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  1. It is advisable to see this explanation https://youtu.be/KzSIfxHppPY?t=376 briefly - the memory itself does not have to and it is even harmful to cool down, while writing memory should run at higher temperatures. The only component that can be cooled is the controller and this is only in case it overheats and lowers performance to lower temperature.
  2. Do you need another computer now? If not then I see no point in buying X3300 for a few months when you have 2500K. I'm also not sure it's such a lucrative solution even if you need a new computer now. Lampert himself: For that, buying a good supplier with defenses. The Taichi is a good board but I don't understand what it gives you a shekel for 1000 shekels doesn't give you and besides the B550 boards on the way, they are much cheaper and probably enough for a gaming system. I also could not understand why it is important to you in NVME with PCI4 when you choose SSD that does not take advantage of even the PCIE3 power is completely excessive, for such a system is 550W too much. The chassis is pretty flimsy, sure you can find something with better and more aesthetic airflow.
  3. lompy

    Want to add a second NVME

    I don't think you read that right. It does not share bandwidth with the slot of the video card but with the port below it. As long as this card name is not connected this will work in X4.
  4. Ibori's clientele is not the people who make up a computer alone on the Internet. To the best of their bid memories, they do not specify a price for each component separately, but a price for an entire system. Try to put together a complete specification in Ivori and another store and see what the price gaps are at the end. In any case that's what it is, buy wherever you go, no computer parking is missing.
  5. I can only guess that the prices of memories are so low and the profit margin is so low that they do not want to sell them but as part of a new computer structure. Go to the store and sit down with their representative and see what price they give you for an entire system.
  6. Well, legitimately, there is no right or wrong here. I personally would go for the 2600 which I think will be ravant for longer.
  7. I'm not sure that's a correct consideration. All these tests are done with 2080TI or 1080 TI, we are talking here on a computer with 1650. Taking square cores instead of hexagonal cores does not seem right in future vision a little further. And if already square-core maybe the i3 10100 would be a better choice than the 3300X.
  8. Yes, it seems to me. Wait for more comments There may be more ideas.
  9. In fact, a previous generation AMD processor can be a bad solution for an inexpensive gymnast, it's still a very good processor. Total relative to the budget limit detailing not bad at all. Things I would change, memory at 3200 plus NIS 20. Very old and quite minimal video card, I would add NIS 100 to a 1650 card which is quite substantial relative to the price increase.
  10. Do you have a Core I7 8700 processor and you want to build a specification around it?
  11. The board has 2 memory slots, assuming you have an 1-gigabyte 8 stick today and not a 2-gigabyte 4-gigabyte, so in principle the memory should match. It is advisable to buy a stick of memory identical to the stick you already have today, if you cannot find one then it is better to buy a stick with the same speed and timing. If you do not have the same stakes in terms of spasms, then the speed and timing will be determined by the slowest of them. Sometimes identical sticks may not work properly with one another.
  12. This specification is eye work. The processor is legacy when a new generation 10 processor costs just the same and much stronger than it. Not specified from which vendor company and this means that it is probably an inferior generic vendor that could put your computer at risk in the event of a surge. The rest of the specification is very basic, not recommended parts, but it can be considered dependent on budget and usage. There is no SSD specification that this is quite mandatory on a new computer today but again depends on budget. And just know that the chassis in the specification is not the chassis you see in the picture and is not very high quality. I quickly built a specification based on i3 generation 10 with parts parallel to what you have in the specification which is about the minimum value and cost me NIS 2250. In short, you can build a computer with a much more powerful processor and slightly better parts for the same price. Fill out the questionnaire for the site and already help you build normal specifications.
  13. In my opinion, AMD has caught on and raised the price of their zip.
  14. The point is that probably B550 extensions of the same quality of B450 boards that cost $ 100 today will probably cost tens of dollars more.
  15. I don't think so, it's just the top of the B550 so they put 16 phases. Maybe the new processors come with higher frequencies but not beyond that.
  16. FHD is recommended up to 24 inches. 2K Recommended 27inch I with a 27K 2K screen, sitting 60-70cm off the screen and it turned completely. Before that I had 24 FHD and I had to sit a little closer to the screen. At first it seemed a little big but very quick to practice. I personally prefer Always IPS with such a card, my recommendation is only 144 Hz screen. If you go on a FHD screen with a card like 2070 SUPER, you will get between 100-144 FPS in ultra settings in most games. Even if you go 2K screen then in ultra settings you will of course get less but Gentle well beyond 60 FPS and if you lower some settings then again getting 100+ FPS IPS 2K 144HZ screen will cost you around NIS 2300.
  17. So plus NIS 160 there is a basic Z490 board that can also utilize 3200 memory. If pressed on computer then this is a good solution plus not so great.
  18. In short, we are probably going to get boards that are currently sold in Israel for NIS 450 for NIS 600. Yes, they will have an improved VRAM but it doesn't really justify such an increase in price.
  19. Even the bazooka could not be obtained in the country at such a price.
  20. That being said, but if I remember correctly I haven't really seen a drop in X570 prices in the country since launch.
  21. The prices of the B550 boards are exposed and are significantly higher than the B450 boards, an average of $ 50. Amd / comments / grl1in / msi_b6_launch_pricing_announced_starting_at_866 /
  22. So what do you ask, if it is worth paying more than 1000 shekels for this package? Only this you can answer, to me this chassis is not worth NIS 1000 and probably not to anyone else. With the PCMR version everything is beautiful and special for you and you are ready and able to spend such amount on a chassis so be happy. As for shipping, the more hands touching it, the more likely it is to damage it. His packaging doesn't look like anything special and if the messenger company throws it away then it can be damaged. Warranty that a shipment will arrive properly from the seller is only within the US. After the product arrives, the warranty goes to the sub-company that carries out the shipment to Israel. They ask for an extra charge and also have to check what it includes, whether it includes the value of the product or the total cost. Don't know what to do about shipping increases, even though logic tells me they should give it up. Also check what courier company customers have to say about their behavior in case the product is damaged. Plus you can't be 100% aware of the final price. And Customs will decide to add one or the other fees they will charge those amounts from you. Take into account that if all the corona you can wait a long time for your package now. They also ensure that the product arrives properly and the price The final deal.
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