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  1. enemia design

    Something important that many have not told you and that is basically the basis for what you are looking for.

    Macro shots. And it achieves with a lens that has macro capabilities.

    It's basically the ability to see small details in magnification. Usually the ratio is 1: 1 for Like you wanted. Most basic lenses do not reach that. Need special lenses with a similar or approaching ratio.

    Such lenses are very sharp, usually in regular photographs, and produce impressive results, their price according to their quality, so do not expect miracles.

    And something else, all the photos you've seen have been processed in Photoshop. In reality it looks different so you better get used to it. Saturation? Fuji? It has been a matter of settings in the camera or editing of the product, which is net interest of personal preference.

    You often use the term Boca. And the whole story is that in the end you choose to use a shallow field depth and focus on something specific within the frame.

    Each lens will produce a bocca if you choose a shallow field depth. Not every lens will give you macro capabilities. Different lenses with different bokeh character (rough / soft \ jagged edges \ less focused \ etc ..)

  2. ^

    * First, even if there are theories, this does not mean that 'you can know.' Second, what can not be known is what happened before space and time, even if the big bang took place afterwards,There is still a starting point in which space and time have been created, beyond which we have no conception and analysis.

    Here's your mistake. You can not prove that "something" started at all. Maybe it was always like that? No one has the ability to say what was exactly at a specific historical point in time. It's all speculation. and hence:

    1) There is no beginning, no end. (One can also say that he does not have to have a definite end)

    2) If something never started, no one was required to start it, so there is no Creator, or God, or Monster.

    3) If you are convinced that someone has started something, or that there is a spiritual being, you are just giving speculation worth nothing.

    Here, I contradicted God in the 3 clauses. Know what, even in one section. And do not even have to . You need logic.


    Science is just a term for all the things we use to explain different phenomena, to create new things, etc. etc.

    Do not compare To religion.

    Religion is something written by a group of people who claim to represent a supreme body (see prophets, messiahs, rabbis) and that what they say is sacred, and there is nothing moving right and left. And the interest is the net of control, power, and money that comes to the representatives of religion in the end.

    Thanks to religion there were no new vehicles, or spaceships, or cell phones. But the clerics still claim that all science is in the Torah. A paradox that never ends ...

  3. Science can never prove / refute the reality of God. Science can not, by its very nature, deal with spirituality.

    It will always be a philosophical discussion of what preceded the Big Bang - which had not existed before.

    Just as you can not rule out the existence of a spaghetti monster.

    Why deny \ prove something that does not exist? Does not humanity have enough trouble to deal with them than the delusions of a dark group?

  4. This was not the intention

    I meant that if you now have a motherboard that we assume is necessary from the system now 50W, over time its consumption will rise because of the erosion of the capacitors, decrease in capacitance and as a result of decreased efficiency and higher power consumption, as above screen card and any other component ...

    I did not hear about it. Do you have proof of that?

  5. As I said to people who do not have faith in rabbinical tradition, it seems terrible and the question is where was Gd?

    They answer: Holocaust victims have salaries like Rabbi Akiva and his friends. But many do not accept these and other reasons and refuse to be consoled.

    And if I told the truth and I was not afraid

    So the education system in Israel today, which emphasizes the raising of epicureans and not to mention the belief of the sages at all is much worse than the Nazis.

    The Nazis killed the body, the education system in Israel killed the soul and ousted it from the face of a living God.

    The day will come and everyone will admit it.

    "A wild city will be born of man" Job, a man born of evil proportions and if he does not work on them will remain a wild city until the day of his death.

    What is the problem with teaching Avot at school? Is there a better moral book than it? No.

    Your situation is bad, do those who lost the Holocaust have wages? What exactly? For killing them?

    People like you no longer laugh and joke how dumb you are. Because it's too much for you. You're just shallow. Do a favor, say whatever you want, just do not talk about the Holocaust victims. Thanks.

  6. There is enough proof that God exists and that the Torah is true.

    There is no logic in the Torah that man invented it in all respects and many have tried to invent all kinds of methods that the Torah was invented by a person and finally proved that it makes no sense.

    And also with regard to clinical death, that secular people have passed through and seen the truth in the poor and in the world to come and repent, it is possible to say that so many people lie.

    There are also seances and lots more proofs.

    It is simply not worth it for us to maintain it and therefore prefer not to believe and indeed succeed, but in the end everyone will see the truth.

    what are you saying...

    Discussion of 399 pages was not enough for you? : bash:

  7. Go back to the stage where you kill Derek in his office. You'll find money there in something like 50 a thousand dollars, after you take it you will have a relatively small debt so you will choose to rob stores or gas stations to get the money until you reach the amount you need.

    My advice - just rob shops . They are the most profitable. Gas stations are the least.

