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  1. Is there a link? Can't find it on Amazon @WereBunny
  2. Hi, I have a two year old screen, 32 "2K, suddenly recently there is the phenomenon you see in the link problem in the screen, it recreates with several sources with different cables and different connections (there are VGA HDMI DP DVI inputs) it has an external transformer can anyone give some direction Could the problem be, as long as there is a place in the country (preferably in the north) that deals with repairing computer screens?
  3. Hi, I need a laptop for graphic editing and video, and after many searches the leading candidate is the Legion 5 of Lenovo 4800H with 1660TI for $ 1000 Do you think there is a better choice on a similar budget Is it worth waiting another month for black friday? Some people are waiting for the version with the 2060RTX Is it worth the wait? Thanks
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