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  1. At the end we bought a SAMSUNG 980 SSD 1TB M.2
  2. Thank you The priority is for reliability, then speed, then price. 1Tb is the requested volume. I do not expect a drive that will last forever, but yes one that will not lag behind in 3 years (not a heavy user) and will give good speeds (PciE 3) ... If the WD I linked meets my needs, then it is good enough for me. Not expecting a Roller Royce at the Mazda price ...
  3. Good morning, I would love for recommendations on purchasing a 1Tb M2.0 SSD on Amazon at current deals for a new laptop I just purchased (comes with 256Gb only) as an upgrade / add-on. Lenovo ThinkPad E15 G3 15.6 "Ryzen 5 5500U prefers the price to be below the tax threshold (<75 $), high reliability (I realized that TLC with DRAM Cache is better) and relatively high speed. I saw this drive that looks attractive but is QLC without Cache - Western Digital 1TB WD Green SN350 I would love for suggestions and recommendations.Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, First of all I say that I am not really closed that it must be a stationary computer - if there is a priority in terms of Value For Money, then a laptop with a docking station is definitely possible. I would be happy to help build specifications for a new desktop computer, which replaces a 6-year-old desktop computer that pretty much finished the horse. Total amount for purchase 2000-2500 NIS Emphasis on suitability for years ahead and Value for money - no need for super performance. The computer is designed to be a home computer with office work, watching movies and an option for CAD work in small Project). You can also consider an onboard video card (just to be one of the latest) and allow an upgrade to a more powerful video card later. I already have a screen, mouse and keyboard. (About 380 years), so it is definitely possible to renew. The computer should be relatively quiet, and without pyrotechnics and RGB of any kind. Preference for buying in Israel, but you can buy components abroad (emphasis on Amazon) and I have no problem with self-assembly. Software and operating system will be purchased / delivered separately. On the face of it I have the impression that the computer should be based on some AMD 6, but it is not based on data, but on a gut feeling. Thanks in advance,
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