  8. , This discussion of the debate between religion and science should be left to the experts. I find no point in futile arguments between

    People who have not studied a single semester in philosophy. All this debate is religion for science, philosophical, and it is best to leave it

    To experts. Whoever is not an expert, who will live whatever he likes, or how he was brought up, or how he got used to it.

    And you're the one who knows who needs to discuss what? Definately not. Everyone will discuss what he wants according to his understanding. Anyone who wants to stay in the wall is welcome.

  9. I believe in myself.

    That I have the ability to feel, to love, to achieve whatever I want, to control my life and be uncontrolled, and to be successful.

    And I believe everything is possible, it is all a matter of will.

  10. Serious problem - after half an hour of playing I have blasts!

    This is my specification:

    amd athlon 3000 OC @ 2200 MHz

    7600GT @ 640GPU @ 770MEMORY

    1.5GB frame 400MHZ

    creative Audigy 2ZS

    250 GB MAXTOR

    I play in the highest settings for XP except broadcast on medium, 800-600 resolution, works perfectly smooth no matter what scene. (Part for my computer is 25 = 40FPS steady)

    As you see, I don't Already playing sometimes, so FSP in the sky is not what bothers me.

    After half an hour of play, there are abnormal blasts. The FSP drops to 2 ~ 3 and rises back. Every few seconds, there is a strike of 5 seconds or more. Most disturbing.

    Only when I quit the game and restart the computer does the problem solve for another half hour of play. If I just quit the game without restarting, the problem is resolved for about 10 minutes.

    I play when everything is closed, including the explorer. Nothing should get in the way, I don't have viruses, and I even disconnect the internet.

    What could be the problem?

    It reads exactly the same in hl2: EP2

  11. You can find answers here

    Click on faith and view on the right


    I loved this section that all their work in life is how to brainwash people.

    The token fell to me from the moment I saw this line:

    "How to convince a ransom in 5 minutes"


    You will only get silly nuggets and inventions there. At maximum, the genius will advise you that Moshe wanted pizza! Not Shawarma! And that's it! The problem was solved.

    : bash:

  12. Lost,

    I'm probably not going to educate you or change your opinions. Just know that you shouldn't rely too heavily on media known as thwarting letters and certainly not developing theories on the same basis.

    and this: Probably not true, the ultra-Orthodox do not represent Judaism.

    Judaism is beautiful and enlightened, but you choose to see the dark sides of it and reject it instead of teaching the beautiful things.

    In any case, the survey results have changed negatively since the last time I watched this discussion. Currently 46% believe that the state should be destroyed (Readable, the state of all its citizens) And it's a shame: '(

    The ultra-Orthodox claim to represent Judaism by religion. And they are really good at it.

    See entry - Amnon Isaac, Ovadia Yosef, Uri Zohar.

  13. You remind me of a good friend of mine, who also "escaped" from religion and is now secular to Mahadrin.

    He was with the ultra-Orthodox or didn't know what [you know, there are a lot of different branches and streams in it and personally I don't really differentiate],

    In short, he used to live with his family in Beitar Elite, as you understand, extremely ultra-Orthodox.

    And he, fortunately, found out that he lived in a dumb bubble and managed to get out of it [Ashura Matrix] and now lives with a foster family near my place of residence :P

    I wouldn't be surprised if his parents sat seven on him.

  14. A lack of understanding from seven

    It's just unbelievable what a distortion

    in fact

    You brainwashed

    Not religious

    A. Even an ultra-Orthodox man with an extremely secular father, he must obey

    If the father tells him not to keep the Sabbath here, a different move has already been made

    The son must not listen to the father but he must also not tell him "go you go you will not tell me what to do"

    B. The Torah commands you to save a gentile as well, unless you are in danger of life and then do not save

    Every Jew is a king's son

    A commandment to love every Jew, even if he is secular

    And if you do not understand religious matters, it is best that you do not share your knowledge

    Religious coercion?

    Name a few

    People are going to be religious because they want to get something better than they had?

    I never sought religion

    Religion came to me

    Me too, the kind you talk about?


    According to the response, I can see for sure that your brain was washed badly

    But a serious wash

    I did not see such a reaction

    If you understood the basics of religion

    I wouldn't tweet what you tweeted

    You remind me of Amnon Isaac who begins most of his lectures in the form of: I didn't come to brainwash you, I just came to talk. If you want to listen, if not then not.

    So as if it comes out that he says he's not washing the brain, but actually the mother-in-law of washing it. This is called the professional language of neutralizing fears. "There !! He doesn't wash my mind! Let's listen to him!"

    Religion is blindness. It makes you color your eyes and start hallucinating things.

    I say that from experience. Until 7 years ago, I was anxious. I know religion 900 times better than you. Be safe. What saved me is my wits, and healthy logic.

