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  1. It's in stock https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=103030?
  2. Are you talking about this case https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&path=100014_10002&product_id=17902?
  3. lompy

    Operating system help

    Basically you're right and that's how it's supposed to work, but in reality I've been able to use old unused mobile serials (which are OEM-defined) to activate a new PC and it works without a problem. It seems to me that Microspot allows these loopholes because they want everyone to move to Winodes 10, I think they would also give it away for free but if people are willing to pay then why not take their money from them. Windows 10 has gone from an operating system to a spyware that keeps track of everything you do, it's worth a lot more money to Microsoft than the hundreds of shekels that an operating system costs.
  4. I didn't understand the point, if Cyril says he has the processor in stock then he has the processor in stock. I'm sure he'll be happy to sell you one, too.
  5. I don't know, I see quite the opposite, as a programmer I also run servers for testing and development on my computer and sometimes use virtual machines and multi-core, making life easier for me because everything runs more smoothly.
  6. More or less agree with the analysis but not if your final conclusion. I don't think that saying it's relevant to a handful of users is true. Ultimately the hexagon is the new intermediate processor. Maybe it's more about branding than a real need right now, but both as an office computer and as a home computer, it's the GO TO processor for anyone buying a new computer. And the truth is, yes it makes sense, the price increase compared to 4 cores is not so significant and the computer you buy will probably remain relevant for longer. Another point, there is quite a bit of professional work that requires processing power but not a GPU, for example programmers.
  7. Not really. If you have an old video card then I'd go for 3600 instead. The 3600 is a little stronger than the i5 and costs a little less but it doesn't have an igpu so it needs a video card in addition.
  8. The specs are not bad, but not in my opinion. The 3400G is pretty much weaker than the i5, you save 250 shekels which is a little less than 10 percent of the price but loses much more 10% in performance. In addition, there is no point in putting on such a processor that costs NIS 130. I would wait until it was in stock.
  9. Agree with you that at current pricing you can say that it is an unnecessary processor for Gymnig but in my opinion it is incorrect to say that it is an absolute unnecessary processor. The i5 has an igpu which is a big advantage for anyone who doesn't need a zoning graphics card (I think it's most people)
  10. There is no point putting 3200 memory with the maximum H470 board they support this 2933 and i3, i5 officially only supports up to 2666
  11. Indeed AMD processor is a slight priority and also the instability of delicate Intel tablets is unstable by what many reviewers say, but AMD processor does not have igpu which makes it irrelevant to this specification.
  12. Probably very few people. It will be more relevant to people who want to replace their 3600 with a used 4900 Governor in a few years
  13. Steve from GN did some in-depth research on the subject, which is quite interesting for anyone who is able to see all 40 minutes. One of the things he said there makes me believe that they ended up coming back because of MSI pressure that probably also invested in stock for the B450 boards and also assured its customers who bought the MAX boards with 32M bios that the boards will support Risen's next generation. MSI was getting screwed big and maybe even exposed to lawsuits which is what I think made AMD come back. Notice that AMD does not guarantee support but says it will make the most of its efforts, meaning it will not charge the manufacturers, they will decide whether to issue an update or not. By what he says Gigabit and Asruk were pretty much on the fence and Assos was even quite pushed in the direction of stopping support. That is, even if AMD releases an uncertain update that the other manufacturers in general will want to invest in updated bios.
  14. There are plenty of courier companies that give you shipping address in the USA and ship the parcel to the country. Shipo, ushops, mustop, deals.
  15. Maybe it will help. On the control panel you go to network settings where you go to CHANGE ADAPTER SETTING you will find your network card, open it, in the Network tab, click on the button that says CONFIGURE I have an Intel card, so under the tab called LINK SPEED there is a DROP DOWN called SPEED AND DUPLEX. If you have an Intel card then you may have the same thing if you have another card, it seems to be under the Advanced tab. If you have a CAT6 cable, a Giga card that connects to a Giga port on a modem router, then you can choose from the 1 Giga Full Duplex list.
