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  • Birthday 06/10/1980

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  • Computer specification
    [center] [IMG] [/ IMG] [/ center]
    [LEFT] [B] Monitors [/ B]: 3X DELL U2312hm [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] CPU [/ B]: Intel i7-4930K Ivy Bridge-E 3.4GHz [/ LEFT]
    [B] Motherboard [/ B]: Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4 [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] CPU Cooler [/ B]: Cooler Master Eisberg 240L [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] PSU [/ B]: seasonic 860w platinum [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] GPU #1 [/ B]: MSI 7970 lighting 3gb GHz [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] GPU #2 [/ B]: MSI 7970 3gb OC Edition [/ LEFT]
    [B] SSD [/ B]: Samsung 840 EVO Series 250GB [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] Case [/ B]: NZXT Phantom 630 Ultra Tower [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] Memory [/ B]: Corsair XMS3 4x4GB DDR3 1333Mhz [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] Hard disk #1 [/ B]: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] Hard disk #2 [/ B]: Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] Audio card [/ B]: creative x fi xtreme [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] Mouse [/ B]: Logitech G700 + Steelseries 4HD Pad [/ LEFT]
    [LEFT] [B] Headphones [/ B]: Cooler Master CM Storm Pulse R [/ LEFT]
    [B] Keyboard [/ B]: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate [/ LEFT]
  • Gadgets
    [CENTER] [SIZE = 3] [B] Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300
    [SIZE = 3] [B] Android 4.1.2 SlimBean
    [/ B] [/ SIZE] [B] SanDisk 2GB MicroSD Class 16 [/ B] [/ SIZE] [/ CENTER]

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