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  1. On paper, the Samsung looks great screen, ergonomic and with a variety of ports. Lenovo is very hard to find reviews on but I have seen people here and there write that overall they are not bad screens and quite satisfied. On paper the data of this screen also look good. I think 24 inches for 2K resolution is a bit small, for 2K I would go for a screen of At least 27 inches. I would not take this Dell, first of all built-in speakers is not really an advantage, the speakers that are built into the screens are pretty bad. Secondly DELL has much better screens and budget ergonomics like https://ksp.co.il/? uin = 13766 & select = .1024..230. & txt_search =
  2. You cannot upgrade a processor on your current board. Trinity - board + processor + memory. The current processor will certainly create a bottleneck for a card like the 2070S and it is also a 1080P 60KP screen with a 1080HZ refresh rate which I guess you have (correct me if I'm wrong) if you are not replacing a computer or not planning to replace a computer then there is no point in waiting for the next generation. Plus if you don't have a resolution screen higher than 144P or a 2060HZ refresh rate it is no use looking at the expensive tickets. The strongest card I've been on your current computer is 1660S even XNUMXS.
  3. The 1070 is supposed to support 4 monitors so there is no need for a processor with IGPU that will use the graphics ports of the board. I would go for 3600 as you wanted. 2 bad things stand out in the specs you built. The first board you chose has VRAM really bad, if you buy at KSP the only cheap board that comes to mind is https://ksp.co.il/?ref=mobileToDesktop&uin=51711 The best B450 boards there are MSI Tomahawk / Mortor and Bazooka Plus if you find them In another store. 2666 memory is not recommended for Risen processors, slow memory degrades their performance, the minimum memory I would take is 3000 and preferably 3200.
  4. It will also work and there will be no performance damage. Delicate video cards haven't gotten to the point they can make from PCIE 4.0, it's just a gimmick at the moment. The only thing that can benefit from PCIE 4.0 is the very fast and very expensive SSD.
  5. This is an exaggeration for clarifying a point, not something that strangers you. Plus, that's exactly what the link that brought "Ampere is going to be nuts, but a GeForce RTX 3060 that beats a $ 1200 card? Wow" means that an intermediate ticket sold at $ 400 will match the performance of a ticket sold today at $ 1200. It doesn't hurt and doesn't cancel, in fact everything that is said 100% true, it just wasn't relevant to the topic we were talking about nor to 90% of users (nor is Pips Blink mentioned to you) no, it just makes it irrelevant.
  6. Good question, about illegal-invalid. From a search I did, I found sites that gave a direct download link from Microsoft (the links no longer work) so you probably were a way to download and install it.
  7. Irrelevant to the point we were talking about, the pricing of the tickets does not depend on the points you raise even if they are correct. We talked about the fact that even if there is a jump in consumer price performance it didn't change until they had a competition so all those delusions that we get a 2080TI performance at 2060 SUPER prices are just unfounded. And what to do with all the benefits that RTX has at work is of no interest to 90% of people who buy these tickets. DLSS 2.0 really only looks promising that we are already ahead of the next generation launch and have only now managed to bring it to a state that it really works properly. And it looks like some games will support that because there are currently only 2.
  8. Intel's new processors have already been announced. From what I heard from end-of-month sellers, they are in stores. Worth the wait for a few weeks and get the same money from a processor which is 30% more powerful or get the most inexpensive computer but that's your consideration. In any case, you will resume.
  9. There was such a thing, sort of ... Once upon a time, Office 2010 had a version called microsoft office starter. It is a free version that has advertisements and includes only Word and Excel with limited functionality. For basic things maybe that could fit.
  10. So true, what all you have to do is look at the latest RTX launch and see that at every level of performance we have received the same price + common sense on RTX technology hardly ever used today. Prices only went down as AMD put their own worthy tickets at a lower price.
  11. It doesn't really help, it's kind of like you tell me you're traveling in Subaru. You need an exact model to figure out what its maximum resolution is or connect it to your computer and see what maximum resolution you can choose. You change the resolution on the device that sends the signal to the screen ie on your computer or in your case the converter. I'm guessing that the default converter is broadcast at 1080P and that your screen's maximum resolution is 1680X1050 so your screen can't display the image. I don't have a converter and I don't really know them but I think there is an option to change the resolution in the converters from 1080P to 720P (there may be more resolutions), I have no idea how to do it and if it is possible at all but I guess if it is possible then to do it You must first connect it to a standard FHD TV so that you can enter the appropriate settings in the converter and change them. Even if you manage to change the resolution in the converter to 720P, you will get a screen that has a natural resolution of 1680X1050, which is not optimal, because the ratio of 720P and 1080P is 16: 9 and 1680X1050 is 16:10. Try calling their support and ask if it is possible to change the resolution in the converter and how or if you wait for someone here who has the converter and knows it to check for you. Again, I'm just guessing what the problem is so I may not be in the direction at all but that's the only idea I have at the moment.
