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  1. Promotions at Origin:

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  2. At the time, I had a trading company (I was independent), I imported goods from abroad and marketed in Israel via Internet / phone by order, in short you have 2 options today that I would like to refer to.

    1. Postal Authority \ Postal Service - If you send or receive something that is not urgent to you in terms of time of shipment you will work with them most of the times also do not pay customs or VAT that will come straight to you.

    2. UPS - the most professional, organized and reliable company in the field of deliveries. I tried them all and they are the most reliable ... Extremely fast deliveries. but! Please assume you'll pay:

    A. Store at Maman at Ben-Gurion International Airport because mysteriously all your shipments will arrive on holiday or on Fridays.

    B. Customs Clearance Fee.

    third. Customs.

    D. VAT

    God. It is not as scary as it sounds. They do not even check what you have brought. You will only pay lip service of 232 including VAT if you fall in the sample.

    and. Any false fee.

    With TNT, it was not only that I had a very important shipment because of them and came to Israel late, the smarts categorized it as a completely different product than I ordered and left that I would have to pay customs and taxes according to 1 ) In addition to a week of quarrels with them, they simply returned the shipment to the sender, who of course stopped working with me. Disturbing and oppressive.

  3. I checked a bit and with PERKS when combining two in Enchant so it's 69 each.

    On the other hand with archery and SNEAK it's one-shot-kill so pretty excessive amounts of these damage.


    Regarding smitting - if I am not mistaken the improvement of the equipment its level is determined only by the ranking in the smitting or is it just the possibility to upgrade? In any case, if it's a magician / thief, then you get equipment that is considered special anyway, so there is no point in PERKS other than the one that allows you to upgrade magical equipment.


    From what I read here: Following my deliberation regarding PERKS in the game and from what I understand the Skills in the game only affect the level increase (which later gives Perk and upgrade to Health / Magicka / Stamina once in each level increase). Hence it is assumed that the PERKS are the ones who upgrade the damage with a tool Or the efficiency of the armor and so on.

  4. Getting the mistake.

    In any case, my whole argument and the argument I created was based on the assumption of something I had read about the fact that the skylights are in fact not strengthening abilities, but only a condition for this or that.

    So if the skill itself upgrades the ability and the PERK is a bonus then it is completely round.

  5. The whole subject of Email Wilding will add to the favorites the weapon / magic you want.

    E will select what will be in the right hand and right mouse button will select the left hand weapon.

    If you want the same magic in both hands then I need to think PERK in addition to enter in the favorites then select and click on the number say 1. To exit the favorites click on the digit twice.

  6. If I am not mistaken in the oblivion I could train for every trainer I saw at the same time and I was not limited to just 5 general points for all coaches together. Maybe I'm wrong but it was long overdue.

    With regard to chapters from what I have read, the Destruction Magic game does not really do any more damage to the skill, but only allows you to purchase more powerful episodes. And so forth.

    But the bottom line in my opinion is quite spoiling the experience.

  7. I sat down now and thought about the fact that the Perks pretty much destroyed the spirit of the game.

    After all, in the previous games, despite the fact that there were skills that chose and wanted a special class and so on and the whole system was different, there was one iron rule that always existed,

    Want to be skilled with archery? Practice.

    Want to be skilled with some magic? Practice.

    And so forth.

    Now the big idea was that the higher the rating overall the more the character's abilities improve. For example, if I remember correctly from Oblivion then there was an acrobatics skill that would be upgraded by jumping and swimming and such sailing but the higher it was the higher the figure could have survived the higher altitude falls.

    And I can bring more and more such examples.

    My general feeling that they took the TES game style and just murdered it because if you really want to take advantage of some ability you have to invest in PERKS but from 251 you can only choose 80 so what's the idea?

    Always in the TES game the idea was that they were so big and there was so much to do and lots of exploring that didn't create a new character every time they wanted to try a different style of play (stealth, assassination, warfare, magic and cage). Doing all the quests in the game with the same character when there were definitely places I needed to spend more time to bring out the character's abilities but on the other hand there were other options in the previous game that didn't exist today.

    One of the annoying options that has disappeared is the coaches. At the moment in the game you can practice a certain ability with a coach for a maximum fee of 5 times for each level which means that if you were in the maze and went up a level you missed 5 training sessions. On the other hand, they also reduced the amount of skills that existed in the series' games.

    In general, I feel that they accidentally created a huge game with hundreds of potential game hours for a single character that needs to be replayed if you want to try a different style of play unlike previous games where, with the help of training, you could do all the quests in the game with the same character.

    And it all comes from PERKS over the skills.

  8. In principle it pays to upgrade the Smithing because it allows you to upgrade a tool And armor so that they have better data. There is no need for all the perks that are there only in STEEL and the second after that that allows you to upgrade magical armor. Beyond that there are two sides one Dedric (demons) and the other dragons that to the best of my knowledge the dragons only through self-forging in FORGE can be obtained. The Hadric can also be found and bought but in my opinion it is an incredibly ugly armor, I personally walk around with the DRAGON armor in the heavy version it has a cool fire helmet.

  9. The truth is I have seen some videos online and all the skills that are related to Crafting in one way or another are really easy to upgrade for example Smithing showed a method where you create insane amounts of Iron Dagger and it raises your skill in seconds. Regarding Alchemy there is a shop that sells related products in the city of Vitran and there is also an alchemy table so buy the cheapest products and just create potions, then sell them and it also upgrades the Speech.

    The truth is I played a bit with the new character I did (Dunmer Assassin / Thrief Pro Empire) and definitely right after Riverwood I flew north and took The Steed. Just how ingenious these 100 points are with the loot. I also read somewhere that in terms of loot what is worth taking and what is not (for example if it is written to you that something is worth X money then according to your speech how much you will get for it, then make an account of weight versus profit and according to that choose what to take).

    By the way I cleaned the whole of Black Falls (the first labyrinth near the riverwood with Sneak and arrows. I had a funny piece that I knocked someone's arrow to the head with Scenic and his sword flew into my face when he died. Lol

  10. One of the simplest ways to be cured of vampires is to become a werewolf ^^.

    When looking at the data of a vampire versus a werewolf then the vampire has four ranks that are not fed by people ascending ranks and then in rank 4 everyone will attack you straight. Which in my opinion is a werewolf more effective because it allows in its normal form immunity from diseases and the player could choose when he wants the bonuses / minuses of this power.

    And I started the game again with dunmer after my first round which was quite a mess and this time I will be in favor of the empire.

  11. There is a legend about a circle of stones on a full moon night ...

    No there is no way as far as I know.

    It's only a matter of time until you find more goodies or start seeing armor parts and advanced materials in stores.

    I came across FORGE which produces objects with full moon bonuses. personally? full moon? Change shape to werewolf ...

  12. Huge! I just finished the StormCloaks line quests. Aside from the badass'ness emanating from a bunch of Vikings wearing scaly armor and the armor furs they get for the second time from the officers he's the coolest in the game and can be enchanted so I have a cool set with the ax from the Companions Guild simply psychotic.

    Anyone made this line and know if there are any changes or quests that open up after that?

    Now finish the tiring Bards Guild ... swallow.

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