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  1. I have the note 4x in the version of the 32 Giga.


    Works great, e-sim (what i bought), has generation 4 ... Good (at least for me), running smooth and unplugged, loading once every two days + full use, fingerprint reader (really convenient instead of typing passwords).


    What is ...

    I have hardly found a glass shield and transparent plastic when I bought it in Israel - after that I ordered accessories from abroad.

    If you buy at a good price, say if you are in Eilat or something can be found in my opinion on 600-700 shekel? About a year ago I bought it at 850 or 900 did not remember exactly but there was an attractive price compared to the alternatives.


    I do not know the A1 but as a company from my record I am very pleased and it is definitely worth checking out the merchandise they offer.

  2. I bought at 800 at about the same time Note 4x is just a great device, for the low amount I invested in it (today it is cheaper in my opinion and there are new models) it works great.


    I had a past , , And other such brands and the other (I might have had bad luck) that my record just works. Running smoothly and without problems - in addition to loading it once every two days in full use.


    It is definitely worth my while to check Chinese brands.

  3. Hello everyone,

    Some of my acquaintances who are older people and do not get along with English were used to this day in Movie Maker's To edit .

    Hebrew interface and simple menus were very convenient for them.


    Recently, since their computers were upgraded to Windows 10, the software fakes and does not even cost on some computers, reinstallation also did not solve the problem.


    From what I remember stopped developing Movie Maker about 5-6 years ago?


    There is another alternative that is in the same style. Hebrew interface will be a bonus and if it is free at all good.


    Thanks for the help.

  4. A very interesting discussion,

    I am currently studying for MCSE and we are dealing a lot with storage technologies of all kinds.


    Of all the things we get there, there are a few points that jump up when I talk about storage and NAS, for example.


    1. In terms of performance considering that these are mechanical discs, how do you feel about their speed? When multiple computers from your network are accessing simultaneously Are you experiencing "freezes" or 100% disk utilization?


    2. In terms of "health" of the parts, considering that this is a device that should run 24 / 7. It does not get hot / noisy / freezes and so on?

    And I'm interested to know after you've updated that system for a whole year. Are the discs in good mechanical condition? Did you exchange some of them?


    3. In order of order priorities our order organizations recommended working with him is:

    Dedicated storage> If not then - Raid controller (or some enclosure with controller inside)> Software Raid> native.

    When you set up your system or are you in the process of upgrading Have you considered using a dedicated Raid controller to manage your storage?

    About Raid Which one are you using or would you use for the system? (Raid 6 was recommended for us on a regular basis, unless there is a need for a certain read / write speed and then to choose other alternatives).


    4. Arch,

    We personally are going to mess (and recommended us) on CentOS in terms of enterprise level. But, as a home user why you chose Arch instead Dedicated to Nas such as FreeNas or Nas4Free for example?

    In addition (I'm not proficient in Arch), is this a system that you can configure as a server or is it a client system that you simply configured for convenience for NAS?

    If it does not work as a server, have you considered using a dedicated operating system as a server?


    5. Backup and survivability of information,

    I understand that you are running Parity that should allow you some redundancy at work but do you do any offsite backup to another disk that you have or have you connected to an automatic storage backup module Any information backup purposes? Still, it sounds like you have a lot of files.


    6. Operating System,

    Have you installed your operating system on a drive Or a standard mechanical disc? This is a mechanical disk. How can you describe the current speed of the operating system in daily activity?


    7. UPS,

    Do you use UPS and if so, which model do you use?


    8. In terms of hard disks, WD has a specially designed RED series for NAS devices. Have you considered using such dedicated disks for your home NAS or have the disks you currently have?


    9. Cards ,

    Do you use a card? Single or multiple cards?

    The goal is to make sure that the server also remains available in case one card or port / cable breaks down and also to do an aggregation procedure to speed up the data communication.

    In the 2012 Server r2 for example it is called Teaming NIC, elsewhere it is called Trunk and so on. This allows you to take multiple cards Physical and make them into one logical card.


    10. ,

    Do you have an antivirus / firewall system etc. set up in the system to make sure there are no malicious and malicious things going on in your disk? Regarding firewall Did you configure the firewall in the system to allow only file-sharing communication?


    11. Remote management,

    You run the server through a command line I guess? From your PC?

    Or do you have a panel through any WEB interface to which you can connect over the network?


    For the time being, sorry for digging, I'm very interested in getting the knowledge you've accumulated in your project.

    I'm in the home study area currently running everything through virtualization and I'm pretty limited in terms of what I can do or try.




  5. How much would you like to bet that the 2020 UNLIMITED layout will still be a meaningless swatch on the general map?

    Not only is 2035 a more accurate estimate than 2020, but chances are that UNLIMITED will fall far before, and it will not exist at all.

    I'm willing to put money on it.

    5 to 1.

    Who wants to gamble?

    Misunderstanding. I reinforced your opinion and further stated that you are optimistic.

  6. Buying a VPN through ORIGIN can lock your account or restrict it in some way if you do it in certain ways.

    Eg buyers with From Mexico and then connect with Hayser on IP from Israel and buy something else ... right? Or is it something else in the story?

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