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  1. Hello, Qualified: redmi7 made by xiaomi, samsung ma. Launch android. Problem: I want to connect to WhatsApp using my laptop. At the web address: I am asked, in the mobile device, to enter the whatsapp app and select "linked devices" as shown in the attached image. After I click on "Linked devices" appears on the display of the mobile device The screen in the second picture attached. Allows me to take a photo, so no screenshot of it is attached. This screen has an input field that says: "You have to unlock to connect a device." I called How to unlock? Thank you.
  2. Hello, disk c in the laptop contains 409 GB and I designate it exclusively for the system. It has filled up to the limit of its capacity and I am unable to continue working on the laptop (windows 10) !! I asked: how can I locate files, most likely hidden, such as those planted through websites or installing various freeware, b c. I went through all the folders in c and did not find any that do not belong to the system !! Furthermore, I deleted * empty * folders of software I had previously installed and removed. These programs are automatically uploaded at startup under the program name in the startup list in disable mode. Although they are disable, is it possible to remove them from the startup list so that the list is short to make it easier to identify unnecessary programs? Thanks
  3. Hello, I have an ASUS laptop with which I have been working with an external keyboard for close to 10 years. Yesterday I had an automatic update to my windows 10 and the external keyboard was out of order. The built-in keys on the laptop still work properly. Can anyone advise me how to get out of this trouble? I can not work with the keys built into the laptop! Thanks !
  4. Hello, is there any free software to convert mp4 files to mp3? Can anyone upload a software download or online conversion address? Thanks !
  5. Hello, due diligence: I have no idea about this xbox. I was asked to buy an 8-year-old girl an xbox device and I have no idea what the parameters are for the quality of the device and its price accordingly. Is there disk space? Memory volume? Processor speed? Which brand should you buy? What is the recommended price? Where to buy? Attached is a picture of a game I was asked to purchase with the xbox. Can the device be purchased with the game? Should it be purchased separately? How much should a game cost? Comes with a CD-ROM? Can it be burned? Downloaded from the Internet? Thanks
  6. Thanks, the file will not destroy anything in my registry? I have bitter experience with registry changes
  7. Hello, in the folder on an external disk ,, there is a file called Thumb.db which is, according to Windows 10. a system file and I could not delete it! I also could not delete the folder in which it is located and when I try to delete I get a message: You'll need to provide administrator permission to delete this file. This is an external disk that I cannot open as an administrator. Can anyone advise me how to delete the file? The folder? Thanks !
  8. Hello, My device has been turned off for a very short time while I'm not using it. Is it possible to extend the time for automatic shutdown? Thanks
  9. Hello, as part of a transaction in the amount of NIS 10000, he installed a marble contractor in my home. After about 7 months, the marble cracked and was found unfit for use. I turned to a contractor who offered me 2 alternatives: 1. He will receive the full 5000 NIS that I owe him, he will replace the marble himself but: he will not be responsible for the damage caused to the kitchen by removing the old marble and installing the replacement marble! My desired solution is for the contractor to reinstall the marble In addition to his fair purpose proposal, should I bear the damage that will be caused to the kitchen due to the replacement of the marble? I do not turn to the consumer protection authorities because the contractor recognizes his responsibility and is even willing to replace the marble. Installing the alternative marble. Can anyone advise me or refer me to a professional, probably a lawyer, who will advise me on this issue? Thanks !
  10. Thanks. I may be confused and this is not happening on the computer.
  11. Thanks. I found but the text I type is still changing. Not only on mobile, but also on computer.
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