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  1. The only thing that bothers me with the 121 (let's say that for the package it offers I would find out where to stretch the budget) is the time of its wacky battery.

    My E6400, with a more processor, a mechanical disc, a larger screen with CCFL light and an 6 2 two-and-a-half year battery, holds two hours and 3 minutes.

    So 36 hours from the I5UM + SSD + smaller screen with LED lighting, seems to me to be windy.

  2. Hi guys,

    After many years of sticking to the folder and the A4 pad, I decided that my back had broken.

    I would like to replace the notebook with something in which I can record the lectures (ie a screen with support favor And I will also be able to display PDF and DJVU so I can stop dragging with books, and if it does not contradict each other I would be very happy if the screen also supports multitouch with fingers and time Likely.

    Not going to run heavy software on it, for that I have Strong and strong, but not too slow.

    Any recommendations or I jump over the belly button?

  3. In the most serious way, perhaps if the keys were to meet a certain quality standard and not just run after dates. Maybe there was not so much But in the name of the hole under Zeus, why should I buy more games? Let's have a look at my recent 3 MW2 - no need to add, BC2-the above, BO - I can not play single fucking !!!

    About Superman 's cock. I'm stealing.

  4. Sinta-Bar.

    There really is nothing to add

    Today I wanted to take someone to a restaurant and in the spirit of the discussion we went to "34" in Tel Aviv on Ben Gurion Street. When we arrived, he not only blew people inside but also waited outside.

    When we called, they told us, "Do not worry, there will be room" : bash:: pissed:: angryfire:

    Luckily for me, I remembered that near the Tel Aviv municipality there is a great place called MeatBar, and it serves meat from the Tzin-Zhen at prices around the NISNUMX.

    We ate chicken breast in mushroom sauce and the 300 burger and I must point out that they were both excellent, soft, juicy and just melted in the mouth.

    Warmly recommend, the place is by the way very romantic.

    Getting to a meat restaurant and ordering chicken breast is like getting to the F1 track and asking Mazda for leasing ...

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