyond that there is nothing to talk about. By the way, the MSI X570-A-PRO also has a pretty poor VRAM, it's not just cheap. A board is not recommended either.
  16. Lol ... I haven't used one since the 90's when everyone else was a modem. In any case, it works and even has built-in windows software, DIALER.EXE
  17. Do not even consider buying the TUF, it's a crappy board. The only B450 in Polanter that comes into consideration is MSI's Tomahawk https://www.plonter.co.il/detail.tmpl?sku=B450-TOMAHAWK-MAX&cart=1591993998338281291 and I would not buy it at the moment because they already have a list of B550 boards on the site. No prices, which means they will be available very soon.
  18. This guy is one of the most respected reviewers in the world of hardware. If there is anyone I trust what he has to say about hardware then he is one of them. This man does not come up with answers he has an open door and connections in all the biggest hardware companies in the world. And to the point, it doesn't matter at all, you keep writing and erasing the drive, bottom line if you keep NAND at a too low working temperature you could shorten its life.
  19. The specification you received is excellent. I personally would even save NIS 800 and take the 2060 SUPER, it won't give the 144 in maximum settings but yes it will give 100+. One thing I would change is to take 3600 instead of 3600X, in terms of performance there is no difference and save 100 NIS. If you want to take the 3700X which has 2 more cores but as of now you won't see a difference between 6 and 8 cores in games. And lastly, we are probably about 3 months away from the next generation of processors, so if you can wait then it is best to wait at the moment with a new computer.
  20. What's the problem? Click on the link -> https://youtu.be/KzSIfxHppPY?t=376 Link to YouTube, works without any problem.
  21. If he thinks upgrading a processor to the next generation at some point, the TUF-B450M-PRO-GAMING is not a good choice. Also don't really understand why taking 3800X instead of 3700X, just more expensive and zero extra performance.
  22. They can monitor your connection and see what speeds you get and if there are disconnections for example. You won't solve the problem alone.
  23. Take a look at the explanation in the video and understand. What happened to you is exactly what happens when the cattle overheat. Cooling the NAND is unnecessary and can even shorten the life of the drive if you do not let them operate at the temperatures they need at the time of writing.
  24. What made it all right, based on what he decided? If you get a speed which is at best 10% percent of what you should get then probably something is wrong. Keep calling and ask for a technician to fix the problem.
  25. 2 very good boards for around NIS 1000 Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS The features you give up are not worth the extra NIS 500 and you will probably never use most of them. What do you give up? WIFI, BT, X16 expansion slot running at X8 speed, one SSD slot, other nice features like CLEAR CMOS and others more used by people who like to play with OC. Because it runs at a speed of 2,000 MB / s Read, 1,700 MB / s Write and even a PCEI3 X4 slot can utilize an SSD like the SX8200 running at 3500 / 3000MB (not that I think you will notice a difference) an excellent RM series of the Cruiser. Antech has the ANTEC High Current Gamer series, also quite good, comes with a 10 year warranty. As for cases it is difficult to advise, everyone has their own style. 2 good packages https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&path=100014_10002_10047&product_id=19612 https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&path= 100014_10002_10047 & product_id = 17524 which I like and have good airflow. Do not know what to tell you. Honestly do not think you will feel such a big difference with the 1070 between 3700X and 4700X when it comes out. You also do not know how much better it will be and how much it will cost. It might be worth considering buying the 3700X now and postponing the CPU upgrade to when it will be more critical.
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