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  1. If I have a comprehensive pension fund in an insurance company. Suppose the best lapel, I have reached retirement age. To withdraw the fund money I must apply to the income tax and all employers who have previously retired go to the fund for the purpose of releasing the employer’s share. This is an impossible task. The second option is to receive a new pension from the fund. Question: Suppose the fund has NIS 2000. The new pension in this case will be NIS 10 per month. Is it possible to receive NIS 10 per month from the pension fund? If the insurance company refuses to pay me a small amount as a pension Is it possible to increase the fund by bank transfer to reach a new pension that he owes. The insurance will agree to pay? The maximum amount of money that can be transferred independently (without mass intervention
  2. Thanks, in all files. I saved a new tweak file (I have no idea from which edition) at work, in Hebrew. I opened at home in Word 2007 in English and since then I can not add references. The same file at work, with Word in Hebrew, does not cause problems. I reinstalled the character in the house and to no avail. Maybe the change in Windows?
  3. Hello, I have been working with word 2007 for 13 years and I usually mark and add keywords to the index as follows: 1. Mark a word 2. reference-> mark entry 3. In the Mark Index Entry window click on the mark button. As mentioned, this operation worked for 13 years continuously, today not! After I click mark everything gets stuck and in file manager the microsoft word line is listed in red: not responding. I removed the word, ran 2 antivirus: 1. adwcleaner_8.0.7 2. hitmanpro_x64 I reinstalled the office but it is in Soro: does not get words to index! I spent a day searching on Google and the options tempted by Google: the file is too large and incorrect. For the 13 years with word 2007 I worked with files
  4. Thanks, I decided to pull out of these two 2 mega partitions and the other 900 mega.
  5. Hello, disk management in Windows 10 found that my hard disk is 900 megabytes in an unallocated partition. Can they be added to drive D or C? This disabled partition is to the left of C and D so I can't add one. With the right key menu on the partition in question, which, apart from New Simple Volume, shows me no option to enlarge any existing partitions.
  6. Thanks, I dug well into the issue. The small anonymous 350 MB partition between me and I could extend the C partition for nothing! Its purpose is to force those who want to expand C to create a rescue disk and that is what it is: a rescue disk. There is a "minitool" software that does this: creates a rescue disk and deletes the dividing partition as gravel in the mouth (eat gravel).
  7. Without prior notice and with it important messages, photos and videos disappear. Hello, every few weeks I get a message that WhatsApp has updated software, the one that is outdated and needs to be updated. When I update, Google Play downloads the update and then I enter the Backup Loop that never ends! I have no choice but to delete Whatsapp and reinstall while losing very important messages. I usually do not perform the update voluntarily and then whatsapp on its own initiative deletes my app and puts me in a whirlpool of backup forever. As mentioned, I delete, update and lose my world. These are important meetings, execution instructions, and other very important things that I lose along with the sender! Heavy and actual damage causes to
  8. Hello, I am stuck with my System Drive (Drive C) that is full and my computer is paralyzed. I wanted to expand Partition C. I went to Disk Management and got the disk map as shown in the picture below. To the right of C is an area with 350 Mg without the name Volume, with the caption: Healthy Recovery Partition. I only get the Shrink Volume option. I tried to delete the Volume to the right of C but from the right key menu on the unnamed partition placed to the right of C I only get the Help option. In Help I was directed to the Microsopft website and there I was advised to choose from a key menu Right in Computer Management on Computer Management select
  9. Sorry ! Posted in PC Support Forum!
  10. Hello, I burned (Win 10) many (and important) files to a DVD RW record. The record was filled to full capacity and Properties) all the circle is painted blue, no space left. In Explorer, I don't see any files on the CD even though it is full and full of files. Is there a way to save the files? I deleted them from the disk after the burn. For those wondering why I delete important files from the disk without making sure before the burn went up I would say that the file upload was done gradually for several days and the disk contained them and even unfolded them in Explorer. It was only after I burned the last file that probably wasn't enough for them, that they disappeared. I will be grateful to those who help me locate the lost files.
  11. Thanks to Matt Nablus. Disk C has filled up so there is no room for virtual memory so the computer gets stuck.
  12. Hello, Adobe Photoshop cc 2017 Type tool I typed the letter A. And confirmed by pressing V in the menu bar. From the 3d menu I chose: New 3d Extrusion from selected layer and the computer hangs! Exiting Photoshop I went out in file manager but how do you add 3d to the text layer? Anyone have any idea why and how to solve the problem? Thanks !
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