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  1. The wireless internet access on your computer is zero.

    What is better to upgrade so that the reception on the computer will be good and the network will be stable?

    The router or the wireless network card that connects to the computer?

    I'd be happy if you could also give recommendations for specific devices.

    (I thought at first about the correlation But I realized that the sockets in the living room and the room do not sit on the same stage, which will not allow it.)

  2. In my opinion the creators of the 2 portal thought about the whole idea of ​​fluid

    From the insideTag: The Power of Paint that came out long before the 2 portal.

    It's a free game, really easy but very special and beautiful.

    I do not think you can keep it but it's really short so just finish it in one sitting.

    You are welcome to download it from here:;main

    Enjoy! : xyxthumbs:

  3. It depends on how long it takes you to pass the riddles.

    It seems to me but it was between 5 and 7-hours, something like that.

    I've finished the first term of my acquaintance (really short) so far there is not too much new under the sun

    So if you have not yet "started" the game.

    At first it feels like the first game, then the real game begins ... : xyxthumbs:

  4. In my opinion the best shooting game for 4 players is modern warfare 2!

    Although each series Xbox360 supports 4 players

    There are a lot of maps that are not too large and the fact that over time each player rises levels

    And opening up new features, chapters and weapons gives a good reason not to get bored of it so quickly (if at all; D)

    There is also the halo reach and predecessor Halo 3 only which are not as realistic as the series .

    Although in the series The multiplayer is very varied and has lots of original game types and is fed up fairly quickly (in my opinion anyway).

    What's more, you should at least try it because some of the game types you will not find in any other game!

    have fun! : xyxthumbs:

  5. Actually the only game that seemed interesting to me somehow and did not really explain how its control is HEROES ON THE MOVE - and this I would prefer without MOVE.

    (A game that unites the characters from Ratchet and Clunk, Jack Dexter and Sly Cooper and Bentley)

    Do not expect too much!

    As an avid fan of these three great series of games

    I also want to hope it will be a good game but the company that makes it (Nihilistic)

    I do not seem to have anything to do with one of the original companies that made the games.

    sucker punch works on infamous 2.

    Naughty Dog went to work on the excellent series

    And Insomniac is probably working on a new game,.

    Last year, too, a continuation of Jack and Dexter was not done by the original company and the results were accordingly - a terrible game!

    If this is not some sort of compilation of previous games with special control and graphic refinement then it seems to me that it is going to be disappointing ...

    Although I very much hope not - I miss Sally! : '(

  6. I currently have the 5800 and I want to upgrade to the iPhone.

    The thing is that if the next generation comes out in the near future it can lower the prices of existing generations

    So maybe you should wait with it.

    Anyway, I'm also debating whether to invest in 3GS or to be satisfied with 3G.

    On the one hand, I do not want to invest crazy sums on Pelephone

    On the other hand, if I've been buying , I want to buy a quality one that will be stable,

    So that he will not falter in various programs or games and will not disappoint!

    So what do you say about the 3GS?

    A worthwhile investment or a minimal change?

  7. "Under maritime law, protesters were allowed to open fire on them as soon as they boarded a ship without permission. In international waters, the ship is a sovereign territory for anything in the state under its flag."

    It's very nice, but don't forget that the purpose of the ships was to move humanitarian equipment to Gaza - a completely innocent one.

    The last thing you expect these people to do is to hurt and kill people.

    Well, when it comes to evenings it's a little less surprising ... :P

  8. I can't understand how the world sees this whole story as if we just killed people like that !!!

    What were the soldiers there supposed to do?

    - Israel wanted to transfer all equipment through the state after testing - did not want to!

    - We asked them several times to stop the ship - didn't want to!

    - And as soon as our soldiers get on the ship they tear up the shape with rods, chairs and knives (peace-loving people of course)!

    What do they want us to do? Shall we smile?

    The soldiers did the only thing they could do - defend themselves!

    And at last we came out to slaughter helpless people and the shocked world

    And anyway it was soldiers' stories but there really are Who prove it!

    Just don't believe it!

  9. It is probably impossible to select a game type in the new maps

    Because even so, too many people do not have the new maps

    So if it were also possible to filter the low total people in the first place

    People would complain that it would not find them games.

    Maybe that will change if time ...

    It would have been best if the maps were combined in the usual situations.

    It's not enough that it's annoying that you can not choose game types

    It's annoying that in this situation you only play in the news.

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