    Rabbis are fooling you with stupid nonsense that I don't know where they got them from. And if you can't prove it exists - it's a miracle !! This! The hole in education is closed!

    What's more funny is that you feed yourself in movies that you are a king's son.

    Why are you You were all brainwashed by the miracles of miracles and the stories of some rabbis who grew tail and wings.

    You are in the phenomenon of supremacy that is characterized by every repentance. Suddenly you feel you are above everyone else. God loves you. May God make you a place to throw when you die. May God also make you a massage at night after a long day of work. You actually put yourself in it And fantasies that God loves you and that makes you above all.

    Sorry for the phrase, but you're actually just another one who feels himself. You have to blow the balloon and you hurry. Because you are so bloated with regret.

    A. Even an ultra-Orthodox man with an extremely secular father, he must obey

    If the father tells him not to keep the Sabbath here, a different move has already been made

    The son must not listen to the father but he must also not tell him "go you go you will not tell me what to do"

    It is clear that he must not. After all, it is desecrating your holy Torah. like I said. Respect him if he is religious. If he is against religion you have to piss on him for second place.

    B. The Torah commands you to save a gentile as well, unless you are in danger of life and then do not save

    The Torah commands you to do as you please. If it is a Jew you must. If it is gentile then you are do not have to!!

    And what else is funny? Until we were in a mess with this story, then the rabbis came up with their "Holy Spirit" and fixed it because they "needed" to save the Gentile so that the Gentiles would not say we discriminated against them. Answer - save it for the post. Not because he's a person 100 times better than your observant religion.


    According to the response, I can see for sure that your brain was washed badly

    But a serious wash

    I did not see such a reaction

    If you understood the basics of religion

    I wouldn't tweet what you tweeted

    It is easy to throw accusations, especially what you, the religious, like to do.

    When you do not have an answer, then you are claiming that we "do not understand enough" the holy Torah and therefore we do not understand / wash our minds \ need to learn more Torah \ need to go to the rabbi to explain \ our soul is spoiled \ etc etc ...

    It's easy for you to jump to the conclusion that we don't understand when you have no answer to give.

    And it's easy for you to tweet things out of this world and drop them on us.

    You are God's messenger, you know when he is angry, and when he loves. You also know when he's hungry.

    Because you repent !! son of a king!! He loves you so much that I envy you!

    Sometimes the religious are so pathetic that it's ridiculous.

    Oh, and before you jump to conclusions that I don't understand in religion, I regret to renew that I do. My whole family is ultra-Orthodox, in every way possible.

    And something else, my slightly dirty talk comes as a result of your disgusting condescension. Start talking nice to people. You do not understand the Torah enough to preach morality.

    Comments like:

    "I just ask you deep down

    Don't comment "

    Do you feel smart?

    "The Freedom Site is a site I call the biker

    He doesn't give you proof

    He brings you stupid things like "So how can you" etc .... "

    Do not start talking about the return sites, and what goes on there.

    I don't want to get into the religious debate because that's a thing Not meant for people like you
    And for those stuck to a freedom site

    Get out of the movie

    You work with your eyes

    If you knew how much money he gets from Christians who ask him to do the site

    Ooh you would understand how much you work on

    And if you really did, you were bothering what was written there, you would find out about the right people

    That people stop running away from the truth

    What truth are you talking about ?! Religion is not true!

    I don't think people like you will tell me what to put and where

    And according to your response, I'm trying to think what you wanted me to think about you

    You act like a teenage boy

    Or are you an adult with a baby's mind

    I hope you understood me.


  15. People are going to be religious because they want to get something better than they had

    They go to the place where they worship God (their synagogue / mosque) and go out to extremist fanatics and many wars in the bloodshed world and hate the other -

    Was there some discussion in the forum about religion that was not blessed with idiot words etc?

    Wonder why this is?

    Why is any argument over religion ended in a fight? - Why does religion have to be an argument at all? Why has religion been one of the most devastating causes of human-human relations throughout history?

    And, funniest, all religions say you have to love the other person - so how come they end up hating each other ,,, even until they shed blood and murder?

    Everything that religion means only applies to believers.

    For example: "Respect your father and mother"

    The rabbis will come and say here! There is a moral in the Torah!

    But they will not tell you that if your father is secular you are No Hear him!

    Mitzvot "Mental Supervision"

    Do you see a Jew? Save him with all his might.

    You see gentile?! Do what you deserve. The Torah does not charge you. Didn't you save? nothing happened.

    Religion educates to love those who believe in it.

    Anyone who is not human.

    Trees on Saturday? Mitzvah to stone you.

    Haven't you listened to the sages? You are killed.

    Are you Amalek? You have to kill you.

    Aren't you Jewish? You're inferior. You have no soul. Just zero.

    More racist religion than anyone else, I haven't seen yet.

    Lucky this is not the time.

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