  16. It seems to be more about competition than technology. All the rumors right now (if they are true) about Ampere are talking about level improvements where HIGH END will be cards that will give 100HZ + in 4K but as long as there is no price competition or almost no performance level, what Sweden does will simply invent new price levels like they did with 2 generations The latest.
  17. I can agree with everything except one thing, AMD doesn't do for the community, AMD does for AMD and we happen to be generous. There are business considerations as well as legitimate limitations such as BIOS size and VRAM design on older boards you can get but the fact that they released ZEN2 without B550 boards up to this moment and now say 400 series boards will not support this unethical behavior. But like you said, we could be in much worse shape.
  18. Very disappointing but predictable. It would have been a bit more understandable if they had released the B550 boards six months ago and not just in June.
  19. You see in the screenshot that the two things that add the most memory are chrome as everyone obviously saw but the WINDOWS DEFENDER also catches an unusual amount of memory. Here are some explanations you could try to reduce the amount of memory used by WINDOWS DEFENDER. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/antimalware-service-executable-high-disk-memory/cc35dee2-032c-4e39-a04d-9a94c7964b0d Besides, I don't see anything really unusual here In terms of memory usage. Out of 4 gigabytes, WINDOWS uses about 3 and seeing chrome (or any other browser for that matter) at 500MB is not unusual at all even with few open tabs. The exception is that disk usage is 100%. One has to figure out if this is a specific chromium problem or is really due to a memory deficiency. It would be simplest to use another browser and see if it too is 100% disk usage because in terms of memory usage there will probably be no significant difference. If it only happens in Chrome then either you replace a browser or try what's written here https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/google-chrome-high-disk-usage-100-percent/
  20. It seems to me that this is the most logical decision, at least it seems to me.
  21. I have no patience for you, already know who you are. Open the discussion to make it clearer. The Samsung on paper is very similar to other Dell IPS models in both dry data and ergonomics, I did not find any serious reviews about it but for its price I look good on screen. Between him and the buckets for them I would go for what is cheaper. Lenovo's plus is the 1440P but beyond that the screen is 8BIT compared to 6+ FRC in Samsnog and Del. The minus is its class is not ergonomic but also quite unstable. The question is which of the two things is more important to you. Something else I might be able to contribute from my experience, a very nice 1440P screen with you have some things open at the same time. So if you study programming for example I think it will help you to open the software and study sources / examples next to each other, if you just need to browse and read documents then less critical.
  22. The 2060S is not a 4K card, nor is the 2070S exactly 4K (possible if you compromise on settings). 2060S It's a 1440P card with a high refresh rate if you compromise a bit in settings or a 1080P with a high refresh rate in the highest settings. For 4K games you can also play at 1080P resolution because the pixel mapping is exactly 1: 4, can't give any evidence of what it looks like in reality. Understanding correctly, in my opinion, is the most correct. Pretty big bottleneck (average 10-15% less than a modern processor) and like I said so too, it is OVERKILL to 1080P. Your WARZONE 2060S resolution will also suffice. Speaking of 4K the processor does play a less important role because most of the load is on the video card so the processor is a smaller bottleneck. In the 4K combination of 2070S with your processor in high settings you will get roughly an average of 30-60FPS depending on the game, if you download to medium settings you will probably reach 50-70 FPS in most games. The answer depends on the question is when are you going to buy the next computer. Bottom line if you really care about 4K and you're on a budget I guess the 2070S can be a kind of solution but I don't know how optimal it is, I don't think I would recommend it. In my opinion if you are going to buy a computer soon you will wait and buy everything new, if not then buy the 2060S. For your normal screen it will be over and above the maximum TV will settle and play at 1080P, even as you sit relatively far away from it compared to a computer screen so UPSCALE should be fine.
  23. Then? It is still better screen than any other budget. It was also not just a recommendation. Besides no one sells screens made 8 years ago today, it's just a very old and very successful model.
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