  12. The adapter in the picture is HDMI to DVI (not VGA) but as long as it connects then that's not the problem. What's the model of the screen? The screen's maximum resolution appears to be 1680x1050 and the converter probably emits a higher resolution that it is unable to display.
  13. Not before 2022. Today's board will never support DDR5. There may have come out boards that support both DDR5 and DDR4 (slim chance in my opinion), there were such things as they went from DDR2 to DDR3 for a short transition period. Guess that was to be expected, we already saw the difficulties of supporting ahead even though the X570 does not support it, it will be annoying. There are many reasons why choosing AMD, a motherboard is not the main one.
  14. Intel routinely releases a new Zipset in every generation of processors that comes out (although this is often not the reality). The 10th generation boards will probably only fit the 10th generation, there is little chance that Intel will allow the 11th generation processors to work on the 10th generation boards, even if technically they can. AMD's situation is different. AM4 AMD's current residency is suitable for Risen Generators 1,2 and 3. They have declared that it will be the same for all processors they will release by 2020, so the old Zipset boards should support this year's 4th generation. In practice the situation is a little more complicated because some of the new slaves have a lot more cores added and VRAM of some of the old boards were not designed to work with such processors. There are also boards that did not receive the update update to support more advanced generation processors. In general, anyone who bought a HIGH END board can also be said to support forward processors. As for GTX, TRX has nothing to worry about, all video cards have been connecting to the PCIE for many years and that is not going to change. Nowadays the most common connection is PCIE 3.0 except for AMD X570 panels which support PCIE 4.0 which is faster but is insignificant as far as video cards are concerned at the moment. The cards today are not strong enough for them to really take advantage of PCIE 4.0 and right now I also do not see when that will happen. PCIE 4.0 may be more relevant in the future to SSDs who can take advantage of it. Today's SSDs are very expensive. As for memory, today's memories are DDR4 and those memories have been in use for quite a few years now. We are currently talking about the next generation of AMD (ZEN 4) coming out in 2022 to support DDR5. Intel is likely to do the same.
  15. Ok I found https://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=59367 I couldn't remember most accurately, it was a capacitor on the main board I301, I had exactly the same problem as the guy in the post. Luckily my dad understands electronics so it really targeted him for the problem. In any case, you'll probably need to find someone who understands electronics to test or direct you. Hope this helps somehow.
  16. It happened to me exactly the same a few years ago with a similar DELL screen. If I remember correctly it was the counter or capacitor that went in the supplier's board. Don't understand it too much, but at the time I found a post from a guy who had the same glitch. He took photos and the component he pointed out was exactly what went for me and it sounds like you have the same problem. I will try to look for the links to you.
  17. This is not the time to buy an Intel-based computer unless it suffers a delay. A few days ago Intel already announced the next generation of processors. Today's i3 is similar to i5's a few years ago. The i3 of the new series will be parallel to the i7 of a few years ago. Prices remain similar. By the way, integrating the i3 with the GT1030 is a very unpopular combination. In terms of gaming the GT1030 is the same as the performance of the AMD's built-in graphics processor 3400G but the 3400G is more powerful than the i3 generation 9 and the price overall comes out a little cheaper. By the way Lowest but not beyond, I'm also not sure I would buy a new video card, you should check out what's in hand 2. At prices lower than the 1030GT there are cards that are even a little stronger than the 2.
  18. It does not work because it is a VGA to HDMI adapter, you need a reverse adapter from HDMI to VGA.
  19. I haven't read the whole discussion so I don't know if there is any reason why the 3600X was chosen but it is not worth the extra NIS 100. The standard 3600 will give the same performance. AMD's PBO will also bring all cores to the maximum possible. Another thing I would change the board to, the VRAM cheap boards are pretty bad, not the most critical when it comes to 3600 but I would still invest a little more and buy the MSI Bazooka Plus which is much more successful https://www.tms.co.il/70899 want To say something more general, when I see someone going to spend NIS 500 on my WIN 10 my stomach is shrinking. WINDOWS has become a Microsoft spy tool and you still pay them to use it and that is before they even talk about their updates that once again cause blue screens and even delete files. You can buy serials that work in very small amounts or find old serials from WIN7 OEMs that work. You can even install WIN10 and not polarize it. Except for the water mark on the bottom right and blocking the option to change background there will be no limit.
  20. Finally, Intel is competing. Wonder what the reaction from AMD might be, maybe lowering prices?
  21. Here we just talked and announced the new processors https://hwzone.co.il/main-computers/ Performance-Growing-Prices-Reducing-Recognize / As in rumors another HT for all processors and i9 got 2 more cores. Prices as in the current generation.
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