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  1. Since when is a patch installed?

    Total the skin software.

    (And say it one who has installed skins more than once or twice; D)

    It's not that I did not install skins, I installed full times :)

    But I wanted to try something new, a patch that allows me to use skins without special software .. just open the skin file and that's it ..

    And it did not work xD

  2. XDDD

    What you have on the right is a RAR file, right click on the file> open with (choose winrar, do not know why someone tried to open it with Word) ..

    What's on the left is software that contains a suite of skins, icons and effects that you just need to install xD

  3. What's the connection, this is off topic, talking about everything here ... The forum should not be just about computers if there is an off topic.

    I also love Vance, can anyone explain a little about David's protectors? ^^

  4. In the meantime, Netvision and Bezeq no longer have a block ... does anyone know what about the other providers?

    It's not that there's no block in Bezeq, just that the site changes IP from time to time (the address can also be httpshare.net).

    This site has downloads in HTTP or FTP, personally I know that the majority (like 80%) they did not upload themselves.

    Regarding forums not really level, there are a lot of crappy kids there.

  5. I meant user management tools and all sorts of things:


    In the search bar type gpedit.msc and then enter

    So you need this User Configuration folder

    Then the Administrative Templates

    Then System

    Crtl + Alt + Del Options

    Double-click Remove Task Manager and then select Disabled, so of course OK.

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