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  1. Hi, First to your original question: Transformers that convert 240v to 120v have two main parameters: peak power and continuous power. Depending on the load you intend to connect to the transformer you need to make sure that it does not need its peak more than the peak that the transformer is capable of and as a continuous state. Also note that the transformer may be noisy and overheating. Regarding the device you are using: The device measures noise on AC voltage in mvpp units when below 50 it is considered non-noisy. In addition, to detect the noise source the device beeps according to the rate of change in the intensity of the electromagnetic field. The idea is that noise from a radio or motor transmitter source or a current breach are of a different nature that you can actually hear the difference. In the picture, the reading shows that there is actually no noise at all on the line. 1mvpp is like nothing and could have been a measurement problem. The device is still trying to characterize this negligible noise factor and I guess it sounds something at a very high frequency or even continuous, but it does not really matter because there is actually no noise. Imagine a radio that is tuned to a frequency that is not transmitted and simply increases the volume, you will hear a loud noise but it is not a radio transmission. But even if the measurement shows a high value, it matters to the supplier of a computer, but sensitive equipment. If you care about a clean ac source for your computer (even though computers are not at all sensitive to the ac input) the devices you want to buy will probably not be able to improve the noise. If you are afraid of electromagnetic radiation what ups or it interferes with other equipment the only solution is to physically keep it away, you can also go to another room if possible. There may be other solutions like a Faraday cage or things like that but you did not write down what problem you are really trying to solve. Successfully.
  2. Did you know? In 2007 hwzone published themselves in the popular science magazine!
  3. Blattman, I think your first sentence in the discussion sums it all up. Small security problem. And in my opinion very small. You create a public link even when you share a file from your drive (one of the options) and this is not a security issue by any means. However, ksp should not use such a link, but believe it or not there is a reason. Whatever it is, you can definitely "link" to a longer, random set of characters.
  4. Design, IO, Copy weight from readit: The difference is the design. The Vostro 5 series has an aluminum cover behind the screen, presumably the Vostro 3 series is all platic. The Vostro 5 also has thinner bezels around the monitor and is lighter. The Vostro 3 laptop lays flat on the table when you open the laptop to use it ... like most other laptops. When you open the screen on the Vostro 5, the back of the laptop is lifted as well which should allow for better airflow and typing angle. The Vostro 5 has a backlit keyboard, but the Vostro 3 does not. They have different optional dedicated GPUs; AMD for Vostro 3 and nVidia for Vostro 5..
  5. From what I understand you want to connect 2 computers using optical equipment. The question is for what purpose? If it's just a hobby then good luck. Expensive but possible. If it's for speed then at home distances you can reach 10G even with copper. (For which you will also need expensive support and drop equipment)
  6. True, Joshua's solution will probably work without problems except for a speed limit. The thing is, first of all the contractor probably does not work on a voluntary basis and if it is agreed with him on standard network cables between the rooms and this is not done (even if innocently) he should give account of the matter. (Threading some cables is not a relatively big deal on renovation / construction) And secondly, why should a person who buys or refurbishes a property over Internet speed when jumping to high speeds is already at the optical fiber door? I'm guessing that the discussion opens really doesn't want to upgrade its infrastructure in the coming years. In any new construction today in the country, it is customary to deploy at least cat6 cables to support speeds of up to 10 Gigabit per second.
  7. No, network cable has 8 tendons. Another cable should be threaded into the channel. The adapter for a Guiss box (or Nisko) is also more expensive. Edit: Unless you want to connect the modem there ...
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