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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't registered here for years. But in no way, I'm storing up a relatively large collection of games. I would like to sell (collecting something else today)

    Link to drive :

    *There is , An excel file is divided into several categories, and are links to the collection of in MOBY GAMES (one of the best sites in terms of information and creating a convenient list as a name, especially as a database of computer games).

    Give me an opinion on cap, and how feasible to sell the entire collection (computer games are not the most lucrative to sell 1 1. Which have greater monetary value for some reason)


  2. Some comments from me, we'll start from ,

    I was just going on , Because all components are manufactured by them, too To the computer I try to buy only theirs.

    For 2-4 TB, the one who buys this is usually for storage, leaving a black WD of 4TB, and if 3 is already extraneous, you can buy about 600,

    On the inside there is more demand then at a price accordingly and not everyone wants to dismantle the extraterrestrial, since there is a warranty sometimes on the drive itself even if you dismantle it

    From the box

  3. For screens in 700 shekel, I can only say, information and it is a screen to the office and work if texts, you can live if it is,

    I'm an old 17 MAG "which is 16: 9 and a panel of ProView, but it's really health, a computer with nothing to do with anything unhealthy

    If all the heat and radiation emissions, but many of us work with them daily, then if possible in some way to reduce the damage,

    Money does not have to be a problem; D, so I kinda pity all those who buy screens cheaply if TN panel and all that out there.

    I would also add that the platitudes are more qualitative than the LCD / LED : Silly: , But this is no longer a subject for discussion. Everything has its shortcomings,

    But it is important that they do not harm us in the end.

  4. The intention is that it is a good size for many things, even for information movies and you do not want any more , It is possible to live if it is,

    The question of how much money you have, not always the biggest is best, but the question really is how far you will be from it, because in regular office use,

    Also 27 is already too big, so 30 .. On the other hand 30 will give you the most work space.

  5. I would go for 27, "regardless of whether the" Negus apple "makes computers if such screen size,

    They know who to set up a computer if the size of such a screen, in any case cheap will not go that size,

    Due to its high resolution, but this screen is several years old, the question of whether you really can not compromise

    In addition to television?

  6. Vendor is 012 Do you have something with yes then I guess you must - 5 Mega Speed.

    I have no plan Or something like that.

    I tried to reduce the amount of connections as galos recommended, but it did not help ... maybe at least now he was going to sites after 5 minutes.

    I will also try to limit upload and download speeds but I have already limited the number of connections to 130.

    I remember I once had no such problems ... Maybe this is a problem in the router settings? Or the router itself (i.e. before I didn't have that specific router)

    The problem arises?

  7. Axle Geforce 9300GT 1024 MB GDDR2 Arctic Cooling, FULL + LOW PROFILE S-VIDEO PCI-E Retail T93GS1G

    242 NIS

    I haven't offered another, I know there are problems with the adapter, and SVIDEO is completely different from VGA, the card I signed up here, you think? And how important is memory on the video card?

    Because differences are not great .., in addition, about a processor do you think is good enough? Even so, everything goes through video card hardware advice, but with an important strain, so I'll make one another, just because it's a computer to And just like that for 720P in the meantime, there's no need for anything alive.

    * Motherboard, to go in the direction of the jetway at all? Or gygabite preference?

    * And with a must disc as a new dialog? Because I have one of 20GB on 7200 that works pix, and I only need an operating system.

    I didn't seem to stay anywhere.

  8. I would like a recommendation for the cheapest specs you can buy, that will deal with 720P and will work well with Boxy as well. I probably had too high expectations of the severity I have for the young man, and I no longer want to spend money that way too much. And don't throw a crap around here like LCD, etc. And download DVDRIP, I want to be ready for the future I probably have LCD

    * No need for a chassis, I bought one of 100 that looks pretty bad, and it turned around after putting the hardware into it.

    * No DVD burner needed, I already have a good one

    * No need for a wired keyboard, also because I already have one integrated with a mouse

    I need:

    Processor (No matter for AMD or Intel the main thing is cheap)

    Video card, as hardware-fiancé tuner (important to work well with boxy), and another critical thing for me (either SVIDEO, or via adapter, I don't have an LCD)

    Remember, I think 1GB will suffice?

    * Oh and no need for disk as a dialog, I have an old one of 20GB on 7200RPM just for operating system, came up with a really must, because the content is like that on disk as external 2TB. And this is basically, I buy at KSP because it is close to me and cheap there. Thank you very much people for the help.

    Pentium E5400, 2.70GHz, 800Mhz, s775, 2MB, DualCore, Tray


    Don't know about that with cooling?

    JETWAY G31-GM4 s775 1333Mhz, Intel G31, 2xDDRII 800, VGA, PCI-E, HDAudio


    GIGABYTE - G31M-ES2L s775 C2D 1333Mhz, Intel G31, DDRII 800, VGA, PCI-E


    1GB Kingston Value


    1GB Samsung Value



    2GB Samsung Value


    2GB Kingston Value


    if need 2GB?

    Zotac 8400GS Gen2 512MB GDDR2 DX10 DVI HDMI PCI-E

    195 (Write on a manufacturer's website that has S-VIDEO) ... m-fsl.html

    Through Immigrant Coordinator?

    Or does the adapter that KSP sellers really work with any video card? (VGA - svideo)

    400W Real, 12cm Fan (24pin)


    * Will he be able to deliver the goods? Again I will repeat this, I will work with CRT, not LCD, so at the resolution the 800 will be 600 on 60HZ, at least it is by recommendation, and will work with boxee, my laptop is an excellent worker and I have not encountered any problems. And give me a clear answer about VGA to SVIDEO because I did not find any video card which is PCIE that has TVOUT as in older AGP models. thanks and have a good week.

    * Buying at the end of a month, because for a year and a half I've just been collecting pieces to assemble, but I have been working on it ... It's good that the chassis cost 100 a dime.

  9. AERO not sure you can not, I installed for someone recently on a stationary with a ge force fx5200 card : bash: hook

    Since the driver I installed was signed WHQL and it got a 2.0 score in WIN7, regarding mode, the processor must support virtualization

    And it is usually r Among the most expensive in the market, what it actually does is, runs In virtual , But any content you install on it is displayed in WIN7

    And in operation you do not need to run a full virtual machine, the software leaf opens as a separate window, its use is only for software that does not have simple support

    Working on win7 and I do not think there are many such, anyway the most important thing for you suddenly everything is to check the people have all the drivers on the manufacturer's website

    And with possible then check with there is support in Windows 7 from the manufacturer's point (true for models from the year + -)

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