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  1. Sorry for the double post, I see that no one is responding here ..

    In any case, my question is why not choose Python, according to the requirements I wrote earlier?

    I do not have time for this, but I'm free to learn programming language. I want to learn one and make a right choice before I start plowing. I have some background in C

    So I want something with the requirements I wrote up, and I thought why not Python?

  2. I do not think we will become Michael Jackson within a month or even less until the meeting

    What Michael Jackson 'date =' His nose is flying soon no?

    We'll play for fun ... and like I said after that you can go around and eat ..

    You offer, I do not see you offering ..

    Sorry to disappoint her, but you're talking to Shaquille O'Neill.

    Well you say, now there will be someone to play with xD ...

    So come on, offer things!

  3. Thanks :)

    I have a bomb computer + a bomb video card

    My question was with the sp1 came changes from before sp1

    Before sp1 what I had experienced it was a horror of the world

    I do not understand what you're saying, but I really understand that I can tell you that SP1 solved a lot of problems for everyone and a lot of headache even though not everyone had :)

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